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Friendship, Love, and Loyalty Ring

Having a cherished friend is one of the most important things in the world. A girl can never have too many friends, but there is usually one special someone that could be considered a bosom buddy, or in more modern terms, a BFF; best friend forever. When you have someone you consider to be your very best friend, you may want to consider exchanging friendship rings for women with her.


Friendship Rings for Women

Friendship Rings for Women: A Symbol of Love Between Friends

Friendship rings have been around for centuries. They are similar to promise rings for couples, which are given to symbolize a romantic linking with intent to become engaged; friendship rings are exchanged by friends who have no romantic feelings for one another but are forever linked together in a platonic relationship.

Characteristics of Friendship Rings for Women

Sometimes sold in pairs, friendship rings generally do not contain gemstones. Of course, the style and type of rings worn as friendship rings is entirely up to the friends picking out the rings. Gold and silver friendship rings are the most common, but titanium and stainless steel can also be found. Styles vary greatly; the choices available should accommodate the tastes and lifestyles of just about everyone. Some rings are actually made to fit together, and when separated, each friend has half of a complete design.

A common characteristic of friendship rings for best friends is an engraving or design that is etched into the ring. The engraving might say “Friends”, “BFF”, or “Friends Forever”. The rings may also have a design etched, engraved, or enameled design on them such as a symbol that has meaning to the friends, like a heart. Some friendship ring sets are already engraved with sayings, and will usually be cheaper than buying rings that are not engraved already and have to have the engraving added.

Options for Friendship Rings

Options Friendship Rings

Options Friendship Rings

Keep in mind that if you want to purchase rings to signify a deep friendship with someone, you are not limited to rings labeled as “friendship rings”. Another option would be to purchase identical rings not originally intended to be friendship rings and have them engraved with a saying or initials. If you would rather exchange rings with gemstones, this might be a better option for you.

This would be a good idea if you are looking for rings with a theme, such as Irish friendship rings, sometimes known as Claddagh rings. These beautiful rings originally symbolized the romantic availability of a woman; now, they are widely considered to signify friendship. They feature a set of hands holding a heart, with a crown sitting atop the heart. One of the most beautiful Claddagh rings you can buy is a Black Hills Gold Claddagh ring. It features yellow, rose and green gold and would be a wonderful option for friends who feel an especially strong bond. Have it engraved on the inside with a special quote and it will instantly become a friendship ring that will be cherished for years to come. The Pandora Jewelry Company also has some beautiful rings in their collections that would make heirloom-quality friendship rings for women.

Friendship rings are very special symbols of the way best friends feel about one another. Whether they are gold, silver, titanium or stainless steel, a friendship ring says you have a special person in your life who would do anything for you, and you would do the same for them. If you are lucky enough to have someone like that in your life, then exchanging friendship rings is a wonderful way to tell the world about your special best friend forever!

Practical Choices for Cheap Friendship Rings for Women

Cheap Rings for Women

Cheap Rings for Women

One of the dangers of being too fashion conscious is that you also become too absorbed in following trends that sometimes you end up spending too much of your hard-earned money on clothes, shoes, and accessories. It doesn’t help that you try to match what celebrities are wearing even though you can’t afford it some of the time. Your only recourse is to find practical alternatives, infuse your own sense of style and make it work.

One of the many accessories that can dramatically enhance your dress is the ring. Friendship rings are very flexible and you can even find cheap rings for women that look like the real thing but hardly cost you a lot. Your first consideration when looking for cheap rings for women is what kind of style you are going for. The best thing about rings is that they can fit a number of different occasions and different styles.

The word “cheap” can be relative depending on your status in life. A 1-carat diamond ring may be considered cheap by people with a lot of money to spare but it can mean the world for people who have saved a great portion of their hard-earned money to be able to afford it. For ease of discussion, let’s just say that cheap is affordable for the average person.

You’ll probably have fashion jewelry rings when you first think of cheap friendship rings for women. They come in a wide variety of material and designs and are easily found in most stores. They are cheap but they don’t look cheap. Some are very creative and very imaginative that people will find their uniqueness a pleasant advantage over other rings. Since they are also available in a variety of material, they are easy to pair off with any of the clothes in your wardrobe. Since they are also cheap, you can afford to buy more of them.

If you don’t want fashion jewelry rings, you may try silver as your band of choice. It’s less expensive than gold or platinum but can easily sport a classic feel to it. Silver is also compatible with casual clothes and can also be used for formal affairs. This kind of flexibility makes silver a great bargain even though it less expensive than other materials.

If you want the classic rings but don’t want to overspend on them, you may choose a solid band, either gold, silver or platinum, but spare the expense of getting an expensive gemstone. There are other pretty gemstones that don’t cost as much as a diamond. The trick is to finding high-quality gemstones and have them set in such a way that their brilliance outweighs their cost.

The bottom line with cheap rings for women is that you can afford to splurge on really classic rings because their value has a tendency to appreciate over time. You can consider them as good investments that can last a long time. But for casual events, say going to the movies or going to clubs, you can be satisfied with buying cheap friendship rings for women.

Sterling Silver Rings for Women

Sterling Silver Rings for Women

Sterling Silver Rings for Women

Women the world over have been accessorizing with rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for as long as fashion has been established. It’s a given that in order to complete the essence of what you’re wearing, you need to include a little bit of accessory just to give that extra “oomph” to your ensemble. If there’s one versatile accessory that women must have, it’s a ring. With just one ring, you can already accentuate what you’re wearing without too much fuss. If you’re looking for a worthy investment for a ring, look no further than sterling silver rings for women.

If there’s one thing that makes sterling silver rings for women stand out, it’s their flexibility. Sterling Silver rings for women can be worn with almost any type of garment. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing casual clothes for the day, like a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers, sterling silver rings are a perfect match. The silver looks great with jeans and they look casual enough but still cool enough to make the outfit look interesting. Sterling silver rings can also be worn for formal occasions. With the right combination of sterling silver rings with other pieces like a necklace or earrings, sterling silver rings can glitter and sparkle giving your dress that right touch of simplicity and elegance.

Sterling silver friendship rings are also very affordable which makes it possible for women to collect a number of pieces to suit any wardrobe and any event. They’re less expensive than gold and even less expensive than diamonds so you can just imagine how much you can save when you invest in sterling silver rings. Since they’re so affordable, there are also a lot of sterling silver ring designs that you can choose from. You can simply search the internet if you want a sampling of the different types of sterling silver rings that are available in the market. They come in simple bands, intricate and complex design bands and even bands combined with other gemstones. If you want, you can even have your own customized sterling silver rings for that unique piece.

Another thing that makes sterling silver rings a top choice for women is that it’s easy to maintain. Unlike diamonds that you can’t wear every day because they’re simply too expensive to lose, you can wear sterling silver rings every day if you want and there’s hardly any fuss to taking care of them. They’re easy to clean if they show a hint of tarnish and even if you want it cleaned and polished professionally, you won’t have to spend too much compared to other metals.

Sterling silver rings are a quality addition to your jewelry stash. They are very wearable, always in fashion, attractive and affordable. If you’re thinking of buying jewelry that you can enjoy for a long time, your choice will have to be sterling silver friendship rings for women. From the classic and sophisticated to the casual and chic, you won’t go wrong with sterling silver rings for women.

Promise Rings

A very popular fad, that has lasted until now. A promise ring is basically a ring that is given from the man to the woman, promising to propose in the future. It is like an engagement ring to an engagement. More detailed info to come.

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Friendship Rings for Women - A Symbol of Love Between Friends
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Friendship Rings for Women - A Symbol of Love Between Friends
Exchanging friendship rings is a wonderful way to tell the world about your special best friend forever! This ring is the perfect friendship ring. A promise ring is basically a ring that is given from the man to the woman, promising to propose in the future. It is like an engagement ring to an engagement.
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