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Engagement rings especially those adorned with big diamonds are luxuriously expensive. One beautiful ring to offer to the woman you love is the sapphire engagement ring. This ring symbolizes fidelity and will be perfect for your beloved fiancé. Sapphire represents faithfulness like just how you feel for her. Wouldn’t this be a beautiful piece to offer to the woman you want to be with for the rest of your life?

There are many other choices for engagement rings that a man can give to a woman. But the sapphire engagement ring fits for the woman who wishes to be different. In terms of hardiness, Sapphires are the next to diamonds. These gems will last a lifetime if the bearer takes care of these.

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Propose to the Woman You Love with a Sapphire Engagement Ring

As often seen, Sapphires come in blue but actually these gems come in different colors that will capture your heart. A traditional royal blue Sapphire will probably make a perfect sapphire engagement ring, or you can as well opt for pink-orange or pink for a more feminine glow. These sapphires have different values just like the diamonds. If the determining factor lies solely on color, then perhaps you don’t have to worry so much on the value of the ring.

If you wish to know the value of the sapphire engagement rings based on color then you should realize that green is the least valuable of the Sapphires. While the pink and orange-colored sapphires are rare finds making them expensive. And because these are rare, these can be great engagement rings. One thing to note is that the color of the sapphire should not change and must remain constant in all lights.

A feather is indicative of a flaw in a sapphire engagement ring. This is one of the many flaws that you should check before purchasing one for your woman. A feather is a crack on the stone running from the base or from the center to the outside of the gem. This indicates a possibility of cracking in the future. The color needs to be transparent in nature. It is essential that you examine the stone for its color and clarity.

The sapphire engagement rings have several cuts. They may come in shapes of round and oval. The sapphire rings cut in ovals are cheaper compared to the round cuts. The cut is another thing to consider when buying a sapphire engagement ring. Basically, the sapphire is priced according to its color and carat. Some sapphires are as expensive as diamonds and others can be cheaper.

You can choose to buy loose sapphires instead of buying those that are already preset. By this way, you can examine the stone properly for any flaws. It is also important that you choose a flush or channel setting in case of imperfections. This setting is a great way to disguise the blemishes and make your sparkling engagement ring stand out.

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