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Nixon Men’s A0831762 51-30 Chrono Watch Review

Expressing personal masculinity can definitely be a challenge, especially in a world where more and more men tend to get more makeup than women, not to mention about today’s sophisticated hairstyles. Nixon does not go with the trend though.

Nixon Men’s Chrono Watch is built for real men who want to make a statement and express their strength in an authentic way. The fashion accessory is both casual and sporty, but it may also compliment your outfit during an elegant day at work.

Nixon Men's Chrono Watch

Nixon Men’s A0831762 51-30 Chrono Watch Review


With 5.1 cm in case diameter and a 25 mm wide band, this watch warrants plenty of respect. It can reflect a masculine package, but it also tells your audience that you have something to say. Furthermore, it is built with quality and durability in mind.

Stainless Steel and Gunmetal Looks: As if crystal clear stainless steel would not be masculine enough, the gunmetal appearance of this watch makes it even more imposable. The thick case comes with a gunmetal style, as well as white and light gray hands for a better view. It comes with a chronograph, not to mention the date window at 6 o’clock.

Water Resistance and Customization: Water resistance is a common rating in today’s watches, yet most of them can only resist splashes and rain. They are less likely to face submersion without failing. This one is different. It is water resistant to 984 feet. Plus, the three link bracelet comes with micro adjustments. Therefore, even if it feels too large, you can adjust it yourself without too much hassle.


  • Chronograph watch
  • Micro adjustment
  • Water resistance to 984 feet
  • Date window display
  • Japanese quartz movement


  • Large for thin wrists
  • Heavier than its competition

Customer Reviews and Ratings

I have found over 180 customer reviews regarding Nixon Men’s Chrono Watch A0831762 model. Around 87% of them have a maximum score. Overall, it is rated at 4.8 out of 5 stars. Sure, no product is perfect, so small complaints may still kick in every once in a while.

Newfgal: “I purchased Nixon’s watch for my son’s birthday. I chose to get it online because it was cheaper than buying it locally. It came fast and looks just like expected. My son loves it. It looks a bit too large for his wrist, but this is today’s fashion.”

David Tanaka: “This watch is bold and powerful. It adds to my masculine profile. It is built with quality in mind, so I don’t doubt its durability.”

Tierra: “This watch is simply everything a man wants. My fiancé has been eying it for a few months until I decided to get it as a present. It comes in original and protective packaging and feels excellent. He loves it!”


Nixon Men’s A0831762 51-30 Chrono Watch is clearly a statement. Its appearance is metallic and dark, but also masculine and powerful. Indeed, it feels a bit heavy, but quality is never lightweight. Whether you buy it for yourself or to surprise a loved one, you can congratulate yourself for an excellent (and cost efficient) final choice.

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