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There are certainly several styles available for having a custom name necklace, in the form of monogram, charm, or initial designs. While the monogram and initial necklaces restrict themselves to retain only a few characters of your name, the custom name models are more versatile to accommodate your first name completely. Such personalized necklaces are perhaps among the most special jewelry pieces to possess or gift someone.

If you are looking for such necklace that is petite and feminine, the 18k gold plated necklace can be your affordable choice. Featuring the name in the classic Carrie style pendant, the necklace can accommodate up to 10 letters of your choice.

Custom Name Necklace

Personalized Name Necklace 18k Gold


Packed in good box and boasting a box chain, this custom name necklace features 18k gold plated over its sterling silver base. This beautiful classic style pendant hangs sturdily from a sparkling chain plated in gold. The thickness of necklace is 0.7mm / 0.03″ with 5-7 mm / 0.2-0.28″ height. Here are the salient features of this necklace:

  • .925 Sterling Silver Base: The chain is made up of sterling silver that contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. This amount of pure silver is perhaps the highest one to expect from any sterling silver necklace. It indicates highest level of durability and purity without losing the natural sparkle of the metal.
  • 18 Karat Gold Plated: The chain as well as the pendant with your name on it is gold filled, which means they are coated with gold using heat and pressure. The use of 18-karat gold means the plating has been done using 75% (18 parts out of 24) pure gold and 25% of copper, silver, and nickel. Such gold is perhaps more durable and sturdier than 24 karat gold that is too soft.
  • Choice of Chain Length: This sterling silver is available in different lengths ranging from 14″ to 22″ in the multiples of two. Therefore, if 16-inch length seems shorter, 18- and 22-inch lengths can be your perfect choice.


  •  Nice quality; great attention to detail
  • Sturdy build
  • Great size for the name
  • Pretty looking and easy reading letters
  • No snagging
  • No wear/tear for long time
  • No skin irritation
  • Affordable


  • Slow discoloration

Customer Reviews and Ratings

At the time of writing this review, I came across 53 reviews all together making up for an average of 4.3 stars out of 5. Almost 72% reviews have given 5 stars to this custom name necklace. Here is what the customers are saying:

Ukie: The item is BEAUTIFUL and better than I could have imagined. I have already directed all my friends to the sellers website when they are ready to purchase a necklace.

Kimmyooo: I purchased my necklace Feb 5 2014 and wore it only twice since purchasing it so I’ve had it now a little more than a year, I keep all of my jewelry very well and hang all of my necklaces to avoid tangling and tarnishing. With all my efforts, this necklace has begun to change color, very sad about it.


The plating of 18k gold on sterling silver chain and dainty name pendant makes this custom name necklace truly feminine. It is affordable, sturdy, and long lasting although the gold hue might fade with time (not necessarily will fade).

The gold custom name necklace has a sterling silver base with a plate of 18k gold to encompass your name in Hollywood script strikingly. It is a great gift for a friend or yourself.

Gold Name Necklace

Gold Name Necklace

Our aim here at ringsforwomen.org is to help you choose an ideal gold name necklace for yourself or for anyone you want to buy it for. We will describe the most important factors that you should consider if you want to be happy about your purchase in the long term. After you have read the information below you will know exactly what to look for in a necklace so as to choose the best one for your needs.

So what should be considered before buying a gold name necklace?

1. Length

Necklaces usually come in three different lengths: 14-17 inches, 17-20 inches and 20-24 inches. The 14 to 17- inch necklaces stay close to the neck and the attached pendants lie above the breastbone. The 17 to 20-inch ones meet at the top of breastbone and the 20 to 24-inch ones meet at the top of the bust line. So if you want to choose an ideal length of a necklace consider where you would like the pendant to lie.

2. Fineness of gold

Gold name necklaces usually have 9ct,14ct or 18ct. 24 carat gold is pure gold, so the lower the number of carats the less pure the gold is and the more alloys it includes. Basically the more carats in a necklace the more resistant to wear and tear it is and the longer it keeps its natural color.

3. Color of gold

A necklace can be made either of white or yellow gold. The difference in color between yellow and white is determined by the metals used in the alloy mix. White gold is an alloy of gold and some white metals such as silver and palladium. Yellow gold is a mix of pure gold and alloy metals such as copper and zinc. So, what color of gold should you choose? White gold name necklace will be more durable and scratch resistant than yellow gold one but will fade in color and will need to be re-plated once and again.

The above three factors are the main points that should be taken into consideration before buying a necklace. However, there are other factors worth considering like; the name pendant thickness, the thickness of the chain and the font of the name. The thicker the pendant or the chain the more durable it is. If you carefully consider all the factors you will be able to buy an ideal gold name necklace.

White Gold Name Necklace

14k Gold Personalized Name Necklace

White Gold Name Necklace

White gold name necklace can be a great personalized gift. This type of necklaces are made out of the mixture of pure gold and some white metals such as silver and palladium. Thanks to the stronger alloys used name necklaces made of white gold are more durable and scratch proof than yellow gold name necklaces.

However, there is one major drawback to a white gold name necklace – it fades in color and requires to be re-plated once in a while, which can be costly. Also, white gold name necklaces may include nickel that some people are allergic to. The necklaces coming from European countries no longer contain nickel, which is usually replaced with palladium. But a nickel-free white gold name necklace is more expensive than the standard one.

Another factor that should be considered is the tone of the skin. White gold name necklace would look nice with people with cool skin tones but it might not look so well with people with warm skin tones.

Taking into consideration all of the above factors will help you greatly in determining whether to buy a white gold name necklace or not.

Diamond Necklace

A diamond necklace is stylish and beautiful. It easily catches the eye, but it is also expensive.While some people don’t mind splurging on such items, others are hesitant to put out so much money on an item they feel that they are not going to get much use out of.

After all, you can’t eat a diamond necklace and it is not going to keep you warm in the winter. Still, owning one of these can prove very useful. Read on to explore the subject in further detail.

Whether the necklace is for yourself or as a gift for someone else, such a luxury item can easily serve as a source of motivation. Increased motivation can allow you to achieve goals at a faster pace. Wearing it can be a real confidence booster, helping you to network and pursue new opportunities.

When it is a gift that you are buying someone, you can use the diamond necklace as a reward for their accomplishments. For example, you might help a friend by promising them a diamond necklace if they lose weight.

Making an Investment

You might also want to consider the fact that real diamonds offer greater financial benefit than costume jewelry. Fake jewelry loses value over time, but a diamond necklace will always be worth something. Sometimes the cost of diamonds increases, meaning that the money you invest into the necklace might grow. Those who buy jewelry made from real precious gems and metals do not have to worry so much about financial loss. They do have to concern themselves with keeping the items safe from theft and damage.

Giving a diamond necklace as a surprise gift is a great way to win over someone’s heart. They will be impressed that you spent so much money on them and it will make them feel very special. It has the same effect as a large diamond on an engagement ring. This is a gift meant to make a bold statement. No matter why you are considering and perhaps even debating whether or not to buy such a precious item, know that there are a lot of important benefits to be enjoyed from owning one of these popular jewelry items.

You have less cause to worry losing about the amount of money that you put into it. The time is now for picking out the diamond necklace that you want to buy.

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