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Earrings, one of the most used jewelry.

Earrings are a very important accessory for women. Every woman wears earrings because is their way of showing they are women. Nowadays due to the fashion trends men have started wearing them too. Having a big diamond earring means wealthiness and importance. Men that wear diamond earrings are usually celebrities that want to show of their success. Many people have taken their example and now everyone wears an earring. The cathegory of women earrings is much more diverse. This small accessory for women, is very popular and exists in many shapes, forms, sizes and colours.

There are earrings for any type of event, there are casual earrings, day by day ones, earrings for special occasions and events, glamorous earrings, couture earrings etc. Because women tastes differ, there are thousands of earring models: for example you can find, earrings in shape of flowers, animals, objects, round earrings, square earrings, triangle shaped earrings etc. The material from which these earrings are made of variate. For example there can be earrings made of simple metal, plastic, silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, gemstones etc. Teenagers usually wear crazy shaped earrings, big and funky looking. Grown-up women wear classic earrings, made of precious stones. Besides earrings women accessories is a large area. A woman needs, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, hairclips, brooches etc. Accessories are one way to show of your tastes. Earrings and necklaces make a statement. You can’t wear fancy and pretentious earrings to lunch and following the same idea you can’t wear plastic earrings to a formal event.

To wear earrings women have to make a pierce. You can pierce your ear in different places and you can have more holes at once. There are also special earrings with a clip, earrings that don’t need a pierce to be worn. Nowadays, big earrings in weird shapes are in trend. Many women buy glamorous large earrings to accessorise with a going out outfit. For a formal gathering, women can choose a set of earrings and necklace with a similar design. Here is a list of modern standard earrings: first we have the stud earrings. They appear to be floating on the year with no apparently thing to hold them. They screw back to make sure the earring stays in his place. The hoop earrings are circular and they are most commonly used.

Another example of modern earrings are the dangle earrings that flow from the earlobes to the shoulders. These earrings come in different lenght and so, you can choose the size that fits you. Huggy earrings are those special earrings that actually hug the earlobe. In the end, it doesn’t matter what type of earrings you choose, the main idea is that everyone wears them. From little children to elder people, men and women like wearing earrings and so, they have become a permanent accessory.