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10k White Gold Diamond Promise Rings, Crossover Style Band (sizes 4-10)

Hello there, my name is Phillip and I used to be in dire need of the right diamond promise rings. You need to show the woman in your life that you actually care, and that’s exactly why I decided to look into this ring. I had been with my girlfriend for well over 3 years, and we really hadn’t made that much of a commitment to each other. I knew that it was love at first sight, but I wanted her to really understand how much I cared. Finding the right promise rings for her was going to take a lot of work, or so I thought! Rose gold promise rings were undoubtedly on my mind, but there were also diamonds promise rings and even sterling promise rings up for grabs too. I was never the best shopper when it comes to physical retail, I get very shy when it comes to a public environment. Not only that, but I’m a penny pincher as well; I’m always going to go with the cheaper alternative. Amazon has always been the place I turn to whenever I’m in need of a product, but I just didn’t feel like this was going to be the right way to go about buying promise rings for her.

Diamond Promise Rings For Women

Diamond Promise Rings For Women at Amazon

Little did I know that Amazon has essentially everything and anything you could imagine, within reason, of course. I found an amazing 10k White Gold Diamond Promise Ring, and when I looked at the promise I was completely astounded. It was only a whopping $99.97, which is around $500 USD off of the initial price. When you can buy diamond promise rings for women without breaking your bank, you’re going to be completely dumbfounded. Who would’ve thought that you could show your affection to a loved one without spending way too much money? The perfect person in your life should only be given the most perfect gifts possible, and that’s all I wanted to do. I had finally settled on the ring, I was going to buy a 10K White Gold Diamond Promise Ring – Crossover Style Band. It comes in sizes 4-10, so regardless of your size needs this is one of the promise rings for her that she can really enjoy.


The product itself was a steal, I would never have thought that something this extravagant would cost me less than one hundred dollars. It’s a beautiful promise ring that has flawless diamonds running around the entirety of your finger. Diamonds are very rare and natural minerals, and the product only makes use of rose-cuts and diamond chips. The diamonds themselves aren’t of gem quality and have anywhere from 0 to 16 facets (respectively). To get much more specific, this is one of the diamond promise rings you won’t need to take a loan out for; but it’s also got a lot of benefits to make use of. If you can find a promise ring that’s reasonably priced, you’re going to be laughing all the way to the bank. This one is much more special than usual, as the total discount sums up to about $500 USD (shocking, I know). Like I said previously, the number of benefits that come alongside this promise ring is immense. Some of them are:

  • Free shipping to almost every single country in the world, including Canada, the United States the United Kingdom and even Australia.
  • Crafted using only 10 karats white gold, solidity is very important to the manufacturers
  • SuperJeweler offers a lifetime guarantee on every single product they’re selling to their consumers, and it includes a year’s worth of damage replacement. If you lose stones, you’ll be accounted for!
  • The price is just unfathomable, you can’t say no to something as discounted as this
  • High-quality, so you don’t need to worry about it breaking with ease

The second you realize you’re in need of rose gold promise rings, diamond promise rings for women or even sterling silver promise ring you don’t need to worry; Super Jeweler will have whatever you need. I’d recommend this product to just about every single person looking into it because the upside is just so large. My girlfriend absolutely loves it, and if things are going to continue this way, we’re probably going to get married relatively soon! If you love your girlfriend (or wife, whatever it may be; although a promise ring probably wouldn’t apply!) then you wouldn’t mind getting her a present that she really deserves.

I’m not saying it’s due to the ring, but it definitely had a say in the matter. Love can’t be priced, but when you’re young and feel the need to show your affection you’re going to buy a few things (especially things you don’t need). This ring is something I did need, and the price that I paid is something that I was completely comfortable with. That’s the best thing you could ever think about saying when you purchase a product, so why would you consider buying any other kind of promise rings for women? Get the proper promise rings from her and show with Amazon. I’ve bought about three different products from them and they’ve yet to let me down, so what do you really have to lose?

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