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Designer Necklaces

Wherever you look these days, some of the most exciting costume jewelry sported by women are necklaces. Exquisite design and the use of unexpected materials combine to make this jewelry unique in the market. Whether your choice is a simple sterling silver pendant or a half-dozen intricately woven and decorated pieces of various lengths entwined around your neck, the results are inevitably breathtaking.

Seeds and wood bark may be combined with amber and turquoise in one brilliant necklace while jade, jasper and pearls might be strewn along a chain of polished sterling silver in another.

Every necklace evokes a sensory delight. Natural elements like coral and coconut shells give the wearer a sense of oneness with earth and sea, while shimmering silver, pearls and chalcedony might combine in an unpredictable symmetry that draws the eye and demands attention. Inspiration for the intricate designs may come from anything from a flower to a skyscraper, while each piece is executed with care, close attention to detail and a drive for perfection.

The fact is, regardless of where you find them, necklaces are nothing short of magical in the way they can transform both an outfit and the mood of their wearer. The instant a woman slips one of these masterpieces around her neck, she achieves an aura of confidence that turns heads wherever she goes. There are colors and textures to complement everything in her wardrobe, so that the plainest outfit becomes runway-worthy and the severest office suit turns into evening wear with the simple addition of a handful of necklaces for women as worn by the smartest, most style-conscious women.