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Are you looking for a necklace with a pendant that can show gratitude to someone for having an open heart or can show someone that you have an open heart for her or him? If yes, then in that case, it is best to look for a necklace whose pendant is in the shape of a heart. Such collection stunningly encompasses several styles and materials, ranging from gold to gems. However, if simplicity with unique design and elegant look is what you are looking for, a freeform spiral heart pendant can be your first choice. This is exactly what the sterling silver necklace from Sterling Gifts to Inspire gives you!

This necklace is dainty but strong, with the well-made pendant looking quite pretty and unusual. Yes! The freeform heart shape of the pendant is unusual, as this is not something that you will find everywhere. The unfurling spiral frond shape of heart signifies new growing life becoming stronger at its core. With the fluid spiral, a beautiful contour makes up for an extra special touch.

Sterling Silver Freeform Pendant Necklace

The size of pendant is perfect; neither too large to be considered as extravagant nor too small to make you play hide and seek with the detailing. Talking about the weight, it is little, not much. Talking about the chain, it is strong and polished well. Even the overall finish on the pendant is highly polished.

Sterling Silver Freeform Spiral Heart Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Freeform Spiral Heart Pendant Necklace


Featuring a box chain and a spring ring clasp, this sterling silver necklace is American made. Its unique free-form heart pendant is ready to set itself on an 18-inch silver chain. The necklace measures 1.25″h x 1.0″w, while the pendant measures 1-1/4″l x 1″w.

The secret behind its divine shine and strong build is its .925 sterling silver. In any necklace, sterling silver features a blend of copper as well as pure silver. Therefore, the rating of .925 indicates that the pendant and chain holds 92.5% silver, whereas the rest is copper. Well, this is the biggest possible rating of sterling silver indicating highest durability and maximum natural sparkle.


  • Cute Tiffany’s-style pouch & box packing
  • Firmly holding and perfect size heart to sit just below the collar bone
  • Quality build
  • Polished and shiny silver
  • Sturdy and good length chain
  • No significant tarnishing
  • Easy to manage clasp
  • Ideal for nickel allergy sufferers


  • Thin chain with length shorter for some

Customer Reviews and Ratings

While writing this review, I found 90 customer reviews, which together formed the average of 4.4 stars out of 5. More than 71% reviews have given 5 stars to this tribal choker necklace. Here is what the customers are saying:

Mary Satterwhite: I bought this for myself around Valentine’s day (just feeling the love). The silver is very polished, and the design is very nice. Also, the chain is great! It’s a sturdy, but thin silver chain and doesn’t look or feel cheap at all! I love it!

DebZT “dmz95”: A truly beautiful pendant. Very different with the freeform style while still incorporating the traditional spiral. Very pleased with the size and weight of the pendant. It has quickly become one of my favorite silver pieces.

Karan Banga: The chain is too flimsy. The pendant is very nice looking though. It has a good surface finish and is a good size. I just bought it as a gift and would be in a better position to rate on it’s quality after a few months.


The piece is ideal for anyone who does not like open design as well as solid pendants and wishes to be within the budget while sharing their open hearts.

The Sterling Silver spiral heart necklace is unique style jewelry. The freeform style distinguishes well from its incorporating usual spiral to come up with something that is very traditionally modern.


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