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Jerollin Fashion Water Drop Olivary Colorful Resin Beads Pendant and Golden Tone Chain Bib Necklace

While searching for fashion necklaces for women, there are seriously several types and styles to choose. However, it is certain that you will go for the one that not only can get you compliments from your opponents but also can gel with diverse casual wear for different occasions. At the same time, it should be such that you can wear it in any season, especially in summer when the heat truly obstructs you to wear those heavy gold, silver, or diamond pieces around your highly perspiring neckline. Moreover, the so-called fancy necklace should be affordable. After all, a fashion necklace should be like ‘all-in-one’ kind, right?

Well, if you are finding all these abilities in one necklace, you might not find anything better than the Jerollin’s necklace with colorful resin beads crafted to form a bib design. At the first sight, what will attract you more is its contrast of heavy, not so cheap look and lightweight design. Yes! This necklace has the ideal size and weight to fit as a bib on your neck.


This fashion necklace from Jerollin has small gold beads interwoven those of mint and in turquoise. The gold beads add extra bling to gel the piece with white button up. While the chain has alloy build at its core, its upper layer is gold toned and is seemingly well made. Embracing the chain is the mesh of colorful beads that make up 40mm wide pendant. The chain measures nearly 340-420 mm in length. Here are some more salient features of this necklace:

  • Bib Style: This style makes the necklace to cover the part above your chest just like a bib. It makes the necklace a decorative piece that appears to be a part of your attire rather than a dainty jewelry piece. The bib style exists in the form of a round design featuring a mesh of alloy as well as a base of several beads hanging at uneven lengths.
  • Resin Build: Resin is perhaps a resilient material. If it even wears a lot, you can retain its original look and luster from just a little care.
Fashion Olivary Colorful Pendant Bib Necklace

Fashion Olivary Colorful Pendant Bib Necklace


  • Quality and sturdy build
  • Not too heavy
  • Perfect size
  • No loose beads
  • Not flimsy like other chains
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable


  • Coming off of paint from one or two bead, after using it for sometime
  • Not so strong clasp

Customer Reviews and Ratings

While I was writing this review, I found 36 reviews all of which together formed an average of 4.8 stars out of 5. Almost 81% reviews have given 5 stars to this fancy rhinestone bib necklace. Here is what the customers are saying:

Alicia: This necklace is inexpensive, but I have received many compliments on it! It goes with a TON of things, and looks great with basically all of them. I would definitely suggest this to everyone!

A. Cisneros: I bought this as a gift so I was a bit worried about the quality. But when it came on the mail, a week ago (arrived perfectly on time). It was perfect! Not even a single bead was loose, the color is just like the one in the picture. Would definitely buy again from thus seller.

Dadu “Martha E Garcia”: The color is nice. I had to replace the clasp. It broke as soon as I tried to clip it. I purchased one at Michael’s. It is fine now. Otherwise, it is ok. It is fashion jewelry.


Looking quite elegant, this bib necklace has mostly turquoise beads that match well with most dark as well as light shades of clothing. This makes the necklace ideal for wearing on white or coral top, especially in summers.

The Fashion water drop colorful resin beads pendant and gold chain bib necklace is a perfect choice for summer as well as for many styles. It is affordable and easy to maintain.

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