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Earrings Every Woman Should Own

Whether you are interested in buying stylish earrings for your wedding day, a special event, your office job or perhaps your day by day wear, your options are extremely diversified. Earrings for Women have a few major roles. If properly chosen, they can make the difference. For example, they might become those focal points that sparkle at the corners of your mouth while smiling. At the same time, they are supposed to compliment your style and add some subtlety. It depends on what you need them for. But then, no matter what your reasons are, you should know that your face shape is the main criteria. Smartly chosen earrings can make your life better and define the difference between an average woman and a beautiful lady.

Got a round or slightly oval face? Opt for long hanging earrings because they underline a beautiful effect of elongation. Got a square face? Look for hoops or other round shapes. You can also obtain a narrow or wide effect, not to mention canceling the sharp effects of a heart face. Some earrings are meant to underline the beautiful color of your eyes, while others are designed to sparkle and shine from behind your hair for a more subtle appearance. There are literally hundreds of considerations and just like you have probably guessed already, what works for some people is less likely to work for everyone else. At this point, there are more factors to pay attention to.

Fashion Earrings for Women

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Earrings for Women are not supposed to match the face only, but also your outfit. If they contrast too much, they become part of a conflict. Whether they are in conflict with the style, model, materials or accessories, these things are to be avoided. Matching is not always a good idea either, but slight contrasts as well. Whether they are long, short, with crystals or pearls, simple or sophisticated, your earrings are supposed to compliment you and complete your style in an obvious manner. Plenty of women make terrible choices though. This is when real problems occur. They buy the wrong earrings just because they look good in their hands or in some random pictures. They fail to realize that just because they look good on someone else, it does not mean that they will make them sparkle too.

Education is the key to smart choices. Not knowing what to do first? Learning some more about these things is the first phase, then go through some reviews for an in depth look.

Choosing the Right Earrings: Overview

Earrings represent the most popular fashion accessories, but how do you choose the right ones to enhance your outfit and give you the best style? There is a wide plethora of earrings in commerce. Styles, shapes, sizes, models and colors vary from one set to another. It is your responsibility to ensure that you purchase the perfect pair for your style. Apart from matching earrings to your outfits and style, there are also a few extra ways to ensure that you invest in the optimal pair. For example, you have to consider the shape of your face. A bad decision at this level can ruin the whole appearance. The shape and size of the earrings are not to be overlooked either. What about the rest? Are you matching these earrings with other accessories?

The simplest way to purchase quality earrings is to check the shape of your face in the mirror. The same rule applies to sunglasses, handbags and so on. The general idea is fairly simple – get something that contrasts with the shape. It applies to anything that can enhance your appearance. Try to analyze the features that come with opposite characteristics. If you got a square face, it obviously makes no sense to get square earrings. Instead, round it up a little with a set of round or oval earrings. If you are the lucky owner of an oval face, you are a winner. This shape can accommodate most types of earrings. Be careful about long earrings with wide bottoms though. They tend to create some disproportions between your eyes and extremities.

Apart from the face shape, pay special attention to the earrings as well. The size and shape are extremely relevant. When it comes to the size, long dangling models or “chandeliers” can reach to your shoulder. At that point, they ruin your appearance because the neck looks terribly shorter. This type of construction is more appropriate for tall ladies, since there is plenty of room between their shoulders and ears. But then, this construction demands a thick set of earrings too. Otherwise, they get lost in the wide space. Such considerations determine the style as well, which goes even farther and can include all kinds of materials. With or without stones? Type of back mechanism? No matter how simple these earrings seem, they represent an overwhelming task.

Choosing the Right Earrings For Women: Considering the Construction

From hoops, circles, unique shapes and square designs, earrings are supposed to add grace and symmetry to one’s face, enhancing any type of style from formal to casual chic. They make perfect gifts as well, yet it is imperative to consider each type of construction independently. Buy Designer Earrings Online

  • Stud Earrings:
  • Small and simple – they come with a gemstone or a metal ball that floats on the top of the earlobe
  • Classic design – attached to posts
  • Versatile – can match any type of outfit, from formal to casual
  • Diversified – can accommodate all types of shapes and designs
  • Drop Earrings:
  • Chandelier – cascading features and a wide combination of gemstones, shapes and designs that dangle at least an inch from the earlobe
  • Hoops – retro favorites that have just came back into style due to the wide plethora of extra designs and embellishments
  • Diamond design – available in lines and curved shapes, but also encrusted with various types of small stones for a sparkling effect
  • Metal fashion – whether it comes to gold, platinum, silver or other materials, the style and shape is unique, from straight lines and curved constructions to sophisticated, unique and handmade models
  • Hoop Earrings:
  • Metal hoops – classic designs, thin and wide circles available in all kinds of materials and metals
  • Huggies – the modern version of a traditional hoop, this model is smaller in diameter, but also thicker in size
  • Diamond hoops – joining in to add sparkle and elegance, diamonds demand slightly wider hoops to fit in

Tip: Platinum is the least allergenic (ideal hypoallergenic) material for those who are sensitive to random materials. It sounds ironic, but a lot of people are allergic to cheap materials, so they can tell quality standards overnight. 

Choosing the Right Earrings: Considering the Metal

Metals play one of the most important roles in the creation of jewelry. They can influence the sparkle, quality, durability and price.

  • Gold:
  • Shiny, versatile and classic
  • Can be gold or white
  • Available in 10, 12,14, 18, 22 and 24 karats (99.9% pure)
  • Can be used in multiple combinations
  • Silver:
  • Shiny and very affordable
  • Available in a few varieties – sterling silver is the most durable one
  • Flatters all skin tones
  • Outshines gold
  • Platinum:
  • Rare
  • More precious than gold
  • Heavy and durable metal
  • More expensive than gold
  • Stainless steel:
  • Has recently started to gain popularity
  • More industrial appearance
  • A touch of flash
  • Affordable

Choosing the Right Earrings: Considering the Gemstones

Although not all pieces of jewelry are enhanced with gemstones, these sparkling elements can add a touch of color. Some of them are extremely well rated too, but also priced accordingly.

  • Diamond:
  • Hardest known natural material
  • Transparent carbon crystal
  • High refractive dispersion
  • High index
  • Mystic topaz:
  • Gone through several chemical treatments
  • Appearance and characteristics are permanent
  • Not extremely popular, but quite rare
  • Pearl:
  • Produced by bivalve mollusks
  • Built up of nacre
  • Aim to perfection
  • Ruby
  • The red variety of corundum
  • Extremely hard and durable
  • Rich color
  • Sapphire
  • Excellent hardness
  • Second only to diamond
  • Among the most precious gemstones in the world

Choosing the Right Earrings: Considering the Backs

The back is often overlooked in earrings, yet a poorly built unit can get lost before you even realize it.

  • Push:
  • Common
  • Small metal support behind the ear
  • Interchangeable
  • Screw:
  • Extremely safe and secure
  • Harder to catch
  • Impossible to lose
  • Lever:
  • Requires attention
  • Excellent for drop earrings

Our Top 10 Earrings

  • Amazon Curated Collection 18K Gold And Diamond Stud Earrings feature 0.33 carat diamonds, as well as a friction back post and 18K gold settings. They are built as studs, so they can match all kinds of outfits and occasions.
  • Amazon Curated Collection 14K Gold Black Diamond Stud Earrings bring in the fancy, yet sparkling black diamonds, as well as a perfect mixture of darkness and the shiny yellow gold. Each diamond used for this model is conflict free.
  • Direct Jewelry 14K White Gold 6mm Round Peridot Stud Earrings can stand up in the crowd with that neon green nuance of peridot, which matches the 14K white gold like a glove. Stones are rated at 1.6 carats. The rapport for price and quality is outstanding.
  • Amanda Rose Collection Genuine Tanzanite Lever-Back Earrings In Sterling Silver match the sterling silver and purple tanzanite in a unique manner. Stones are quite large and measure 6×4 millimeters. These earrings are more appropriate for elegant occasions.
  • FineDiamonds9 14K Gold Mystic Topaz Stud Earrings are mostly appreciated for the multicolored appearance of mystic topaz. This is certainly not the most popular gem in the world, but definitely one of a kind.
  • Amazon Curated Collection Duragold 14K Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings come with shiny 14K yellow gold and a classic, yet elegant hoop style. What makes the difference is the unusual construction – smaller in diameter, but larger in thickness than other hoops.
  • Myia Passiello “Timeless” Swarovski Zirconia Asscher Cut Halo Earrings can easily change your appearance with a timeless mixture of 0.925 sterling silver and 3.8 carat swarovski crystals.
  • Amoro Fine Jewelry Italian Sterling Silver Large Hoop Earrings adopt a sleek and smooth hoop construction. They are wide enough to sparkle from behind the hair, especially since they measure 40 millimeters in diameter. They weigh 9 grams.
  • La Regis Jewelry 14K Yellow Gold Snowball Design Pearl Earrings introduce the perfect mixture of pearl and gold. Perfectly round pearls match the 14K yellow gold in a unique manner. This set is excellent for both personal uses and gifts.
  • 18K Yellow Gold-Plated Two-Tone Diamond Accent Twisted Hoop Earrings draw some positive attention with the two matching tones – the yellow gold plated bronze and the white diamonds. Diamonds weigh 0.01 carats, while the metal is rated at 6.51 grams. The earrings adopt a classic hoop construction, but they also come with a deluxe gift box.


Going through so many small factors and considerations is certainly daunting. However, it does take education to buy the right set of earrings, whether you get them for yourself or for someone else.

Not paying attention can cause plenty of frustration, especially if you are unable to match the earrings to your current outfits. Moreover, a little attention to small details will ensure that you purchase just the right model for your style. Remember that you should never adapt your outfits and style to a set of earrings, but vice versa.

A set of earrings is an investment in your own appearance. This statement can only be done if you follow your personal necessities. Researching options prevents guesswork, which is likely to lead to bad choices. Even if you buy these earrings for someone else, a poorly chosen set will underline your level of respect toward the wearer, so pay special attention to what you are getting.

Fashion Earrings for Women - Buy Designer Earrings Online

Fashion Earrings for Women – Buy Designer Earrings Online

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