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Questions about Custom Charms?

Ever thought about hiring a custom charm to work for you? Who uses custom charms? Companies wanting to increase their brand recognition, organizations promoting fundraisers, entrepreneurs developing a custom line of jewelry, and the list the list just keeps growing.

Ever Considered Custom Made Charms?

Everyone knows the importance of branding, of getting your name out there to promote a company or an event. Everybody is looking for an edge, a fresh new way to get the word out, not the same old. If you have an innovative company, why not try an innovative way to market it? Have you ever considered custom charms? You know, charms just aren’t for bracelets anymore.

Custom made charms can be of course made in any way you can imagine. Three dimensional, Swarovski crystals embedded, your name embedded in the charm, your company logo, or you can have the charm just consist of lettering. Truly your imagination is the only limitation. You can choose sterling silver, pewter, or gold.

Custom Charms

Custom Charms That Work For You

How can you use charms to promote your agenda? One unique example is to provide custom charms attached to to wine glasses during wine serving occasions. These are very popular as a promotional ideas at conferences, upscale fundraisers and silent auctions. After the potential customer drinks their wine, they simply slip the charm off their glass and they have a unique, classy keepsake of a memorable event.

Unique Custom Charms

The great thing is it doesn’t end there, the more unique the charm, the more it will continue to work for you. The original customer could put the charm on a key chain, a zipper pull of a purse, attach to a bracelet, wear as a pendant, etc. Every time someone sees this unique custom charm they will learn of your company, your event.

  • Attach to existing charm bracelets
  • Fun Runs Custom Running Charms
  • Festivals Create a Custom Themed one for each year of festival
  • Attach to Key Chains
  • Attach to Zipper pulls (purses, backpacks, laptop bags)
  • You could also opt for pendants for a necklace

Cost of Custom Silver Charms

Do custom charms cost a fortune? Surprisingly they dont, and as you can see the benefits are quite significant. In actuality when you buy a custom charm, you are buying in essence a wholesale charm specifically for you.

Charm bracelets are fashionable and totally personal; they are great gifts as well because they can be made to suit anyone’s personality. Buying charm bracelets can be expensive, and they can be often hard to find, but making your own charm bracelet is simple and inexpensive., and this article can teach you to make your own charm bracelet in any style you like.

You will need a few items for your bracelet so find your way to your local craft store and browse the aisles. Look for items that standout because you will need to pick out several charms for your bracelet. The bead section is a great place to start, but do not leave out the clearance section for interesting finds. Fake flowers also make good additions by pushing holes into the plastic stem with a needle. Pick out several items that suit your theme, and you are almost done.

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When you are at the craft store you will need a few more items for your bracelet. First you will need a chain so find a suitable length and link size. You will also need o-rings to attach the charms, and you will need a clasp to make the bracelet easy to put on and take off. You will also need a wire cutting tool, but make sure to get the one that also has a flat sided tip; this part of the tool will help you close your o-rings After you have all of these items you are ready to start making your bracelet.

Start by measuring the chain so that it fits around your wrist Cut the chain using the sharp part of the wire cutters and attach the clasps using the o-ring on both ends of the chain. The ring can be pulled apart by inserting the tip of the wire cutter and stretching the ring open. Use the wire cutter again to close the ring. Add charms to the bracelet in the same fashion; attach the charms to varying links of the chain, and remember you can double the amount of rings to add varying lengths of the charms.

There are many different themes and styles you can use to make charm bracelets. You can stick with a color theme of black and white or pink and orange; you can also choose a theme for your charm such as flowers, butterflies or cupcakes.

Custom charm bracelets are easy and inexpensive to make, and you can make so many kinds. Once you get started making

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