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Gold CZ Tennis Bracelets

Cubic zirconia stones, an alternative to naturally formed diamonds, are very popular when it comes to jewelry. One piece of jewelry in particular that benefits from using CZ (Cubic Zirconia) is the tennis bracelet, or in-line bracelet as it is also known as. Gold CZ tennis bracelets look every bit as elegant as those made with real precious stones, they shine and glitter just as much, at only a fraction of the cost.

Depending on the amount of stones used, a diamond tennis bracelet can end up being very expensive, so expensive that they are very costly to buy and thus are often overlooked as a present. To the contrary, the gold cz tennis bracelet is generally very affordable. And everyone knows that tennis bracelets are very popular when given as a gift, due to their lovely design and the fantastic fashion statement they make whenever they are worn.

Bracelets For Women

Bracelets For Women

Cubic zirconia bracelets are often difficult to distinguish from the genuine diamond bracelet to the untrained eye, especially when looked at from a distance. It takes a keen eye or someone who is knowledgeable about jewelry and precious stones, to be able to tell at a glance whether the bracelet is made from diamonds or cubic zirconia.

It has been said that gold cz tennis bracelets are often the perfect gift a man can give a women, one that doesn’t make her automatically think of marriage or engagement, as tends to happen whenever a women is given a cubic zirconia ring, even just a simple friendship ring, for a gift. So, men, if you want to get her something she’ll treasure and something that is beautiful, but you don’t want her to think you are proposing to her, then go ahead and check out the excellent range of gold cz tennis bracelets that are available.

Not only are they carried by most jewellers, but they are also very readily available on line too, and can be ordered, paid for and shipped, all from the comfort of your own home. The actual bracelet or link part of tennis bracelets is often made from either platinum or gold. Gold cz tennis bracelets are popular, as are the cheaper silver cz tennis bracelets. My favourite is the more classic gold cz tennis bracelet rather than silver, but every woman has different tastes so be sure to find out what the lady in your life prefers before buying her one.

Four Top Reasons for Buying Gold CZ Tennis Bracelets

So, you want to be convinced why you should buy a gold cz tennis bracelet such as the Cubic Zirconia Silver Tennis Bracelet 8″? I had thought of doing four reasons for guys and five reasons for gals, but as it’s late I decided it was way too much work to do that, so I’ll just give my top four reasons and say whether it’s a guy or a gal perspective.

Guys/Gals: Cubic Zirconias are Cheaper than Diamonds.

Do you have any idea how expensive a diamond tennis bracelet is? Outrageous for the average, young wage-earner. If you have thousands of dollars to spend on a bracelet, well, OK, don’t read on. This doesn’t apply to you. If you are like me, young and not rolling in the mulah just yet, then you may want to consider the gold cz tennis bracelets options.

Realistically, who is going to tell whether they are real diamonds or not? The subtle differences between real diamonds and the cubic zirconia stones are very hard to catch, unless you’re a professional with professional equipment. They look as nice, sparkle just as much, and in my opinion the cubic zirconia bracelets are a match for their more expensive counterpart any day.

Guys: Looking for a non-marriage related gift?

So, you like this girl, she’s great fun to go out with but you’re not sure if you’re even ready for a steady relationship, let alone an engagement. Well then, if you want to give her a classy and definitely well received gift but one that comes without all the connotations of marriage, think gold cz tennis bracelets. They are classy. Jewelry is always a great gift for a woman. And they don’t reek of marriage. A good birthday or Christmas gift, trust me. I’m a gal.

Guys/Gals: Tennis Bracelets are In.

Ever since Chris Evert halted her 1987 U.S. Open tennis match to retrieve her broken diamond tennis bracelet, which were then incidentally referred to as in-line bracelets, they have been in vogue. That one simple act, of stopping an open tennis match and groping around the tennis court for the pieces to her bracelet, put the ‘tennis bracelet’ in the limelight. Of course everyone wanted one. But could everyone buy designer diamond jewelry like super tennis-star Chris Evert? No. Don’t be silly. Most of us are lucky if we can buy any jewelry.

Aha, but you can be in. Buy a gold cz tennis bracelet instead. Minimal cost for a look alike that matches it’s big sister in beauty, sparkle and shine!

Guys/Gals: They are gorgeous!

When all is said and done, the silver or gold cz tennis bracelet, as it’s now known as, is a beautiful, classy and wonderful piece of jewelry. It looks good, and when you wear it you feel good. Matches with anything, hey you can wear it while you’re playing tennis, or when you go to your prom or the office Christmas party, or to your friend’s wedding. Classy, never out of style, the cubic zirconia tennis bracelet is great for any occasion.

Four good reasons why to buy the gold cz tennis bracelet! Now go on, go out and get one. Right now!

Pearl Bracelets

In a world obsessed with gold, diamonds, and mass produced jewelry, wearing a pearl is a statement of class, sophistication, and timeless elegance. Whether you wear a pearl bracelet, necklace, or even earrings, these unique jewels will enhance any outfit you care to match them with. Some women are put off the idea of wearing a pearl because of their perceptions of large size. However pearls come in a huge range of sizes, and can be as subtle as you like. Freshwater pearl bracelets are on the market consisting of thin strands of pearls threaded with silver, which will not look out of place on the most delicate wrist.

Common pearls are a range of colors but usually white, cream or tan. However there is a species of oyster that produces black pearls, which are extremely rare and sought after. On the cheaper end of the scale are cultured pearls. These are still produced by shellfish, but are grown around a seed pearl introduced by the pearl farmer. These are still very similar to the real thing, but are generally cheaper than true wild pearls; this means that you are more likely to be able to afford a matched string, particularly on a smaller item like a single strand pearl bracelet.

Of course, pearl jewelry is not limited to using only pearls as part of the design. Diamonds and pearls are an absolutely classic combination, with the fire of a diamond playing off against the gleam of a pearl. Diamond and pearl bracelets look best with a more solid, bangle style design with the gems set securely. Of course as with anything it may be desirable to take the slightly cheaper option of using a created diamond in place of the real thing. Modern manufacturing has made these stones indistinguishable from the real thing, so you can enjoy an elaborate design with a reduced price tag.

Bracelets For Women

Bracelets For Women

If you are choosing a pearl bracelet or necklace to be worn with a specific outfit, you will want to know about how pearls are described and graded. Pearls have a body color that can range from white, tan or pink through to the rare black pearls. They also have overtone colors which are visible when light strikes the surface of the pearl. This gives the characteristic gleam that is associated with pearls. Given proper care, your pearl jewelry will last long enough to become a family heirloom! However you need to remember that pearls are quite soft compared to other gems. Pearls should not be exposed to any chemical or cleaner that might contain acids or solvents. This can include some make up and perfume, which can damage the sheen of a pearl over time. It’s a wise idea to put your pearls on after you have finished doing your hair and makeup. The only cleaning usually required is to wipe down with a cloth. Pearls should be stored carefully, away from other items that might scratch them. Amusingly, one great way to care for your pearl bracelet, and even improve its appearance, is to wear it as often as possible! Pearls are porous and over time they will absorb oil from your skin. This can add richness to the color and shine.

Pearls are unique among gems in that they arrive in their raw form glowing, shining, and ready to use. The symbolism of their production by living creatures is not lost on lovers of pearls, and of all precious gems, pearls are one of the most sincere symbols of love and passion. Other jewels and even precious metals are laboriously mined from the earth, often with environmental implications. It is a nice thought that you can wear a pearl without feeling guilty about harming the earth in the process.

Your Guide to the Best White Pearl Bracelets on the Market

When it comes to classic jewelry pieces, a white pearl bracelet is one of the most coveted by women. For the most part, those who are not familiar with pearls would not be able to tell the difference between a genuine set and a knockoff. In this context, you will need all the help you can get in order to get only the best and 100% authentic bracelets.

Popular White Pearl Bracelet Designs

The jewelry business has evolved quite a lot in the past few years, as did the demands of customers. There are many bracelet designs you can choose from depending on your taste and dedicated budget.

Single Strand Pearl Bracelets: These are very simple pieces that can be worn anytime of the day or night either by themselves or with a classic pearl necklace. Single strands are very versatile as they go well with casual as well as formal clothing. Single strand white pearl bracelets are ubiquitous in jewelry stores so there is no difficulty in finding just the perfect one.

Double Strands: These bracelets are much more elegant looking as the cluster of pearls lend the wearer an air of regal personality that signifies affluence. This piece is often worn on special occasions when one needs to look her best. If you’re looking for the perfect pearl bridal jewelry, this type might be the best choice.

Coil Bracelet: As its name suggests, this is a bracelet takes the shape of a coil and is often made of four rows of pearls. It resembles the classic bracelet worn by royalty women in Ancient Egypt.

Stretch Bracelet: This piece is perfect for kids and teenagers who would want to wear pearls but still look every bit their age. It is very easy and comfortable to use because of the elastic band that strings the pearls together.

Buying Pearls Online

When you do not have the time to peruse jewelry stores to find the perfect pearl bracelet, the next best option is to shop online. First time online shoppers might be a little apprehensive about purchasing jewelry from internet based stores but it is actually quite a wise habit.

When buying pearls, always remember to deal only with reputable sellers to make sure you get genuine pieces. Unless you are intentionally looking for a knockoff, there are only a small number of places online where you should purchase pearl bracelets.
Price can be a little bit of a concern especially for authentic pearl jewelry but there are ways to save money, one of which is to compare selling prices from different sites.