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GUESS Women’s U0111L3 Sparkling Hi-Energy Mid-Size Rose Tone Gold Watch Review

Style, sophistication, and compliments – all these things are mandatory for a lady. From this point of view, finding the best accessory is a must. Watches can make the difference between average and luxury, but only if you choose the right one.

Redefine both your time and appearance with GUESS Women’s U0111L3 Sparkling Hi-Energy Mid-Size Rose Gold-Tone Watch. This unit is built to draw attention, but the manufacturer does not disappoint on the timekeeping capabilities either.


The U0111L3 rose tone gold watch from GUESS is a timekeeping unit based on a lifestyle has driven fashion trend. Regular attention to new trends and fashion ideas have turned this watch into a cutting-edge accessory.

Polished Appearance: Everything about this watch is trendy according to today’s tendencies. The bracelet is made of stainless steel, so it is durable and solid. It is polished in a rose gold fashionable style. The same rule applies to the case. Furthermore, it is enhanced with a series of small crystals. They are properly fit, so you are less likely to face any problems with their construction.

Suitability and Performance: The GUESS model is based on the quartz movement. It is accurate enough to ensure a good timekeeping result. Chances are you might lose a few seconds per year though. Other than that, it is water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet). The multifunction dial has three chronograph sub-dials for more convenience and performance as well.

Guess rose tone gold watch

GUESS Women’s U0111L3 Sparkling Hi-Energy Mid-Size Rose Tone Gold Watch


  • Quartz movement
  • Water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet)
  • Embellished with crystals
  • Three sub-dials
  • Rose gold design


  • Feels a bit heavy if you have a thin wrist
  • Too overcrowded for a formal outfit

Customer Reviews and Ratings

I found close to 50 reviews for the Guess U0111L3 rose tone gold watch model. It scores 4.7 out of 5 stars – fairly good for a casual watch. Obviously, small complaints are part of its reputation as well.

Watch: “I purchased this product as a gift for my wife’s birthday. I haven’t given it yet, but I’m pretty sure that she’ll love it. You can feel the quality as you touch it and it looks even better in real life. It is more gold than rose gold.”

LA. Sutton: “This watch looks more expensive than it is. It looks luxurious and stylish, but it’s still affordable. Quality is just as good (despite my expectations). It feels sturdy and heavy, so it is well fit. It sits well on the wrist too.”

Qazi Arfeen: “Got this watch for my wife. I can’t complain about its construction and looks because they are flawless. I was expecting an owner’s manual for each setting and how its features work though. I didn’t even get one of those small books with basic instructions – not such a big deal anyway.”


In the end, GUESS Women’s U0111L3 Sparkling Hi-Energy Mid-Size Rose Gold-Tone Watch is definitely a luxurious unit, even if it is accessible in price. It has a series of embellishments, yet its performance and capabilities are not to be overlooked either.

GUESS Women's Rose Tone Gold Watch
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GUESS Women's Rose Tone Gold Watch
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