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Earrings for women, one of the most used jewelry.

Earrings for women are a very important accessory for women. Every woman wears earrings because is their way of showing they are women. Nowadays due to the fashion trends, men have started wearing them too. Having a big diamond earring means wealthiness and importance. Men that wear diamond earrings are usually celebrities that want to show off their success. Many people have taken their example and now everyone wears an earring. The category of women earrings is much more diverse. This small accessory for women is very popular and exists in many shapes, forms, sizes, and colors.

Earrings For Women

Earrings For Women

There are earrings for any type of event, there are casual earrings, day by day ones, earrings for special occasions and events, glamorous earrings, couture earrings etc. Because women tastes differ, there are thousands of earring models: for example, you can find, earrings in shape of flowers, animals, objects, round earrings, square earrings, triangle-shaped earrings etc. The material from which these earrings are made of variate. For example, there can be earrings made of simple metal, plastic, silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, gemstones etc. Teenagers usually wear crazily shaped earrings for women, big and funky looking. Grown-up women wear classic earrings, made of precious stones. Besides earrings women accessories is a large area. A woman needs necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, hair clips, brooches etc. Accessories are one way to show off your tastes. Earrings and necklaces make a statement. You can’t wear fancy and pretentious earrings to lunch and following the same idea you can’t wear plastic earrings to a formal event.

To wear earrings, women have to make a pierce. You can pierce your ear in different places and you can have more holes at once. There are also special earrings with a clip, earrings that don’t need a piercing to be worn. Nowadays, big earrings in weird shapes are in trend. Many women buy glamorous large earrings to accessories with a going out outfit. For a formal gathering, women can choose a set of earrings and a necklace with a similar design. Here is a list of modern standard earrings: first we have the stud earrings. They appear to be floating on the year with no apparent thing to hold them. They screw back to make sure the earring stays in his place. The hoop earrings are circular and they are most commonly used.

Another example of modern earrings for women are the dangle earrings that flow from the earlobes to the shoulders. These earrings come in different length and so, you can choose the size that fits you. Huggy earrings are those special earrings that actually hug the earlobe. In the end, it doesn’t matter what type of earrings you choose, the main idea is that everyone wears them. From little children to elder people, men and women like wearing earrings and so, they have become a permanent accessory.

Earrings For All Occasions

Not all women have the same level of attraction for fashion, but all women, or almost, love jewelry and earrings in particular. As soon as they get their first pair of earrings, young women discover an almost magical power.

Just wearing earrings can change everything, whether to accentuate the shape of your face or to give a boost to the tone of your skin, this is a very powerful piece of jewelry. It can draw attention and make you remarkable. Because of this power, it is important to know how to buy earrings and more important yet how to wear them. Remember the role an earring is not to be noticed but to make you noticeable.

No other jewelry has as many variations and possibilities. Whether your lobes are pierced or not, there are earrings made of gold, silver, set off with precious or semi-precious stones, earrings are truly the most versatile piece of jewelry you will find. In fact, you can find a particular type of earrings in many models.

Dangles and drop down earrings

They can be long or short, but the movement they create elongates a round face or embellishes the silhouette.

Hoop earrings

No woman can be without some hoops in her collection (dare I say arsenal). Hoops have a very ethnic quality, they can be small medium or very large, round or half round, they will make you look attractive for any occasion.

Stud earrings

Discretely attached to the lobes, they dress you in a little stone or a pearl. They give the impression to have landed there without any visible fastener.

When we think about earrings for women we normally think gold or silver. There are other metals used in the making of earrings including gold plated (silver covered with a layer of gold), platinum, steel, and some incidental use of copper, zinc, and nickel can also occur. Sometimes gold and silver can be used together for interesting effects.

Stud earrings

Silver earrings are the best way to accumulate a large selection of the most beautiful earrings at a modest cost. Silver is well suited to the fabrication of earrings as it is a very malleable metal. It polishes beautifully and goes well on brunettes as well as blond hair fair skin women. It can be used alone or with stones for stunning effects.

It is impossible to speak of materials for earrings without touching on stones. The number of stones and the variations of color, cut and sizes, even within one category of gemstones is staggering. The stone used and bought the most in jewelry around the world is the diamond.

If some custom jewelry bothers your allergies, you can now get around this problem by having your ears pierced, and cover the post with clear nail polish. A little trick that will allow everyone to wear any earrings they want. The polish isolates the nickel and protects the skin from contact. Whenever the polish starts chipping remove it with a remover and replace it.

It is a good idea to clean your earrings posts or wires, and your earlobes, with alcohol before and after use to prevent any kind of infection.

One golden rule: if you wear large or long earrings don’t wear a necklace as they will compete with each other.

How To buy Cheap Earrings – Where To Find The Deals

Sometimes we need to look like a million dollar and cheap earrings for women are not what we should wear on such occasions, but there are many days and occasions when we wear earrings just to complement an outfit, or to brighten up our face. On those days the cost of the earrings we wear is of little consequence. What counts is do they do the job, do we feel more beautiful wearing them. One of my favorite pair of earrings is a set of amethyst butterflies for which I paid less than $5. Yes, that is correct, less than five dollars. So I went looking for you and made a list of all the earrings that I thought were nice and cost only five dollars or less. Okay I admit a couple of the earrings on this page will be around $5.50, but I promise not one pair reaches the $6.00 mark.

When buying inexpensive earrings you should look for quality items, that usually will mean synthetic stones rather than genuine stones, but you may also find some genuine semi-precious stones like turquoise or amethyst offered at rock bottom prices. Look for items that are being discounted from their original price for whatever reason the manufacturer saw fit to do. Do not compromise on quality, if you do no matter how little you spend, it is still too much since you will not get the satisfaction or the longevity you expect from your purchase.

I will make a little attempt at some organization to help you find out what you are looking for. Starting with silver earrings under or about five bucks, you will find both some dangle earrings and some stud earrings. In fact, you will see that the selection is quite varied. At no time should you think that these cheap earrings are damaged or inferior? Most are low-cost earrings because they come with a hefty price reduction, they are quite well made, and of excellent quality.

Let’s look at some silver studs first.

If you are sportive and need a little lobe ornament, you don’t want a dangle to be in your way. Cheap silver stud earrings for women are the way to go. Sterling silver while it is a precious material can be bought at low prices and is an excellent material choice for women’s earrings.
This first selection is small studs only 2mm and would be appropriate for a child as well as an adult who prefers something small and discrete. At less than $3.00 these earrings could not get any cheaper.

If you thought the quality was not possible at this low price you will be pleasantly surprised should you get these little knot earrings? While they are small they are definitely made for an adult and perfect for a second piercing on the lobe.

Now wearing these skull earrings may not be for everyone, and it might fit in better to celebrate some holiday, but as customers have put it “they are so tiny, that people must get very close to see what you are wearing”. An item to own for the just in case day, at this price it is a very nice looking silver skull.

Studs can add a touch of color and sparkle too.

When buying cheap women’s earrings it is obvious that you will not be buying true emeralds when you get a green stone. However technology has changed our lives, it has also affected the production of cubic zirconia and they have become stunning imitations at very good prices. Although I would have to say that when you see these they are more a dark pink than bright red.

Regardless of the color, you choose you will find different stones and different cuts from Sabrina Silver to be exquisite at a very very low price, without compromise in quality. What customers have said, “If you like hearts and beautiful earrings that don’t cost a fortune, but look like they do, then this is for you”.

Offered by Gem Avenue these little stars are small enough to be suitable for a small child as well as an adult who like small earrings. Perhaps a good choice for a mom and little girl match up. My little one loves to wear earrings like mine.

The Mystic Topaz stone combines purples, greens, blues, and yellows to create a stone of unimaginable beauty. This Vibrant Stone sparkles from the center of Breathtaking Silver Stud Earrings. Perfect earrings sure to go with any outfit, for a classic look!

Dangles and drop earrings for women are also available at these special prices.

There is nothing like a drop earring to make a woman feel even more beautiful. This small image is not good enough to show the real beauty of these dangling earrings, and if I told you the price you would not believe it. Okay, I’ll give you a hint (under $2) truly a special offer from Amazon.com. Don’t miss it!

Murano Glass imported from Peru, at this price you will want more than one. I know I had a really hard time deciding which to buy, as they are all really good looking.

Hoops are always popular and while you may find many silver hoops at these bargain prices, few will be as well made or as beautiful as these Bali ball hoops. Another great product from Amazon.

I am not super cheap, but buying great earrings for women at a discount is like a calling, and I find it hard to resist.

Women’s Earrings Buying Guide

If you like the idea of gold earrings but not the price tag of 22k or 24k gold or you don’t like the yellow hue of high concentration gold, 14k earrings could be a good match for you. All gold jewelry is made from gold mixed with other alloys because 100% pure gold is too soft for earrings and other jewelry. 14k gold is a good choice for earrings because it is hard enough for stone settings and is less expensive than other types.

One reason why people choose 14k gold earrings is that they have a paler color than the bright yellow of 22k and 24k gold. Many people think that highly concentrated gold looks too bright and garish, and this paler color looks good with all skin tones and hair colors.

An alternative to gold earrings for women–if you’re not keen on the color of gold–is to choose white gold earrings. Earrings made from this material have the value of gold but the color of silver, so they make a great choice if you’re looking to buy a special gift for someone who usually prefers silver jewelry.

14k earrings are the best choice for diamonds and other precious stones as the setting will not soften and loosen as it may in 22k or 24k jewelry. This means you can enjoy wearing your diamonds without fear of losing them.

There are many different styles of earrings for women available and most women have several pairs to choose from depending on the occasion. Simple stud earrings are great for everyday use and do not distract from the hairstyle or outfit worn. 14k diamond earrings can look particularly good as studs as the simple setting shows off the diamonds to their full beauty.

For evening wear, usually, a bigger earring works well. 14k hoop earrings always look classic and stylish and are attractive without looking over the top. You can choose a different style of hoop depending on the occasion – very small hoops are an alternative to studs for daytime use and you can select a larger hoop for wearing out in the evening.

Gold a great choice for most people interested in jewelry. Gold is usually a non-reactive material making gold earrings a good choice for someone with skin allergies. Whereas cheap costume jewelry can result in itchy and discolored skin, gold earrings can be worn continuously and there is no need to take them out for sleeping or bathing. This makes gold a great material for everyday earrings as well as earrings for lavish events.

Earrings For Women

Well, who would have thought that nowadays you can make any model of earrings you please. Jewelry is beautiful in any shape or model, or of any kind. Precious or not, jewelry is amazing and they make us look better. Fashion has included jewelry and accessories in its collection for some time now, so it’s no wonder that women love to buy accessories and adore jewelry as much as they adore shopping and spending money. Jewelry includes bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, watches, charms, pendants and brooches.

Accessories are also very important from hats to sunglasses and belts. When we talk about looking good and being in style we can safely say that we don’t really know what fashionable means. It means following the latest trends in some way, but many don’t get it right. Why? Because they don’t wear what they like and what makes them feel comfortable they wear what they are told to, and attitude and the way you feel is very important.

There are many things a woman adores, but earrings for women are great for any occasion, and small accessories are just what you need to improve your look. They come in many shapes, sizes and designs so, the choices you have are not limited. Men also wear earrings but their choices are more simple: stud earrings and small hoop earrings. Even if earrings are a woman’s trademark, men look quite good while wearing them. A man looks more manly if he has a crystal stud earring, but not all men look good with them so if it doesn’t fit you, don’t push your luck you’ll look ridiculous.

There are earrings for women in shape of animals, earrings in shape of flowers, earrings that are round, geometrical shapes, stud ones, chandelier earrings etc. Knowing which pair to wear during the day, and which at night, is essential. Knowing how to make a difference between a casual pair of earrings and one that shines and brings glamor, advantages your dress and makes your face stand out, it’s probably the only thing you should pay attention to.

Calla Lily Amethyst Earrings are unique earrings with amazing design. Calla lilies are beautiful and a pair of earrings with this design can be perfect for a special event. Amethyst is a precious stone which cannot be worn all day long. I see this pair as a woman who is dressed in a vaporous dress, at a cocktail party, during the evening. Precious stones are great because they are not too expensive as diamonds, but they are also still quite used.

Calla Lily Amethyst Earrings can be found in any jewelry store, but if you have special desires you can custom make them. You don’t need to pay a lot of money for a beautiful pair of earrings, you only have to find something at a good price, that suits you, and believe me, you have from where to choose. Amethysts are also a birthstone so, there are women who have amethysts as their lucky stone, so they choose this at any pieces of jewelry, instead of saying maybe a crystal or glass.

Earrings for women are personal body adornment. They are small things that improve one’s look. Earrings express womanhood and were designed especially for gentle and beautiful creatures, such as women. Fashion has taken the idea of accessories and pieces of jewelry to another level. Fashion designers make haute couture collections that include accessories of the weirdest and unusual type, transforming them in some kind of art. Earrings have become a permanent accessory, for women. Men are not to forget because they have started to wear them too. For men, there are a few types of earrings that can we worn like for example stud earrings and small hoop earrings. It’s ironic in some way because earrings were designed for women, but still, a man wearing one looks more manly, even sexy and attractive.

Earrings can be found in any jewelry store, at different prices. Earrings come in different shapes, sizes, colors, styles etc. women have a large range of items from where they can choose. For example, there are stud earrings, clip earrings, pierced earrings, hoop earrings, round ones, earrings made of silver, gold, metal, wood, plastic, earrings with diamonds, crystals, chandelier earrings and so on. There are earrings for any kind of occasion, but there is a big difference between a woman or a man wearing a pair of earrings and a woman or a man that knows how to wear it. Attitude and style are all that matters. We try to copy celebrities style, or we try to make it our own, but still, fashion is all about combining and making something unique not copying.

Earrings for women have become an accessory that is always in trend. Women wear earrings at work when going out, when going to the doctor, at the market, even at home. For example, a pair of stud earrings or small hoop earrings can go perfectly at work. When going out, more funky and outgoing earrings can make a statement. For a special occasion, a pair of crystal chandelier earrings express style and complete an outfit. Earrings are the ones that can make or break any dress or costume you wear. Men wear them either in both of their ears or just in one. When it comes to style and fashion we all have something to say. Nowadays, a pair of earrings can make the difference, and so, it’s best to choose the ones that represent you.

As a conclusion, everyone likes jewelry. Either we are talking about bracelets, rings, necklaces or earrings, jewelry is a trend or has been a trend ever since they were invented. How else can we express ourselves? Sometimes jewelry shows social status. For example, a pair of diamond earrings can say a lot about that person. Nowadays, we judge people on account of how they dress and what they wear. We have become snobs, but still, no one realizes this. Fashion sets boundaries between people. Those who have the money to dress after the latest trends walk around in the same circles, and those who do not, try to be like them. When you are trying too hard, it shows, so the best advice is to be yourself. Make your own style, wear whatever you like. Fashion is important, accessories too, but the tasteful ones.

Unique Earrings

Accessories are a very important part of what we wear nowadays. Women are crazy about accessories like earrings necklaces, bracelets, rings, charms, brooches, hairpins and many other small things that improve one’s look. All these things can be accessorized with any outfit, either casual or elegant, making a woman look even better and showing off her style.

Fashion is a way to live. Many women follow the latest fashion trends, especially in our society where the accent is put on clothes. Earrings are the symbol of womanhood, but not only, because men wear them too. Earrings have to be chosen after each person’s face shape and body. A pair of nice round earrings for women is perfect for a more chubby woman.

Unique Earrings

Unique Earrings are something every woman looks for. We can find in stores all kinds of earrings, from stud earrings to hoop earrings, clips earrings, magnetic ones etc. Women wear earrings every day, and usually, earrings complete an outfit. For example, if you have a simple dress on, then a pair of chandelier earrings of many colors accessorized with a colorful purse will make that dress look gorgeous. There are plenty of earrings models on the market, but it seems that they all repeat, that’s why when you find a pair of Unique Earrings you buy them immediately. Earrings can be made of silver, aluminum, platinum, gold wood or plastic. Wood earrings are more uncommon but they attract looks and admiration.

Each woman has her own style, this is what’s great. Why? Because you can see all kinds of different clothes and accessories when you walk down the street. Have you ever looked closely to someone on the street? If you just stop and watch you will see a multitude of styles, cultures, and trends, walking near you.

Unique Earrings are also those handmade women’s earrings. There are not two models the same, so it’s a great opportunity to buy some earrings that you won’t see at someone else’s ears. Women have this problem always be unique. Unique Earrings can be found in vintage stores that sell accessories and clothes, in shops for handmade designs and mostly in boutiques. If you are looking for something more elegant but still unique then you could try a few of the big jewelry companies.

In the end, jewelry is for personal adornment, if you like something very much then buy it and don’t think if it’s ok or not. Fashion and being a fashionista doesn’t mean you have to follow trends exactly. Style means combining your own style with fashion trends and making something unique. Having tasted and knowing what goes with what is a very rare gift nowadays. Not many women know how to dress so they prefer to copy other’s style. As a conclusion, earrings are also very important part in fashion, and they also have their own trend, and this season trend in accessories are big accessories, colorful and of weird shapes, geometrical shapes.

Unusual Earrings

Fashion nowadays gives everyone the opportunity to wear everything they want. Fashion includes trends in clothes but also in accessories. Accessories are very good for improving your look, they make a statement and show off your style. Putting the right accessories can turn you into a fashionista. There is a skill for anything, so women that know how to dress and what to combine to look good, should be appreciated for their style. Fashion means having your own unique style. For example, you don’t have to copy the outfits that fashion promotes, combining your style with the latest trends means style and originality.

Accessories include earrings, bracelets, rings, mainly jewelry, but also scarves, purses, hats, anything that comes as a plus in your wardrobe. All women wear earrings. They are the symbol of womanhood, even if in today’s world, there are also men that wear them. Many men have started wearing earrings because it makes them look good, sexy, and it’s an improvement of their image. Men’s earrings are usually stud earrings or hoop small ones, so don’t think they wear the same items as women do. A small earring in the right ear can make many ” victims” among women.

Unusual Earrings are those with weird shapes, those that are uncommon, and unique in their own way. For example, the trends have set as a summer accessory long earrings, chandelier earrings, colored earrings made from different material, not necessarily silver or gold, but wood, or other materials funkier. Unusual Earrings are worn by women, teenagers that want to impress, confident women that don’t care what everyone else says and like to shock or bring something fresh all the time. They are rare and make women feel unique.

Unusual Earrings for women can have different forms, can be shaped as animals, objects, flowers, can have geometrical forms, funky designs, romantic designs and so on. I once have seen at girl earrings in shape of guns, and they were absolutely gorgeous. Unusual Earrings are harder to find. Nowadays on the market, you can find anything you want, but mostly you find models that are in trends. If you’re searching for something that no one else has, you should try a handmade jewelry store that has a single pair of earrings from each model.

In the end, fashion always sets a trend, even if we follow it or not. Women have at home a lot of earrings for every occasion. For example, during the day, you can’t show off your new, chandelier earrings, or crystal earrings, so you can put some discrete earrings, in the night, well that’s a different story. At night anything is allowed, but be careful these should be worn only when going out. If you go at a friends house, or if you stay at a local coffee shop for a few minutes, then sophisticated earrings are not the right choice. People should wear whatever makes them feel good and comfortable.

Choose Earrings According to Your Face & Your Eyes

The color of your eyes is important when choosing drop earrings. When choosing drop earrings particular attention should be given to shape and color. When women choose their earrings they call on the elements of play and romanticism, their choice should be dictated by the shape of their face, their look and their preferences in clothes. That choice should not merely be a reflection of today’s trends. For example, a woman who has an elongated face can wear large round earrings, but a woman with a round face could not do the same, regardless of the trend, large round earrings would make a round face look even wider than it is.

Women’s earrings main purpose is to get attention. The form is therefore important but no more than color. A woman should choose the color of her earrings in relation to the color of her eyes.

Green eyes will be accentuated by stones like agate, malachite, turquoise, garnet or beryl. Blue eyes would stand out more with rich colors of turquoise, black stones or lapis lazuli, as well as deep gold and orange colors. Blue eyed women can also look sophisticated with transparent blue or violet stones. Brunettes with dark eyes will find that they shine when wearing bright colored stones like ruby, topaz or emerald.

Of course good taste being always in fashion, you should pay particular attention to the proportions of your jewelry. I cannot repeat it enough: it is extremely important that you should choose your earrings in proportion with your physiognomy. For a round face, opt for an elongated shape for your earrings, like a teardrop or a pear shape. Conversely, an elongated face would benefit from a short earring instead of a long one.

If you wear short hair, you can be daring and wear hoops of long dangling earrings. These will become even more prominent as your neck is more exposed.

During the day you should wear earrings suitable for your environment, while you exercise more freedom in your choice of evening earrings. Keep your most beautiful earrings with intricate shapes and bright shining stones for night elegant parties.

Almost every woman loves earrings. Remember that it is an inexpensive effective choice of adornment, but it is imperative that they should complement your own beauty.

Amethyst Earrings

I completely understand wanting to own a pair of amethyst earrings! How could anyone not love the beautiful purple color of an amethyst? Since I firmly believe you should get a pair of these earrings for yourself, I thought I would list some important facts about them here for you to browse through before you shop.

Amethyst Earrings

  • Amethysts are a form of quartz and are a semi-precious gemstone because there is a fairly abundant supply of them. They will cost you much less than any of the four precious gemstones (diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire), and so they are a great choice if you want gemstone quality jewelry but without the high price tag of precious stones.
  • All amethyst stones are fairly hard, rating a 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, and are suitable for normal wear in jewelry designs. They are very easy to care for and clean. You can use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine or just use jewelry cleaner and a small brush whenever they start looking dull and lifeless.
  • Amethysts will fade if they are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. Always carefully store your amethyst earrings for women in your jewelry box for safekeeping while you sunbathe, hike, play sports, or whatever it is you like to do outside for long periods of time.
  • Amethyst stones can be heated to high temperatures to change their color. When heated, amethyst turns various shades of yellow. Much of the citrine and “yellow quartz” jewelry sold today is actually a form of heated amethyst.
  • Purple amethyst earrings are the most common color amethyst earrings you will find. You can also find green amethyst earrings, however, that is a lovely soft shade of green, as opposed to peridot earrings, which are a brighter yellow-green.
  • Amethyst earrings can be found in many different styles, such as studs, hoops, dangles or drops and fishhooks. I always advise caution when buying any precious or semi-precious gemstone earrings that are fishhooks instead of leverbacks or studs – they are more likely to be accidentally pushed out of the holes in your ears by your clothes or hair, so just be aware of that, and always use rubber stoppers on fishhook type earrings to help keep them from falling off.
  • White gold amethyst earrings are absolutely beautiful and are easily found online or in jewelry stores. The cool-toned, silvery white gold seems to complement either purple amethyst stones or green amethyst stones. Having said that, I think yellow gold also looks very good with these stones, so whatever you pick you to know it will look fabulous!
  • The price you pay for amethyst earrings will depend on several things: Whether you pick silver amethyst earrings or gold ones, and of course the size and quality of the stones in your earrings.

A pair of good quality sterling silver amethyst earrings will be the least expensive, and you can even find sterling silver amethyst earrings that have been plated with platinum. The pair is shown in the picture which is from JC Penney and retail for under $50. White or yellow gold will cost you around $75 for a pair of basic studs with 6mm stones and will go up from there for more elaborate settings and larger stone sizes.

That’s a small price to pay for a quality pair of earrings for women that will look wonderful with your amethyst rings and perhaps even your lovely pearl strands!

Amethyst earrings are a wonderful way to spice up your jewelry collection with some rich color. They are versatile, easy to find and to care for, and will last you a lifetime if you make sure to buy high-quality stones and settings. What more could you want in a pair of earrings?

Cleaning of Silver Earrings

You spend a lot of time and money choosing the best earrings for you, proper maintenance will ensure that you keep them a long time.

  • Earrings should not come into contact with creams, soaps, other cosmetic products, hair spray, chemicals and laundry products.
  • Silver could darken quickly if in contact with salt water, spa water or water containing sulfur. You should also avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or to extremely high temperatures.
  • Earrings should be cleaned with a special cloth often provided with your jewelry when you buy it or available at any jewelry store. It is important not to scrub the earrings ou to put them into contact with abrasive solutions.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning devices should not be used as they can damage your earrings.
  • You can clean your silver earrings with lemon juice. To disinfect the posts that come into direct contact with the skin apply a little alcohol.

To best preserve and protect your earrings they should be kept in a little soft material pouch which would protect the metal from any scratches.

Earrings Buying Guide - Fashion Earrings for Women
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