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Cheap pearl jewelry – a string of pearls or a simple earring set – isn’t too hard to find at a good price because freshwater pearls are not very expensive any more. But if you want something different, not just your average strand or choker, not just the classic clip-on pearl earring or simple pearl drop creations, mass manufactured into cheap costume jewelry settings, then you’ll be delighted to rediscover vintage pearl jewelry. And that’s what this is about, all those fabulous places to get pearls that are unique and different and a cut above the plain pearl necklace and pearl ring styles that have flooded the costume and fashion jewelry market.

If you don’t know what pearl vintage jewelry is good value, here are some suggestions:

Miriam Haskell jewelry is hot right now. It’s unusual jewelry, feminine, crazy colorful and really inexpensive considering the quality. Haskell designs are pearl, or other organic material like stone and shell, all packed into crazy, wild, wonderful creations that simply take your breath away.

There’s a sense of gypsy fire or Native American design and lots of intricate and elaborate beadwork with some semi-precious stones such as opal and aquamarine mixed with glass and beads. Yes, it sounds like a jumbled chaotic mess, and it is, but it’s a beautiful mess of fine jewelry that gets noticed. Oh, and there are Egyptian styles and pieces that incorporate Russian gold and odd bits of this and that….for the most one of a kind collage style art jewelry that’s vibrant and passionate.

Once you’ve seen Miriam Haskell Jewelry it’s difficult to forget, and it’s obvious why they do not retail just anywhere. There’s one place that has a few pieces called Annie Sherman Vintage Jewelry. Another place is Antiques Art Collectibles.

But how much does a Miriam Haskell jewelry creation cost? Oh…about $20, or perhaps a little more, but they’re really affordable, considering how intricately these pieces of jewelry are crafted.

Cheap Pearl Jewelry

Cheap Pearl Jewelry & Vintage Jewelry

Trifari Jewelry

Another great vintage buy is Trifari jewelry. Although this it is most well known for rhinestone jewelry pieces, there are also some very distinctive pearl jewelry designs that are stunning and incredibly affordable. One shop that sells Trifari jewelry is Ruby Lane, and there you’ll find some items in this vintage line for as little as $30. I have seen one pearl ring that is divine for just $40. It seems crazy that jewelry this beautiful and this well made, vintage on top of it all, is the same price as cheap costume jewelry that’s mass produced. But it’s true….

The places to buy Trifari at the best prices are, as already stated, Amazon and Morning Glory Jewelry (another vintage shop) that retails Online.

More About Vintage Jewelry

If you want great prices on pearls and vintage jewellery that start at about $10 then you’ll be happy to browse the selections at Unique pearl costume jewelry like the Weiss jewelry or Miriam Haskell vintage jewelry are all there, authenticated, to say nothing of coming with a past; just waiting for a new owner.

If you’re looking for Ciner jewelry (New York designer jewellery circa1800) you will not want to pass up a visit to Morning Glory Jewelry because they have a wide variety of very affordable vintage jewelry pieces that use antique rhinestone and pearls. They feature designers like Carnegie, Ciner, DeRosa, Hobe, Juliana, Miriam Haskell, Rosenstein, Schiaparelli jewelry, Shultz bakelite jewelry, Stephen Dweck, vintage Swarovski crystal jewelry, Trifari, Vendome and Weiss.

Vintage Jewelry Retailers Online

Have you been looking for Hollycraft jewelry? Then you’ll be delighted to know about Collectors Index and their selection of brooches and bracelets. Although Hollycraft jewelry does not feature pearls, they do have excellent holiday jewelry, like rhinestone Christmas Tree pieces for which they are very famous. Other places to find Hollycraft jewelry is Sassy Classics Broad, Water Rose Jewels, and Jennifer Lynn’s Timeless Jewelry. All these shops have vintage jewelry and lots of cheap pearl jewelry for around $30, and many pieces are one of a kind or limited vintage jewelry that’s for private collection; treasure hunters bargains!

Kirks Folly Fantasy Designs

If you would love to get some Lisner jewelry, or some vintage pieces that are hard to find, or cheap peal creations that are unusual, but you just can’t find what you like, then you may consider a new designer piece instead. Why?

Because the designer jewelry I’m talking about has a distinctive vintage feeling…Kirks Folly Jewelry that’s quite magical and full of fantasy with pearly and rhinestoney dangling charms and lots of fantasy beaded jewelry – cheap fashion jewellery – that sells for about $40 a piece. It’s a fun alternative to retro or vintage that goes a few steps beyond cheap pearl jewelry and into a world of lustrous pearly designer imagination.

Win Pearl – Classic Cheap Pearl Jewelry

Win Pearl is added to this article just in case you want strands of pearls that are of high quality and super affordable, and not made into anything other than plain pearl designs, and that are not vintage at all. Win Pearl is a cheap pearl jewelry specialist outlet that offers items for about $30. Some of the pearls are black or champagne colored or even Akoya pearls in bracelet and earring sets and necklaces that come in whatever length you desire. For classic pearls to accent your wedding gown or a little cocktail outfit, you won’t find better quality or a larger selection at such a reasonable price as you will at Win Pearl Jewelry.


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