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Large Pendants are Important – Types of pendants

All individuals express themselves in different ways, whether it is through the number of facial piercings they possess or the type of pendants, clothes or jewelry that they choose to wear. Some individuals wear cool t-shirts featuring tongue-in-cheek slogans while others adorn tattoos to show to other people that they have a desire to appear “cool” in style or “dangerous”. We live in a world where nobody wishes to be exactly the same as anyone else. Everyone wants to be different in one way or another. Wearing jewelry is an easy way to transform your appearance. You can also use it to give others a subtle glimpse of the hidden depths to your personality.

pendant necklace

Pendant necklace

Large pendants prove an ideal choice of jewelry if you want to express yourself. They come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colors, meaning that you will undoubtedly be able to discover one that will complement your personality. In days gone by, pendants were created by taking a cord of a certain length and attaching to it a seashell or rare stone. Today, you can find heart shaped large pendants and various types of crystal large pendants. You will be sure to find a crystal pendant that will shine brightly regardless of the color of crystal that you choose. Large yellow pendants will reflect your bright, thoughtful personality while large red pendants will exhibit your abundance of passion for life.

Several avenues exist to explore when you are searching for the perfect pendant. A diamond pendant can prove the perfect gift to give to the love of your life on Valentine’s Day. Although there are a plethora of large pendant designs suitable for gifting to your female relatives to show them how much you care about them. Large pendants featuring gemstones like ruby or sapphire may not be to everyone’s taste yet those who manage to wear one are able to do so with great panache. This type of pendant reflects inner peace and harmony. Regardless of the style you adopt and the type of persona you are attempting to create, you will find a large pendant that is able to help you to create your desired look.

Heart Pendants – Don’t You Just Love Them?

Like the majority of women, I love jewelry of all kinds and over the years have bought pieces for myself or had them bought for me as a gift. Even if they don’t wear other kinds of jewelry such as earrings, rings or bracelets, most women have at least one necklace or pendant. I have several designs and the most recent of them was bought for me by my husband from the selection of open heart pendants designed by Jane Seymour (currently one of the leading brands of heart jewelry as you may discern from the sheer volume of advertsing for these products that you see) .

I especially like to have heart jewelry in my necklace box ready to wear because of its versatility. Whether it’s heart charms, heart bracelets or heart earrings, they all seem to match with a great variety of clothing styles and are suitable for every type of social event. While something like diamond earrings or a pearl necklace can be somewhat formal and may well be too high-class for a quick dash to the Mall or a trip to the local family restaurant, heart shaped jewelry is almost universally appropriate.

But let’s get back to heart pendants in particular (such as the one on the left – click on the picture for more details). The ones I treasure the most are the ones that have been given to me by my husband, family members or friends as each time I wear one of them I am reminded of that special person. Although I tend to wear my heart pendant everyday no matter what I am wearing, I do swap it for one of my other ones depending on the occasion. For instance I have a beautiful silver snowflake pendant that a very dear friend of mine bought for me and I usually wear this at Christmas time. The blue snowflake box that it came in has an inscription inside the lid that reads ” every snowflake is unique it’s true, each one is special just like you”. It brings a smile to my face and reminds me of her every time I open the box.

When I worked with children I liked to wear fun jewelry. I am a big fan of A. A. Milne’s “Winnie The Pooh Stories” and so I love the fact that you can get pendants with all the different characters on them, my personal favorite is Eyore. But there are lots of other fun pendants to choose from. The same friend who bought me the snowflake pendant has lots of different “themed” sets of jewelry such as one set with a holiday motif consisting of a flip flop pendant, flip flop ring and flip flop bracelet. They look great with shorts and tops or even with swimwear.

Pendants are a very versatile item of jewelry and can dress up any outfit. I find them especially good for taking away that bare neck look of a “v” or scoop necked top or dress. For formal occasions matching items of jewelry will really set your outfit off. I like to wear my white gold heart pendant with my white gold heart earrings as they go with any color but look especially good when wearing black. Who knows, the next item of jewelry my husband buys for me may well be a heart ring to complete my set.

Buy Pendants Online

Unquestionably the number 1 place on the internet to locate a vintage pendant is Amazon. Regardless, the first thing you will find is there are numerous items available on Amazon.com. You have to search through a large number of listings to locate your item. Amazon has allowed this site to display vintage pendant in various categories which makes it a lot easier to uncover the particular item you would like. By simply clicking any vintage pendant or accessory listing the site will deliver you to that exact auction inside the Amazon principal web site. If for any reason you do not see the vintage pendant you are after, look through the column on the right or simply use the search box to the right.

Choosing Diamond Pendants

For a gold chain to look unique, it is absolutely essential that it has a diamond pendant which looks beautiful with its round or square or marquis shape. The few things that should be borne in mind when choosing diamond pendants are:

  • The diamonds of GH color and clarity can be the best choice for a diamond pendant. This is not a highly priced one and so it should not go overboard in terms of the budget.
  • The diamond should be flawless that are visible to the naked eye. The best loose diamonds are colorless and expensive.
  • Choosing the right cut for the diamond pendant is very essential. This will help in the dazzle and reflection of light in an enhanced manner.
  • Heart shaped diamond pendants make very good gift items for birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Before buying the pendant, it should be decided if the pendant will have the diamond in the center or the diamonds will be for the decorative purposes.
  • When buying the loose diamonds, the buyer should check for the four Cs which are very crucial.
  • Diamond fluorescence and enhancements are the other important aspects to be noted.
  • The loose diamonds that the buyer chooses should match the type of jewelry for which it is bought.
  • The buyer should get the certification of GIA for the diamond he buys and the appraisal too.

With the advent of internet, one need not go to shops for buying diamond pendants. Various sites offer complete details of the products. One must visit as many sites as possible before choosing the diamond pendants and get the full details about it.

The authenticity of the seller is very important. The physical address of the seller needs to be verified, apart from telephone numbers and email address. It is advisable for the user to call the shop at least once to confirm and have a talk with the representative there. The shop should be in the trade at least for a few years and have good reputation too.

Gold Pendants – Gold Pendant Necklace

One reason for the popularity of pendants is their versatility. They can be worn on different kinds of chains – you can mix and match at your leisure, and experiment with ways of adding variety to the necklaces that you most commonly wear. In addition they can be made of a wide variety of materials such as gold, silver, platinum, tungsteen, stainless steel, glass or gemstones. This is why many young ladies who love jewelry view it as an absolute necessity to have a collection of pendants, even if they only have a small collection of gold chains – because wearing a different one on a necklace can totally change the visual effect that it creates. In other words, having a large collection is quite a clever option because they will actually extend the life of these necklaces. And of course, the more you have, the more you can vary your style.

And of course, the variety of pendants available is absolutely staggering. There are so many different kinds made by jewelers to suit the tastes of their customers that there is almost no chance that you will have trouble finding a kind that you desire. And if you do, there is of course the often overlooked option of having a jeweler create a custom design for you. There is pretty much everything under the sun available, the most common are cross pendants and heart pendants, whatever your name, age, favorite animal, favorite sport, holiday destination, you name it, it’s available.
Many people don’t realize that this can be done, but it is the best way to create a unique, one-of-a-kind design that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Besides that, most jewelers are often only too eager to put their skills to good use by crafting a gold artwork to your exact specifications. In addition to this, it can be extremely fulfilling to wear a piece that was created just for you, and that nobody else in the world can hold. It is important, however, to make sure that the gold used in the process isn’t overly pure – gold that is over 22ct in purity is generally too soft to be fashioned into jewelry that can be worn on a regular basis, because high-purity gold is very malleable and thus susceptible to becoming misshapen through regular use. If you are indeed considering having a jeweler craft a custom piece for you, then, you should probably make sure that the gold being used is not too pure – 18ct is just about right. 9ct gold pendants are also quite popular in the U.S.

However, creating a custom pendant can be a bit of a hassle, and takes time and money. If you are like most people, you are satisfied with a pre-existing design; and for good reason, because there is a reason some pendant designs are more popular than others. For example, the gold cross pendant has always been an extremely classic option, even among those who are not Catholics, because it is seen as a design with a very stimulating visual aesthetic.

Sometimes, however, yellow gold jewelry can seem a bit strong – it is a color that tends to dominate attention, and can clash with an outfit, rather than blending in and complementing it in the way that jewelry is supposed to. This is particularly true with more formal outfits and evening dresses, where understatement and sophisticated taste is more important than bold statements like yellow gold; for these situations, white gold pendants are always a stylish option. These are, of course, available in the same staggering variety of styles and designs that yellow gold pendants are. The white gold pendant is also probably a better choice for fashionistas who are looking to wear uncommon pieces of jewelry, as they are not as common and are really just entering the fashion radar.

What Type of Pendant is Best For You?

Many people enjoy wearing symbols of their faith, and there is no symbol that better represents any religious faith than the cross pendant. These beautiful pendants can be worn with all types of clothing, whether it is dressy or casual, and they let the world know that you are a faithful member of the Christian community. Let’s take a look at three of the types of cross pendants you may want to look into purchasing for yourself.

Gold Cross Pendant: These lovely necklaces can be found in many shapes and sizes. 14K gold is the most used type of gold for a cross pendant because it is very durable and will be easy to clean and store when it is not being worn. Designs can be plain gold crosses, crucifix pendants (which have a depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus on them), Celtic crosses, and even beautifully delicate filigree crosses which would be excellent for any woman to have in her collection. Prices for gold cross pendants can range from $50 for a small pendant measuring under ½” wide, to several hundred dollars for larger pendants measuring 1” to 1.5” inches wide.


Diamond Cross Pendant: Many people prefer diamonds in their jewelry. A good quality diamond cross pendant will be pricey, especially if the entire cross is lined with diamonds. Before spending a large amount of money on a diamond cross pendant, investigate the quality of the diamonds used in the design by asking for a gemological report on the piece. Less expensive diamond cross pendants can be found easily online for as low as $75 for a gold cross pendant with only one or two small diamonds in it.

A 14K gold diamond cross pendant such as the one pictured will cost about $300 at reputable online dealers.

Sterling Silver Cross Pendant: A sterling silver cross pendant is a wonderful way to get a high-quality cross pendant at a price that will not put very much strain on your budget. They will be available in the same beautiful designs as gold cross pendants, and may also have various gemstones like diamonds incorporated into the designs. Prices start as low as $30 for nice ones measuring as much as .75” across. Of course, the suggestions for storing sterling silver jewelry apply to these crosses: keep them in a separate airtight bag, such as a zip-lock baggie, to help keep tarnish from building up on them.

Wearing a cross pendant is definitely a wonderful way to express your faith. They look wonderful with cubic zirconia rings, and it would look beautiful to layer one with a black pearl necklace, also! Since cross pendants are available in many styles and price ranges, anyone can have a lovely cross pendant as part of his or her jewelry collection.

Why a Pearl Pendant is Better Than a Diamond Pendant

A pendant is typically the highlight and main centerpiece of an necklace, and because of this, you ought to give your pendant ideas much thought before you make a purchase. These careful considerations include cost, sophistication, glamor, and of course, style. For all these pendant qualifications, you should definitely consider having a pearl pendant.

A pearl pendant is usually a viable alternative for all other pendant options out there, and this is for good reason. When you think of a necklace pendant, what usually comes to mind are diamond or gold pendant pieces. However, through time, their appeal and luster have faded into most people’s minds, because of several factors.

The first factor that people think about would be their cost. If you take a random survey among jewelry shops and you check the typical price of a diamond or a gold pendant, they will usually cost you an arm and a leg. And even when they can give you that certain air of sophistication when you wear them, sometimes it’s still not worth the price — because let’s face it, you can look equally glamorous without forking out that amount of money.

A pearl pendant, on the other hand, is a popular alternative choice owing to the fact that it is a cut above the rest. That in itself is an understatement really. In the olden days, people used to think that pearls were the tears of angels, or even of the moon, and as such, they were accorded with utmost respect. Still, there were even cultures that believed pearls were the remnants of falling stars, and because of this, they were taken to be the perfect gift items for commitment and love.

This is the reason why through the years, a pearl pendant is considered as the perfect gift that signifies and symbolizes love — but it’s not just any type of love, because it’s the timeless type of love. Lovers express their undying love to their partners with a pearl pendant because this is an embodiment of their commitment and promise. And the best part about a pearl pendant is that it can come in an assortment of varieties and in different colors and textures. This is so because there are different pearl varieties depending on where they come from, and these numerous options are perfect for all your pearl pendant needs.

Moreover, the reason why a pearl pendant is considered to be better than a diamond pendant is because it exudes understated class and elegance. A pearl pendant can easily evoke the feeling of tranquility, relaxation, and peace — something which makes it a worthwhile purchase.

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