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Rings For Women – Compare Prices, Reviews & Buy Online

Rings represent some of the most popular pieces of jewelry. They are relatively limited in options. After all, what can you fit on a small piece of jewelry that can barely cover the base of a finger? With all these, rings have an impressive effect on your outfit and style. With this aspect in mind, it is no surprise why these things have gained so much popularity lately. They are not new at all in the jewelry industry since they have had various symbols for thousands of years. Things have not changed too much lately, hence the necessity of some research.

From many points of view, the popularity of rings is also associated with the fact that they underline marriage in plenty of traditions out there. When a man wants to marry a woman, he offers her a ring. He does not offer a necklace, a set of earrings or a bracelet. The ring is the universal symbol of marriage and commitment. As a direct consequence of this trend, it is easy to tell why these pieces of jewelry have diversified so much lately. Of course, different traditions come with different specifications and habits, yet none of them can compete with the actual ring.

Our Picks Of The Best Deals On Rings For Women

Our Picks Of The Best Deals On Rings For Women

Finally, rings are so appreciated for their immediate display too. Most people will look at your hands, whether you write something, shake a hand, gesticulate or just do something in particular. These are some of the most exposed parts of your body. As a direct consequence, people will also spot the jewelry around your hands right away. The ring is probably the most obvious one, yet a bracelet may also draw some attention. When you display a glamorous ring that matches your outfit like a glove, chances are you will make a good first impression.

Choosing the Right Ring: Overview

Choosing the perfect ring can be quite challenging. What do you actually need for a good final outcome? It is certainly hard to tell. Of course, you need to identify your style, necessities, age, occasion (or everyday wear) and other similar needs. As for the actual ring, there are not too many aspects to keep in mind, but just a few of the – style, metals, and gems.

When it comes to the overall style, rings can come in plenty of models, shapes, designs, and styles. Some of them look more appropriate for young ladies, while others are old fashioned and look like grandma’s rings. Obviously, what works for some people is less likely to work for everyone else, hence the necessity to consider your style. Think about your outfits as well. Some rings are designed for special occasions, while others can be taken on a daily basis as well.

When it comes to the actual metal, you got more options. Obviously, it is highly recommended to opt for precious metals. At this point, gold and silver are the most common ones. Silver is available in a few concentrations, as well as gold. You can also find more colors of gold, but white and yellow are the most popular ones. You might run into other models too, but these ones dominate the market.

When it comes to the gemstone, they are even more diversified. It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friends, so they are certainly the most expensive and appreciated units. They come in multiple weights, which dictate the final price. Other gemstones are used in luxury rings too, even if they are less expensive. Some of them are natural, while others are made in laboratories. It is up to each buyer to decide on the optimal quality standards.

Rings For Women - Compare Prices, Reviews & Buy Online

Rings For Women – Compare Prices, Reviews & Buy Online

Choosing the Right Ring: Considering the Metal

There are a few precious metals used in the construction of high-quality rings. You might run into more high-end materials that cost a fortune, as well as worthless materials. However, the most common ones include gold, silver, and platinum.


  • Available in more karat weights – gold is now available in 10, 12, 14, 18, 22 and 24 karats, while each variety defines a different concentration of pure gold.
  • Comes in more styles – gold rings can be filled or plated with gold, yet the plated variety if obviously lower in concentration.
  • Suitable in more colors – although yellow gold is the definition of classicism, it is no surprise to find a rose or white gold either.
  • Classic – while there are plenty of materials out there, gold redefines classicism and maintains a traditional style.


  • Lustrous and shiny – silver is one of the shiniest metals in the world, so it underlines a high level of luxury at an affordable price.
  • A little diversity – while sterling silver is the most popular type of silver, nickel silver, silver plating and fine silver is also available.
  • Affordable – silver is probably the most affordable metal known as a precious one, so it represents a simple investment.
  • Suitable for any color – given the neutral nuance, silver can properly compliment any type of skin color, nuance or outfit.


  • Coming from behind – Spanish explorers who dealt with platinum referred to it as the little silver, yet it has become more valuable than silver.
  • Thoroughly combined – just like other precious metals, platinum is often mixed with other materials for better properties.
  • Alloy and platinum – when the concentration of pure platinum is smaller than 95%, the metal is known as a platinum alloy.
  • Ideal for anyone – platinum is excellent for all kinds of skin nuances and colorful outfits, as it has a neutral appearance.

Tip: The metal is a proper consideration, yet buyers are advised to ensure that it is also engraved on the ring, as well as the certificate (if any). 

Apart from the actual metal, rings are also classified by their roles or purposes. Then, what are the most popular categories to look for?

Engagement Rings:

  • Classic design with a precious metal and an expensive gemstone.
  • Can be used as regular rings as well.

Eternity Rings:

  • Designed to underline a long lasting friendship.

Anniversary Rings:

  • A classic and traditional concept with an old-fashioned style,

Gemstone Rings:

  • Coming with one or more gemstones.

Diamond Rings:

  • Fitted with one or more diamonds in various colors.

Although bands are also considered to be rings, they have a different construction. Most of them have no gemstones. Instead, they are wider, but also quite simplistic. Of course, they might come with all kinds of inscriptions and signs on them. Sometimes, small gemstones are also accepted, yet they are usually fitted on one edge or another. They are normally subtle and hard to notice at a first glance, yet they represent some fancy small details. Most commonly, bands are referred to as engagement rings. They do not necessarily have the concept of a ring though.

Do pay special attention to the actual size. When you buy it for yourself, you can figure the size of your best matching ring and rely on the same number. When you buy it for someone else, you obviously need to dig deeper. Ask for the size or find their favorite ring if you want it to be a surprise. Take it to a jeweler to figure the size or sneak it on your finger. An average size that can match up to 75% of all women is 7. Of course, you can also get the ring resized. But then, keep in mind that lowering is better than enlarging. When enlarged, rings tend to become thinner, so they are no longer as durable as you might expect.

Consider buying from a good jeweler or manufacturer too. After all, many rings look marvelous at a first glance, yet they show their quality in the long run. If properly built, it should support you with absolutely no problems at all.

Choosing the Right Ring: Considering the Gemstone

Rings come with a wide plethora of gemstones. There are literally dozens of gemstones that can enhance the appearance of a ring, yet most of them are no advertised to be precious and valuable.

Designer Rings for Women 2015

Designer Rings for Women 2015

  • Diamond:
  • Hardest and most durable material in the world.
  • Sapphire:
  • Best sapphires in the world coming from Kashmir, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.
  • Ruby:
  • Representing love and emotion, it has been known as the king of all gems.
  • Topaz:
  • Available in more colors and nuances, with Imperial Topaz dominating.
  • Peridot:
  • One of the few gemstones in the world available in one color only.
  • Garnet:
  • Can be found in a wide plethora of colors, from deep green to vibrant red.
  • Amethyst:
  • Affordable, yet vibrant in appearance and style.

Our Top 10 Rings

Here are the top 10 rings based on their notoriety, sales and cost efficiency, along with a few reviews and descriptions.

  • D-Gold Sterling Silver Black And White Round Diamond Heart Ring: The luxurious appearance of 1/20 carat black diamonds can match the lustrous style of sterling silver in the smallest details, leading to an exquisite piece of jewelry that no woman can refuse.
  • Vir Jewels Sterling Silver Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet Or Peridot Ring: With several varieties for the actual gemstone (sold separately), a sterling silver ring and small cubic zirconia stones around the main one, this ring stands up in the crowd like no other.
  • Peora London Blue Topaz Ring In Sterling Silver Rhodium Nickel Finish: London blue topaz may not necessarily be the most popular gemstone, yet its deep color can easily draw some attention, especially since it is fitted on a sterling silver ring with a rhodium nickel finish.
  • Amazon Curated Collection 14K Gold Round-Cut Solitaire Ring: As if 14k yellow gold would not be luxurious enough, this model from Amazon Curated Collection also comes with a Swarovski zirconia stone that is rated to 2 carats.
  • Amazon Curated Collection 14K Yellow Gold Fleur-De-Lis Diamond Ring: Amazon Curated Collection does not fool around when it comes to gold jewelry, so this ring can draw some compliments with a few diamonds, as well as a floral concept.
  • Peora Created Pink Sapphire Solitaire Ring: As if sapphire would not be attractive enough, Peora has come up with a concept that combines it with cubic zirconia for an even more significant attraction, not to mention the sterling silver appearance.
  • JewelsObsession 925 Sterling Silver Princess Crown Ring: This ring is designed to underline the princess hiding inside each lady, especially if you count the shiny sterling silver or the beautiful cubic zirconia crystals that sparkle like nothing else.
  • D-Gold Sterling Silver Black And White Round Diamond Heart Ring: Black diamonds represent a feeling of luxury, while their sparkle goes even farther when combined with a sterling silver ring.
  • Gem Stone King 3-Stone Genuine Oval Red Garnet Gemstone Sterling Silver Ring: Garnet may not necessarily be the most expensive gemstone in the world, yet its good-looking nuance and the three different pieces can make it quite luxurious overnight.
  • Amazon Curated Collection Sterling Silver And 14K Yellow Gold Oval Peridot And White Topaz Ring: If you are looking for a marvelous mixture of precious materials and gemstones like gold, silver, peridot, and topaz, consider it done and leave yourself in expert hands.


Going through each of these phases one at a time might seem time-consuming and quite overwhelming. However, this is what you need to purchase a quality and durable watch.

Buying randomly or without doing your homework is likely to lead to a serious disappointment. Somethings might be different than what you had in mind, whether it comes to sizing or colors. This is usually your fault for not paying attention to specifications. Moreover, buy the ring with your style and outfits in mind.

A ring is often seen as an investment, so take your time and research your options. Whether you get it for yourself or for someone else, it must be purchased with your heart.

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