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Michael Kors Men’s MK8096 Runway Rose-Tone Watch Review

Accent your outfit and style with the right type of jewelery and accessories, but make sure that they do raise to your expectations and standards. From this point of view, Michael Kors Men’s Runway Watch might be an excellent addition to your outfit.

Featuring a fashionable dial and a beautiful tone that can compliment pretty much any outfit, the neutral watch comes with a chronograph dial and a top-notch construction based on stainless steel. What else can you ask for?


At a first glance, a warm combination of gold and rose highlights the Runaway watch from Michael Kors. The chronograph dial adds to its stylish purpose as well. Of course, small features and the “inside” can still make the difference.

Stainless Steel Construction: Everything is made of stainless steel, whether you count the case, case back, bezel, lugs and band. Michael Kors mens runway watch is designed to last for a lifetime if properly maintained. Furthermore, the gold rose finishing is professionally done. The coating is less likely to scratch just by wearing the watch.

Movement and Functionality: The Runaway model is an analog chronograph multifunction watch. It is based on the Japanese quartz movement. It is water resistant to 100 meters too, so it can also face submersion. Furthermore, it has a date display case between 4 and 5 o’clock, as well as stylish hands.

michael kors runway watch rose gold


  • Chronograph
  • Date display
  • 100 meter water resistance
  • Warm design
  • Stainless steel build


  • Reading dials might feel hard
  • Dial window requires attention

Customer Reviews and Ratings

I found close to 200 reviews for this watch. About 85% of them claim on a perfect product. It scores 4.7 out of 5 stars, so small complaints might still show up here and there.

Boot Babe: “I love this watch! Its design is purely impossible to describe! It has a unique style that everyone compliments me for. It has the weight and size of a man’s watch, but it also looks stylish on my feminine arm!”

Roger K. Neace: “This color is killing me! Plus, this watch is sturdy, heavy and solid, I love it! Despite the weight, it feels good on your hand.”

AK: “I got this watch as a gift. Everything was fine, but my friend found it hard to read the dials because everything has the same color. Plus, it feels a bit too large. This wasn’t such a big problem, but the customer service is terrible. Make sure that you buy the right thing upfront.” 


In conclusion, Michael Kors Men’s MK8096 Runway Rose-Tone Watch is rated to be a man’s watch. The overall design can take a little femininity too. Plus, there is always something special about a woman wearing a man’s watch. All in all, it can certainly draw some positive attention. It does not just have a unique color that you cannot find in other models, but it also looks great. When it comes to the overall construction, it is based on durable materials and solid mechanisms.


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