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Right hand rings are the hot new accessory in the independent woman’s jewelry collection. From celebrities to career women to Moms these rings are becoming ever more a symbol that the lady is her own person with her own identity, success and money.

When I was asked if I knew what a right hand ring was, I admit that I was taken aback at the question as I didn’t realize that there was any ring that was specifically for the right hand. I assumed that rings could be worn on any finger of any hand, although the ring finger on the left hand in most western societies is usually kept for the wearing of an engagement ring and wedding band. Rings are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and as well as my engagement ring and wedding ring I wear four others some on my left hand and some on my right. Having been asked the specific question about right hand rings I decided to do some research into these items of jewelry to find out the significance of them.

Until recently the only diamond ring most women wore was the diamond engagement ring bought for them by their fiancé or perhaps a dress ring that their husband might buy as a gift for them. Apart from costume jewelry items, expensive jewelry such as gold necklaces and diamond rings in particular are not pieces of jewelry a woman would normally have bought for herself. But that is no longer the case especially among single women. They have taken control of their lives and realize that they don’t have to wait for some man to buy them a diamond ring because they are successful in their careers, and as a result more financially independent, so they can buy anything they want for themselves including diamond rings.

Right Hand Rings

Right Hand Rings

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I was reminded of this recently when I met up with a friend of mine who I haven’t seen for about a year. She is a very successful business woman who enjoys the fact that she is single, has a great social life, enjoys foreign travel and can afford to buy whatever she wants for herself. I noticed that she was wearing a lovely ring on her right hand that I hadn’t seen her wearing before. When I mentioned that she was very much in vogue by wearing a right hand ring she looked at me puzzled and didn’t understand the significance of what I was saying. When I explained that these rings symbolized success, independence and confidence she fully agreed. She told me that she had designed the ring herself and had it made using a diamond from a ring that her parents had bought for her when she was younger. She is a prime example of an independent young women being able to choose for herself, instead of having somebody choose for her.

But it is not just among single women that the trend of wearing right hand rings has begun to gain in popularity. Wives and Moms are becoming increasingly aware that they are not just part of a couple or someone’s mother but that they are an individual with their own identity. Some of the fortunate ones who have their own source of income are able to buy a ring for themselves. But it is equally acceptable for a husband to buy his wife a right hand diamond ring to show that he celebrates her not just as his wife and the mother of his children but as a woman in her own right.

Like a lot of jewelry trends, celebrities wearing particular pieces have a lot to do with making them a fashion item with the rest of the populace. Just as heart jewelry became really fashionable during the reign of Queen Victoria because she favored heart lockets and brooches, so too right hand rings seem to have become increasingly popular in modern times because they appear to be de rigueur among the Red Carpet celebrities. Whatever the reason, women are enjoying wearing them as recognition of their success and independence.

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