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Nixon 51-30 Tide Watch Review

From many points of view, masculinity is underlined by darkness. You are less likely to find a masculine watch with pink hands and Swarovski crystals on the bezel. This is an unwritten rule in this industry that some brands respect through their products.

Nixon 51-30 Tide Watch is one of the perfect examples. It is dark, but also sturdy and bulky enough to match a man’s strong arm. It might look overcrowded at first, but this is only a first impression.


Nixon’s watch comes in a dark gunmetal construction. The dial, case and band follow the same requirements, not to mention the hands and markers. Of course, they come in different nuances, so reading time should not be a problem.

Swiss Accuracy: In a world where 90% of all watches come with the Japanese reliability standards, some units maintain the classic and deep accuracy of Swiss movements. This is one of those watches relying on the Swiss quartz movement. With only a few seconds lost on a yearly basis, it obviously does not require too much attention. It is built to deliver and keep time like no other.

Water Resistant: The 51-30 model from Nixon is water resistant to 300 meters (around 990 feet). It is not the type of watch that promises water resistance, but can barely face sweat and rain. Instead, it is just as handy for scuba diving, yet it only goes to 30 meters and for not more than a couple of hours. Other water based activities are handled with no problems at all.

Nixon 51-30 Tide Watch

Nixon 51-30 Tide Watch


  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Scratch resistant mineral for the dial
  • Water resistant to 300 meters
  • Suitable for scuba diving
  • Gunmetal appearance


  • Not suitable for slim men
  • Might feel heavy

Customer Reviews and Ratings

I found less than 50 reviews for this watch, but they are encouraging enough for every potential buyer. This watch scores 4.7 out of 5 stars. Obviously, it is not perfect for everyone.

Al: “Pure porn! This watch is amazing. It is big and comes with an exquisite quality. It must be engineered to a few microns because you simply can’t complain about it. Nixon has done it again!”

Zilli: “My husband has been hunting this watch for months. I got it for his birthday because I knew for sure that he would love it. Now I have a happy boyfriend, but beware – this watch is not for slim men!”

Chaz Owczarzak: “I don’t like the weight tbh… This watch is heavy, so you will actually feel it. Besides, the numbers and dials glow in the dark… I find it girlish. Other than that, the watch is good quality and well worth the price.”


In the end, Nixon 51-30 Tide Watch is certainly a stunner. It is attractive, elegant and stylish. Its large profile makes it masculine enough, while its quality construction is obvious. It can match formal and casual outfits, but it can also contrast a light or colorful outfit with no problems.

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