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Tommy Hilfiger Men’s 1710294 Stainless Steel Watch Review

Mixing a sporty profile and an elegant style can be quite challenging in an accessory, yet some watches will successfully tackle both these standards. Sure, it sounds hard to believe, but small details often make the difference in the overall appearance.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s 1710294 Stainless Steel Watch is one of the few watches that look sporty, casual and elegant. It “molds” to your outfit, yet it has a little something of everything – a vintage profile for casualty, a leather band for elegance and a few sub-dials for a sporty style.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Stainless Steel Watch

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Stainless Steel Watch


The contrasting appearance of the 1710294 watch is the factor that draws some attention. But as you look closer, it adopts a vintage style. Look even closer and the sub-dials make it modern enough for all kinds of occasions.

Elegant and Contrasting Style: The calfskin band is probably the most elegant part of this watch. It does not follow any modern trends, so it does not come with a metallic bracelet. It has a buckle closure too. The dark band matches the white dial, as well as the stainless steel case and silver hands and markers. In fact, these are the leading characteristics in terms of design – white, gray and black.

All the Info on One Dial: The watch comes with a round and aerated dial. You can tell the time almost instantly. The 3 o’clock marker is replaced by the flag logo. Close to it, you can find a date window. Three working sub-dials come to enhance the dial and add to its appearance. Other than that, the dial is covered with a mineral window, which is scratch resistant to a particular pressure.


  • Date window case
  • Three sub-dials
  • Quartz movement and analog display
  • Water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet)
  • Calfskin band


  • Too large for small wrists
  • Stainless steel can scratch

Customer Reviews and Ratings

I have gone through almost 200 reviews for this watch. It is one of the best selling units over the Internet. It scores 4.5 out of 5 stars, so small complaints may still bother some customers.

Janice: “This watch is neat and clean. It impressed me when I opened the package. The dark brown band is nice and feels smooth. I purchased this unit for my father as a birthday gift. My brother likes it too, but it feels a bit too large for his thin wrist.”

Thien-An Nguyen: “This is a top-notch watch. Despite those dials, it is still neat and sharp. Each dial works perfectly – tried them myself. The band is dark – can’t tell if it’s brown or black. It is definitely comfortable, but I’ve just purchased it. Only time can tell how well it will hold out.”

Levan Buchukuri: “This watch is just like expected. However, the one I got had a problem. The clock screw kept springing out, while arrows showed the wrong time when I put my hand in the pocket. I returned it and got a different unit. This one doesn’t have these problems.”


In the end, Tommy Hilfiger Men’s 1710294 Stainless Steel Watch leaves no room for mistakes. It has everything you might want from a watch, as long as you make sure that it can match your build and wrist.

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