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Fall is nearly upon us, and with the change of seasons comes a whole new color palette filled with dramatic colors and glistening metallic. Popular colors this year include deep purple, dark green, camel, olive, bright red, and metallics such as silver and gold. Although a white pearl necklace is certainly a classic accessory and will work with any of these colors, why not choose something a little more dramatic for your Fall wardrobe? The exotic colors of Tahitian pearls, such as peacock and chocolate, will work well with this year’s trends.



Tahitian peacock pearls are sort of a greenish black. Their shimmering overtones of purple and green are what give them their distinctive name. Like other Tahitian pearls, peacock pearls are known for their size, metallic luster, and high quality. Tahitian pearls can be expensive, so if you would like a cheaper alternative try getting your hands on some freshwater peacock pearls. Just be aware that peacock isn’t a naturally occurring color in freshwaters like it is in Tahitians, so your pearls will be dyed or otherwise treated. They may also tend to look a little flatter because they’ll be missing the overtones that natural peacock pearls have. They are inexpensive and easy to find, however.

Chocolate pearls were all the rage a few years ago and show no signs of dropping in popularity. True chocolate pearls are actually treated (not dyed) Tahitians, and are quite popular with celebrities. However, because the treatment process used is proprietary, authentic Tahitian chocolate pearls may be hard to find. There’s a ton of freshwaters that are dyed chocolate, though, so you should have an easy time getting a chocolate pearl necklace somewhere. This color should work well with any of the stunning new fall palettes.

This fall is all about chunky, attention grabbing jewelry pieces. Although an exotic pearl necklace will stand out on its own, make sure your necklace is a unique design for maximum effect. The perfect fall pearl necklace will consist of large pearls, long lengths, or unconventional designs. If you have a pearl rope, try knotting your necklace or looping it twice so that you get a more dramatic effect. You might also try getting a necklace that combines pearls with other gems or chain links. Coin, drop, baroque, or keshi pearls are also great options this fall, as any of these unique shapes will make a much louder statement than a round pearl necklace.

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