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Collecting Heart Lockets And Other Heart Jewelry

When you think of “collecting” as a hobby or pastime your first thoughts are often of subjects such as baseball cards, stamps, coins, porcelain figurines or any of the numerous other items that people choose to collect. One category that doesn’t readily spring to mind though is collecting heart jewelry, especially heart lockets. Yes, most women have a selection of different jewelry (some have far more than others!) but they would hardly see it as a hobby of actively collecting different pieces. After all, jewelry is an accessory used to complement the different outfits in a woman’s closet.

Locket Necklaces

Locket Necklaces

People collect things for various reasons – for some, it is purely a hobby and because they like the specific subject while for others they hope that they will discover something rare and valuable related to their collection. Choosing to collect heart lockets can actually fulfill both of these reasons and at the same time provide you with a fashion accessory to wear for any occasion.

The heart locket was popularized during the reign of Queen Victoria and often contained portraits (this was before the age of the photograph) of a departed loved one and/or a lock of their hair. During the American Civil War, many of the soldiers gave these to their betrothed or wives as a keepsake to keep them close in spirit while they were apart physically. If you truly want an authentic collection of lockets then you may be lucky enough to find some beautiful and valuable examples in yard sales, flea markets or antique shops. Web auctions are another good place to look for second-hand jewelry and you can sometimes find items for a less expensive price than from other sources.

On the other hand, you may just decide to collect modern heart jewelry, which is very popular once more and which is suitable for wearing for any event. There are lots of different designs to choose from so you are not limited in style. For instance, why just have one pair of simple heart stud earrings which you wear every day to work? Why not have a selection of styles like a pair of gold chandelier heart earrings or diamond heart earrings for that formal ball? These could be teamed up with a matching heart bracelet, necklace, and ring. One of the great advantages of heart jewelry is that you can mix and match pieces from different suppliers and different styles and yet you still have a result that looks effective and beautiful.

Heart jewelry is available in lots of different metals, such as gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum and sterling silver, and most of these can be set with precious and semi-precious gemstones, so this is why it makes a great collectible genre and at the same time it allows you to make a fashion statement. A sterling silver heart locket necklace and silver earrings will add the required amount of chic to your outfit, whether you are meeting friends for lunch or a drink after work or going out to a formal dinner engagement.

Another great thing about collecting heart lockets and other pieces of heart jewelry is that you can get friends and loved ones to help you build up your collection. A heart-shaped ring would make an ideal anniversary present and a silver heart bracelet would be great as a gift for your birthday. If you know a girl who has a charm bracelet, buying her an additional heart charm can be a great addition. Even if she already has one heart charm, there are many alternatives that can complement what she already owns.

With the value of gold and silver at an all-time high, collecting heart jewelry seems like a good investment and, unlike coins or stamps, you don’t have to put it in an album or special display cabinet to enjoy it. Wearing your heart lockets and other pieces of heart jewelry will give you much more pleasure than just taking them out now and again to look at.

Love And Mystery And A Gold Heart Locket

Some pieces of jewelry are simply attractive or particularly beautiful items that make the wearer look even more attractive and add to her (or sometimes his!) appearance, adding sophistication and charm to the impression they make. But some pieces of jewelry have more significance and history attached to them, even if it not at first obvious. And this is especially true of that excellent example of heart jewelry, the gold heart locket because it exhibits highly emotive symbolism to reinforce its intrinsic charm.

Gold Heart Locket

One fundamental image that it brings to mind is love because, for centuries, the heart has been considered the seat of the emotions. Poems have been written about it, songs have been sung, plays have been performed. The heart has been and continues to be, the enduring symbol of love. Be it the love between friends, the love of friendship generally or the love felt in a romantic relationship, the heart symbol is easily recognizable throughout the world as a declaration of feeling. The shape itself crosses boundaries of language and culture to impart a familiar message. It is no wonder, then, that the heart shape remains a popular staple of fashion.

So heart jewelry has become an increasingly popular way to show that a person is loved. Be it simple or elaborate, heart jewelry makes a clear statement to all that see it. Finding the right piece can be difficult because dozens, if not hundreds, of designs, exist, and many carry very specific meanings. Pieces that are appropriate for a family member may be inappropriate for a friend; some pieces contain specifically romantic meanings that would be inappropriate for a casual gift. Some pieces of heart jewelry tend to be excessively “showy”, while other pieces are quite understated. With the dizzying variety of pieces available, making a decision is not a simple task. For those seeking a more classic look, a simple gold heart locket may be the right choice.

One of the key advantages of this particular sort of locket is the simple, understated message. A locket symbolizes not only affection in and of itself, but it also shows that the wearer is keeping someone or something close to their heart. Superficially, it may seem to share quite a bit with heart pendants, especially as a general expression of affection or of love. Unlike a pendant, though, the gold heart locket draws attention not to the composition of the element itself but to the deeper meaning held by the piece.

Lockets are also deeply personal, infinitely customizable pieces. Classically characterized by containing either small pictures or engraved messages, the locket can be tailored to a specific person, event, or period of time. The traditional image is of a locket bearing the photograph of a spouse or close family member; these images can be powerful reminders of a person or place in one’s lifetime. Rather than being a transient gift, meant only to set off a specific outfit or a certain fashion trend, an item of this sort is intended to be a jewelry piece that lasts a lifetime.

As a gold piece, the heart locket also carries a certain amount of value apart from the emotional core. These lockets can become valuable family heirlooms if they are taken care of properly. Even the simplest of gold lockets carries a great deal of emotional value for family and friends – for example, who cannot recall the cliché movie scenes of a person finding a long-lost locket with the picture of a forgotten love? In addition, passing the locket down through generations is a common enough tradition amongst many families.

By combining the timeless symbol of the heart, the tasteful and understated look of gold, and the emotional weight of the enclosed inscriptions or images, a gold heart locket is a unique piece of jewelry. Rather than relying on flashy effects, the locket is very much an accessory that has substance and meaning. This does not, however, mean that the piece is not appealing on its own merits – rather, the simplicity and elegance, along with the mystery of exactly what is held inside, will attract attention without overwhelming the rest of any given ensemble.

All of these ways in which the images and associations combine together mean that, in so many ways, a gold heart locket can be the perfect piece for any occasion.

Caring For Your Heart Locket Necklace

Are you having trouble deciding on the best way to store your heart locket necklace (and other pieces of jewelry!) to ensure that they remain in sparkling condition for the next time you wear them? You could choose to keep them in the box they originally came in but then you are left not knowing what is in each box unless you only have a small number of items. Alternatively, you could choose one of the many jewelry boxes, jewelry armoires, jewelry organizers or creative jewelry stands that are on the market.

Before deciding which jewelry storage system to buy, you need to consider all the items in your jewelry collection. Do you have more pairs of earrings than rings? Does your collection consist of mostly necklaces? Is it mostly gold or silver with precious gemstones or does the majority of pieces that you have consisted of fashion jewelry? Thinking about these things will help you choose the right size and kind that will best take care of your pieces.

If you mostly collect gold, silver or pieces made from other precious metals and with gemstones set into them then you will need to ensure you pick the right sort of container for them. To prevent pieces from getting scratched or dented each piece should be stored alone. Necklaces will become tangled if stored together and the ideal way to store them is in the original box they came in or hung from a hook in a special compartment of a jewelry box. Rings with stones in them should be stored with the stone uppermost, not only will this help in identifying which ring is which but it will also protect the stones from damage.

The traditional jewelry box, made of wood or metal with velvet lined interior compartments, has been what most women would choose to keep their jewelry in when they are not wearing it. They may have drawers sectioned off to hold bracelets and necklaces, there may be a section in which you can slot rings and an earring section for stud earrings. Depending on the price you want to pay and the size you need, some of these can be a beautiful ornament as well as a useful container. Along similar lines are the jewelry armoires which can be plain or ornately carved, modern or antique to fit in with most decors.

When it comes to choosing the right container for your more valuable and sentimental pieces of jewelry, be it the heart locket your children bought you for Mother’s Day or the heart bracelet your husband bought you on your anniversary or indeed any type of heart jewelry, it is worth considering choosing a jewelry box that doesn’t necessarily resemble one. For instance, there are ones that look like a mirror but they have a locked jewelry compartment behind the glass. There are others that look like picture frames which again have a secret compartment at the back. If these don’t appeal, consider storing your jewelry box somewhere other than the bedroom as that is the first place a thief will look for valuables if, God forbid, your home gets broken into.

A fun way to display your fashion jewelry is to buy one of the many artistic display stands that are now readily available from a wide range of suppliers. These are especially good for your less valuable pieces and they can display them to their best advantage. A porcelain hand makes an ideal ring holder or a harp-shaped earring holder will make a colorful display. From classy to rustic there is bound to be a stand to suit your taste and items of jewelry.

When traveling, always carry your jewelry in your carry on bags to ensure it stays with you. Soft fabric pouches are ideal to protect your heart earrings, bracelets and pendants. If you plan on taking lots of jewelry with you, a canvas organizing pouch with multiple compartments would be the best solution as it is less bulky and heavy than a travel jewelry case.

These are just some tips on how best to care for and store your heart jewelry (including your heart locket necklace) to keep it in tip-top condition and retain its value.

Heart Shaped Locket

For many people, showing their true feelings may not be easy – especially when those feelings involve love or affection. While words are the easiest way to convey a message, confessing one’s love should ideally be one in a romantic way. And this might be a hard task for someone who is too shy show off his or her true emotions.

However, what the words cannot say, a gift can frequently explain. It’s worth remembering that, in order to set up the most romantic atmosphere possible, preparing a presentation that will not only touch the heart of the person you love but also be a memory to cherish for a lifetime can go a long way to ensuring success. In particular, heart jewelry (for example) is definitely that one style that can explain what you truly feel right at an instant.

So what is the significance of giving this type of jewelry? Heart bracelets, heart necklaces, heart earrings and heart brooches are all enormously in demand, but why? Perhaps it is because the heart has become the universal symbol of love. Being the primary source of life for most living beings, the word has become synonymous with a deeper emotion and an in-depth understanding of feelings and spirituality. Because of its popularity, there are various types of heart jewelry available in the market today and these can express love in a variety of ways. For a more personal touch, make sure to find a piece that truly describes the characteristics of the person. A heart-shaped locket is usually the preferred choice for a gift and if you are considering getting one, take a few moments to examine your options in order to be sure that you are making the right purchase.

Find the perfect moment or an occasion where it is fitting. A wedding, for example, being the most romantic event for a couple is a great venue to display this classic piece of jewelry. Choosing a design can also have an impact on the message you are trying to convey. Other events such as a birthday or Valentine’s Day are also ideal, although, for the hopeless romantic, no reason is needed to give a precious gift to a special someone. A heart-shaped locket can be made from various materials such as white gold and silver and it can also be encrusted with other gems for an added appeal. Choose a style that will complement her personality. For a classic look, a yellow gold would be the right choice, while for a more casual feel silver is the best option.

Customized items are also available. Visit a jewelry store and look at the items they offer. Your budget can also affect your jewelry buying. Set a specific amount that you are willing to spend. Local stores can help you in your search and will showcase their items in a store. If this is not sufficient, the Internet is the best place to widen the variety of your options. Several online sites also offer great discounts and customized options. If you are looking for a vintage piece, then participate in a web auction where you are most likely to find the best type of investment. An expert jewelry designer can also help you if you have a specific concept in mind. Just be ready to spend a little extra on specialized heart jewelry.

In order to make the selection easier, observe the type of accessories that the person wears on a daily basis. This will give you an idea of their personal taste; it will give you an idea of what color and style to pick. If you are thinking of ordering online, just exercise caution and make sure that you are dealing with an authorized jeweler. Also, make sure to check the feedback and reviews given by previous clients.

The basic premise in finding the perfect item of heart jewelry such as a heart-shaped locket for the one you love is by putting her preference first when it comes to design. It should be the type and style of an item that will speak not only about your true emotions but will enhance the personality of the one you love. This is a classic investment that can last for a long time.

Timeless Heart Locket Design

When it comes to romantic styles of jewelry, there is nothing as timeless as the heart locket. This style is not only romantic, it is also feminine and can come in some very dainty and delicate designs. This makes this particular piece of jewelry a good item to give a young girl as her first real piece of good jewelry. A heart locket necklace is available in several different types of metal so it is easy to select the design you want to purchase. The necklaces created from gold can vary in the weight of the gold used. You may find some items that are 10 karats and others made of 24-karat gold. The difference in weight dictates how much actual gold was used in making the locket.

You will see the weight variations in the silver lockets as well. This also refers to how much silver was used in making the final piece, although the weight increments may be different from those used for gold. This weight will only apply to the locket itself and not to the chain to which it is attached. The chain will often be the same material and weight as the heart locket is, but it can also be different. Most silver hearts are placed on sterling silver chains to create a coordinated and flowing design and a sterling silver heart locket is a favorite too. A silver heart locket can come as a highly polished item with only the silver used as the outer surface or it can have some accent items on it.

Accenting items can be gemstones. You will find several styles of hearts with various birthstones placed as a single accent on the heart’s surface. The gems are usually positioned in the center of the heart and may have etched designs around them such as radiating lines or curved filigree. The etched styles are also available without gems placed in the surface. These can have delicate etchings of flowers, scrolling leaves or even the person’s name. Some designs are reminiscent of Renaissance styles, while others can have a more baroque appearance. Some heart designs will have a mother of pearl inlay on the surface area that creates a very distinctive and elegant style.

The heart lockets available for young girls can also come in a few unique designs. If your child is an animal lover, you could select one of the styles with paw prints on the heart’s surface. A dainty flower etching is also appropriate for this age as is a birthstone setting. These themed styles also make great Mother’s Day gifts and can be found with the word “Mom” engraved in the surface or set in with an alternate type of metal. The two-toned hearts can be made with a silver surface that has gold inlays around the edges or used as a special ornamental design such as a flower in the center.

Both the gold heart locket and silver locket are available with assorted diamond accents. A diamond can be a single stone accent or several stones created as a band across the front of the piece. Several styles have the entire front section covered with tiny diamonds. This style makes a great bridal necklace as well as a nice anniversary gift. The various lockets will come with one or two inner compartments. The basic design has the locket open to reveal two interior sections into which you can place small photos. The two-compartment style will have an additional divider so the locket opens into four segments to hold four separate photos.

You can find all of these magnificent heart jewelry items available at various department and jewelry stores as well as online. Whichever one you use, make sure that the retailer is happy to offer a refund it at the very least an exchange (most are) and you will have a new jewelry item to be proud of – whether it is a gift for a loved one or a treasured item that you have bought for yourself.

Collecting Heart Lockets And Other Locket Necklaces
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Collecting Heart Lockets And Other Locket Necklaces
The basic premise in finding the perfect item of heart jewelry such as a heart locket necklace for the one you love is by putting her preference first when it comes to design.
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