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A high-quality men’s designer watch is the icing on the cake for any look, including that of a crisp and polished businessman or diplomat. Seeing as most people nowadays carry cell phones or other gadgets with the capability to tell time, it seems kind of odd that people can’t let go of wearing watches – they are still worn by virtually all businessmen.

In business, the theme of the day is an achievement, this includes reaching new heights in every way possible. Much of what it takes to achieve is tied up in the first impression given. Those who prepare themselves to achieve on a level of appearance, have an additional edge when it comes to advancements, raises, acknowledgments and promotions.

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Come prepared

Naturally, those who are polished and pleasing to the eye are more magnetic to those they work with and for, and to clients as well. When employers choose those they want to represent them, they will choose from employees with the strongest all-around attributes to represent their company. A heightened visual appeal is a strong extra that many neglects. Better prepared than not, wouldn’t you say?

To complement your crisp suit, mirror-polished fine leather shoes, and bold-statement tie, you will naturally want to sport a high-quality designer watch. You aren’t out to impress, no, you don’t have time to be concerned with that. This is about carving your future, and breaking through glass ceilings.

Many brands of men’s designer watches

Nothing completes a businessman’s wardrobe with more finish than does a classy designer watch. There are many renowned brands of men’s designer watches to select from. If you aren’t sure about the specific qualities each brand offers, do your research; begin with some of the better-known brands, such as Breitling, Cartier, Armani, Rolex, Invicta, Bulova, and Seiko. Each company has its own set of attributes it focuses upon delivering to you, so it helps to know more about each one.

Complement your personal look

Look to see which designers offer styles that best complement your personal look in fashion, as your watch can make a powerful statement if need be. Beyond that, take a look at which other attributes they offer which may be of benefit to you. Perhaps you need a watch that is virtually scratchproof, or highly water resistant. Maybe you’d like a specific type of strap – stainless steel, leather, ostrich or eel. Do you require illuminated hands? If money isn’t a primary factor, heck, why not go for inset diamonds or an 18k white gold bezel?

The watch completes the man

Bottom line is, the watch completes the man. Choose the right designer watch to tell the world upon sight, more about you they don’t yet know. It’s a big investment, so it might make you feel better to know that most men’s designer watch companies offer highly adequate warranties. Also, many designer watch manufacturers nowadays are catering to a wider market, so prices are more reasonable than ever before.

Designer Watches To Choose

Which Designer Watches To Choose: A Short Overview

Looking for an Armani, Cartier, or Rolex watch that really suits your needs? It’s important to know what each company is famous for before actually buying a watch. Before you go out to the store and request a brand, learn about each brand to find out which watch is right for you.

1. Armani Watches

Armani is a company that is known for high-quality, high fashion watches for both men and women. In the nightlife circuits of New York City and California, it’s best to arrive on the scene with an Armani watch. Watches by this company are famous for having a sleek casual feel to them, as well as being extremely popular with the trendy crowd.

Armani watches are also known for having a wide variety of designs, from the avant-garde to the simple and classic. Simply put, they have a watch for every taste. For people looking for an affordable yet beautiful casual watch, buying a watch from Emporio Armani is just what the doctor ordered. Expect to set aside about 200-250 dollars for most of the watch designs out there.

2. Rolex Watches

Few companies have a more solid reputation than Rolex. Rolex is timeless, long-lasting, and classy. Made of the finest materials, with excellent workmanship, buying a Rolex is probably one of the best investments a watch aficionado can make.

What makes Rolex so well-known among watch connoisseurs? Rolex has complete control over every aspect of their watch-making process; even the gold that is used by Rolex is made by Rolex-owned contractors, or simply made in-house.

The ability to control every aspect of watch-making ensures that every Rolex watch will be a work of perfection. Rolex watches are known for accuracy, style, and durability. The designers who make Rolex watches expect them to be used as watches, and not simply conversation pieces. Though they do stand out, wearing a Rolex watch will still be fine for the day-to-day style. Expect to put aside a LOT of money if you’re going to buy a Rolex.

Cartier Watches

3. Cartier Watches

For those who are looking for a watch which has been known as the “quality watch” by many people, a Cartier watch is a great way to go.

The classic company, which has been in existence since the Napoleonic days, has gained a reputation for fine craftsmanship, and excellent designs. The most popular designs of the Cartier watch include Roadster,  the Tank Francaise, and the Pasha design (for women).

Cartier men’s watches are well known for their bold designs, that combine sport-like watches with elegant elements typically found only in high-class watches. On the other hand, Cartier women’s watches stress out the femininity and elegance by incorporating gentle outlines and old fashion elements. Clearly, Cartier’s design philosophy is to show the ‘gentleman side’ of every man, and the ‘lady side’ of every woman.

Traditional, yet oddly contemporary, Cartier is a great bet for a watch which can quickly go from daily wear to special event wear. The cases for Cartier watches even manage to set the bar for quality; each case is artistically handcrafted and meant for long-term use.

Considering how long the company has been in existence, it is no wonder that Cartier watches are well-known for lasting a lifetime and more. Fans of silver metals with few leather accents will love Cartier.

Cartier, long known to be a choice watch companies for kings, will be expensive. It isn’t uncommon for a customer to pay several thousand dollars for one watch. However, for people who are looking for a watch which will never go out of style, always be able to tell time, and last for a century, Cartier is the only watchmaker to consider. Rest assured that this investment in a classically beautiful timepiece is a wise one.

No doubt that designer watches will set you a few thousands of dollars back. But once one of these high-quality watches sits on your wrist, you will not think in terms of money any longer. You will see a status symbol. You will see an expression of your personality. You will see a true beauty. And that’s worth the cost.

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