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Nixon Men’s A3461696 Corporal SS Watch Review

Trying to find durability, style, uniqueness and elegance in just one men’s watch? It sounds daunting at first, since watches are categorized by so many categories that you barely know what works for you. Figure what you need first, then begin your venture with time and confidence. Arm yourself with patience and you just cannot fail.

At some point or another, Nixon Men’s Corporal SS Watch inevitably kicks in as one of the leading fashion and luxury watches for men. It comes from a brand that does not need too many introductions. At the same time, it is one of the best rated watches for men over the Internet.

Nixon Men's Corporal SS Watch

Nixon Men’s Corporal SS Watch


Simplicity, style and durability – these are the main characteristics of Nixon Men’s Corporal SS Watch. Its size – 48mm in diameter – and solid build add to its masculinity. Practically, it becomes a statement, as well as an investment into your profile. Match it with some green shoes or a shirt and you are a winner.

Stylish and Fashion Design

At a first glance, Nixon’s A3461696 model looks like any other stainless steel watch. However, there is one minor thing that gives it a fashionable purpose – the neutral green dial. When mixed with the stainless steel bracelet and the silver hands and markers, the result is amazing – both sporty and elegant. It is great for casual occasions, as well as elegant workplaces.

Quality and Precision

Given the Japanese quartz movement, the watch is likely to miss a few seconds on a yearly basis. Other than that, it is exquisite in precision. Nixon’s quality standards go a little farther though. Apart from the stainless steel bracelet, the case carries the same properties. Plus, it is based on a three link format with micro adjustments. It can resist water to 100 meters (330 feet). 


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Micro adjustable bracelet
  • Water resistant
  • Solid and sturdy build
  • Perfect sizing proportions


  • No date indicator
  • Hard to read in the dark

Customer Reviews and Ratings

I have found over 150 reviews at the time I wrote this review. More than 78% of them gave this watch a maximum score. It is rated at 4.6 out of 5 stars. Small complaints may still kick in though.

Doughie_Boy: “I am not an expert in watches, but I can agree that this unit is sturdy and built to last. As you look at it, it looks symmetrical and perfectly designed. Its proportions are amazing, so I’ll stick to it!”

G$moove: “This watch has everything I need! It feels heavy and it has a nice color. It keeps time perfectly and stands out in the crowd. I can wear it on a business meeting or on a casual walk. Love it!”

Bryce Douglass: “I have a few Nixons and this one is great, but there is one thing I disliked. It came with a few scratches, so I guess it was someone else’s returned watched. I sent it back and got another.”


In the end, Nixon Men’s A3461696 Corporal SS Watch leaves no room for interpretations. It is great for all kinds of daily activities, regardless of your lifestyle.

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