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Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings


Rings are the most common accessory that women and men alike wear. They give fingers a feeling of length and look really good when matched with other accessories to complete outfits.

Engagement rings are a whole other topic that we will be covering in this article. These rings are promises that women receive from their loved ones to symbolize eternal love and a future together, which will conclude in marriage. These types of rings come in different shapes and sizes, and have cost ranges that vary from 400 $ to even 1 million $, depending on the rock and the chosen material.

Emerald cut engagement rings are starting to be a top choice for the future to be married couples, for many reasons. The prices for these rings are very high, but if a few things are kept in mind, you shouldn’t be sorry for such a purchase.

Color, clarity, the cut quality and carat are often called the 4 C’s and are very important when thinking of investing large amounts into diamonds.


There is a color diamond chart from which diamond colors are categorized. One of the best colors for a diamond is an H Color. This will give the stone its best value since it’s almost transparent. This will work best with white gold because the metal won’t reveal any hint of color in the diamond. Other colors don’t work well with emerald cut wedding rings because they tend to retain more color from the surrounding environment than round brilliants or other cuts.


A diamond’s clarity is given by the amount of inclusions present in it, it relates to its visual appearance. Step cuts, a term by which the emerald cut is also known, work best with VS2 clarity. This kind of cut is obtained for revealing the beauty of the gemstone. Cutting a diamond in an emerald shape, besides an effective hiding of impurities, will offer it a shine that will look amazing.

Cut quality

When thinking of purchasing such a diamond, it is important to know why and what to look for. Emerald cut diamond has rectangular stones with truncated corners. The corners are like that to eliminate a weak point where the diamond might fracture. By cutting a diamond in an emerald shape, one accentuates its clarity, whiteness and shine.


Carat in diamond terms is used to define what a diamond weight and size. Some may prefer emerald cut diamond rings of 3 carats, while others may want something more imposing. The bigger the carat, the more expensive the diamond. This is due to the fact that larger diamonds are more rare and desirable.

To better understand how carat and size works, emerald cut diamond rings of 2 carats have a size of 8, 5 x 6 mm.

Why choose an emerald cut diamond rings

Emerald cut diamond rings are extravagant and became recently a trend. They offer elegance and a hint of sophistication to the future bride.

They are a category that is commonly known as a fancy cut and when seen from above, one can see something that resembles stair steps. The emerald cut has fewer facets that offer the diamond an illusion of perfect stone, while making it appear bigger.

These kinds of cuts for diamonds are perfect for people that love simplicity and beauty because they don’t propagate light like a round shape diamond, leaving the stone clear, with no glitters and sparkles.

Tips for shopping emerald cut diamonds

Being simple and elegant, this cut is perfect for women that love to be sophisticated in a natural and beautiful way. It is important to remember what was already said about clarity and color and to keep an eye out for possible imperfections.

These types of engagement rings are not typical, so they are not always available in stores. Sometimes pre-ordering a custom made on is the only way, so it’s important to keep this in mind if on a schedule.

They are easy to maintain and with a regular visit to the jeweler, their life expectancy should be very long. They are also resistant to wear and tear, so wearing them on a daily basis should not be a problem, unless the wearer is not accustomed to having a ring on their finger.


Emerald cut diamond rings are the new trend that was born from the need of simplicity perfectly combined with elegance. Women will feel special and unique while wearing these rings and they can match them with other accessories to complete a varied number of outfits. They are the best choice when given as engagement rings, even though a little expensive, they are entirely worth it.

Emerald cut diamond rings are the perfect choice when given as engagement rings, as they encompass elegance and beauty in a perfectly shaped accessory.


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