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GUESS Women’s U85108L1 G-Iconic Sophistication Crystal Silver-Tone Watch Review

A lifestyle driven watch is supposed to be both casual and elegant. It does take time to match these aspects with the actual technical features, but a little research may indicate the right decision.

With these aspects in mind, GUESS Women’s silver watch is a front runner. It is far from those round units you can find everywhere, but it tries to make a statement with a rectangular, yet stylish design.


The less common dial shape is probably the first thing to draw some attention. Basically, this watch comes with a rectangular dial, as well as a bracelet that respects its shape and style. It is a statement – no doubts about it.

Silver Tone Construction: The U85108L1 G-Iconic Guess watches for women silver adopts a beautiful and shiny silver tone appearance. Basically, it has a case that you can almost watch yourself in its reflection. The same nuance is maintained for the crystal bracelet. It is self adjustable, which is a serious plus for ladies with thin or large wrists. Even the dial, markers and hands respect this color requirement.

Water Resistant: The GUESS watch is based on the quartz movement. It is accurate enough to keep time over long periods of time. It only loses a few seconds every year. It is water resistant to 10 meters (about 33 feet). However, it is not indicated for diving. Instead, it will mostly handle rain, water splashes and sweat. This is not the type you can wear while engaging into sports activities – it is just too elegant for such things.

guess silver watch

GUESS Women’s U85108L1 G-Iconic Sophistication Crystal Silver-Tone Watch


  • Simplistic and subtle design
  • Analog display and quartz movement
  • Self adjustable bracelet
  • Bracelet is fitted with crystals
  • Water resistant


  • Not suitable for diving
  • Bracelet might scratch under the wrist

Customer Reviews and Ratings

I found 35 reviews about this watch, yet the buying list is way longer. Up to 97% of all customers have given it 4 and 5 stars. Overall, this GUESS silver watches model scores 4.8 out of 5 stars. It is one of the front running women’s watches, yet small complaints are common too.

Sunnyb: “This watch looks and feels luxurious. It comes with an adjustable strap – love it, especially since my daughter also takes it for special occasions and events. The silver style matches most of my outfits too.”

Luifer_Lin: “This is not only a timekeeping machine. It is not just a watch. It is an actual piece of jewelery. It is elegant and good looking, but also affordable. Yay!”

Kaname: “This watch is durable and good looking, but it has a small flaw – the window scratches very easily. I recommend paying attention to this aspect or you might regret it later.”


In conclusion, GUESS Women’s U85108L1 G-Iconic Sophistication Crystal Silver-Tone Watch is a stunner. This is not only a watch, but a sophisticated piece of jewelery. It looks more expensive than it is, while its performance compliments the beautiful appearance with absolutely no flaws at all.

GUESS Women’s U85108L1 G-Iconic Sophistication Crystal Silver-Tone Watch Analyzed By The Book.

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