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Italian Charms and Bracelets

Italian charm bracelets are becoming extremely popular in the US that’s fun to wear for all ages. The unique design allows the wearer to link loose charms together and create unique jewelry that reflects the identity and personality of the wearer. They also make a great memory keepsake.

This website will introduce you to every aspect you would ever want to know about Italian charms. With our help, you will discover what kind you want whether it be made out of steel, silver, or gold, and how you would like to showcase your beautiful charms. If you are at all confused about the Italian charm bracelet process, this website gives information on what to expect and how to assemble your personalized bracelets.

Italian Charms

  • Check below for common questions about the jewelry that everyone is talking about!

What is the difference between Italian charms made in Italy from those made in Asia?

Originally, they were solely manufactured in Italy. However, today they are made in many different countries. Some of the most popular manufacturers are Zoppini, and Nomination, and Unodonami, but many new companies are manufacturing in countries other than Italy.

Labor costs in Italy rose causing some companies to travel to parts of Asia and produce their products there. These companies often do not specify where their charms are made. One way to distinguish those made in Italy from those made in Asia is to check for a logo. Most Italian manufacturers stamp their name on the bottom of each product, giving you the peace of mind of having purchased from a company that pays there workers a decent wage.

Italian Charm Bracelets

Italian charm bracelets offer a never-ending possibility of design and personal expression. These bracelets soared in popularity over the last decade when they were worn not only by celebrities but by sports figures as well. Featured on the wrists of several world-renowned soccer players, these bracelets show that an active lifestyle does not mean that you have to sacrifice fashion. Each bracelet allows the wearer to remove and add charms as they wish. The charms offer a flat design as opposed to the standard dangling design. This design allows the wearer to live an active lifestyle while maintaining individualized style.

Why Italian Charm Bracelets?

If you have never worn an Italian charm bracelet you may be wondering why all the fuss? These bracelets are designed with functional fashion in mind. Each bracelet is a flat band, similar to a regular form-fitting bracelet or band, and has enough room for 16 to 20 charms. The charms are flat with the design etched or placed within the charm itself. The square charm slides on the blank band creating an individualized charm bracelet look. The charms will not snag or catch on objects, pull on clothing, or pinch the wearers skin. With hundreds of thousands of charms and styles to choose from, Italian charm bracelets offer affordable design options, individualized expression and functional anytime wear.

What Kind of Charms are Available?

You can choose from a variety of charms and charm designs. Each design is as unique as you are and can be arranged on the bracelet to give you a unique expression of your favorite items, tastes or hobbies. There are pet charms, initial charms, hobby related charms, spirituality related charms and sports charms. Pugster.com carries a variety of harms to fit almost any hobby or taste. There are even Italian charm designers who offer special custom designs.

Where Can You Buy Charms and Italian Charm Bracelets?

Italian charm bracelets and charms are available for purchase at jewelry and fashion stores as well as online at charm–bracelet.com. There are options ranging from very affordable to very expensive depending on the material the bracelet and charms are made from. Bracelets and charms can be purchased separately of charms or as gift sets from fine jewelry stores.

Wholesale Italian charms

There are many places to purchase charms on the cheap! One of the best places to buy wholesale is on Amazon. At Amazon, you can find some of the most popular charms to the very obscure. They offer a multitude of charms to choose from ranging from sterling silver charms, pewter charms, cast charms, gold charms, and antique pewter charms.

Express Yourself with Italian Charms

One of the most unique and attractive new jewelry trends you can find is the Italian charm bracelet. They are created with an assortment of Italian charms that you select yourself, and they can be customized to fit your personality. You can even design an Italian charm watch that will tell the world who you are!

Italian charms are flat and usually rectangular or square in shape, and do not dangle like most traditional charms do, or thread onto a snake chain, like Pandora charm bracelet. You don’t need to worry about “catching” or snagging on anything with an Italian charm bracelet. Each link has a different design on it, and that is what allows it to be designed with any type of theme. If you are into sports, you could design your bracelet around all sports, or just one type of sport. Maybe you love dancing. You can design your bracelet around that theme, then. Some people like to have seasonal jewelry, and you can easily do that with Italian charms, too.

I think one of the best ways you can design an Italian charm bracelet though is around lifetime milestones, such as birthdays, weddings, babies, jobs, etc. Every time you have another milestone, get another Italian charm to add to your bracelet. That way you will have a little visual reminder of all of those special moments in your life.

Every time you wear your Italian charm bracelet, you will think back on those special times.

Italian charm bracelets are easy to build. Starter bracelets are usually made with 14 plain links. Just purchase five to seven additional links to get it going. A typical woman will need about 15 or 16 links for the bracelet length to be correct, and a typical man will need about 18. You just remove some of the original plain links and replace them with the new themed links. The Italian charms have little springs in the back of them, which you hook to the links on each side. The charm will snap into place. Stick with one of the recognizable Italian charm manufacturers, like Zoppini to make sure you are getting a quality product when you shop.

Expressing yourself with Italian charms is both fun and addicting! The selection of charms is huge, and you can arrange and re-arrange your bracelet as much as you want to. They look great with cubic zirconia rings, fashion earrings, and just about anything else in your jewelry collection. I think having more than one would be an especially good idea, because you could have one themed around Christmas, one themed around your love of sports, one themed around your love of shoes, one themed – ok, I think you get the idea!

Sterling Silver and Gold Bracelets and Charms

Typically, sterling silver charms and bracelets are 100% silver and Italian made. Silver chains come in an assortment of styles such as; herringbone, rolo, mariana, rope, curb box, perniche, Singapore, snake, bead, figaro, and omega chains. Chains also come in a variety of sizes and lengths to suit you. You may choose to wear the bracelet by itself, combined with your favorite charms, or create your own and share it with someone you love.

Italian Charm Bracelets

Italian Charms and Bracelets

Silver Charms

Creating a beautiful bracelet is easy considering the vast array of charms to choose from. Exquisitely beautiful, silver charms are practical for any occasion, whether you are relaxing at home or out on the town.

Gold Charms

Gold charms are some of the most stylish of jewelry and wear beautifully on anyone. Whatever your plans, whoever you’re with- combined with your personal taste, gold charms is guaranteed to make a fashionable statement and express your personality.

Zoppini Charms

Zoppini charms are the ‘original’ Italian bracelet company based in Firenze, Italy. Zoppini Italian charms remain to be one of the most popular charm manufacturers in existence. They boast high quality and an ever-expanding collection of charm designs in silver and gold. Choose from letter, birthday themes with birthstones January – December, and hand laser etched Italian charms. You can check to see it’s a Zoppini by the logo on the back of every product.

Charms and Pendants

Italian charms are becoming extremely popular these days among adults and children alike. But you are not committed to only wearing them linked together. Why not showcase some of your favorite charms on a beautiful silver or gold chain and wear your charms as pendants? Pendants are a fun and elegant way to express your personality and interests. Don’t forget, you can spice it up a bit and alternate with your charm bracelet.

Diamond Pendants

Perfect for evenings out or sitting at home, diamond pendants fit in with both dressy and casual settings and are available in a variety of feminine designs. Some beautiful motifs include a cross, heart, or star. All are dotted with small diamonds.

Nomination Charms

Nomination’s motto is that they are more than a business. They made their debut in 1987 as a start-up company interested in the aesthetic and creative elements of fashion. Since then, they have become a worldwide leader in stainless steel and 18K gold jewelry.

A former mechanical worker, founder Paolo Gensini, in the 1980s, Paolo became interested in jewelry. Taking an innovative approach to jewelry design, Paolo created the composable charm bracelet, an interchangeable accessory that has attracted people from all over the world.

Nomination produces a diverse selection of stainless steel and 18K gold charms. Browse their silver, 18K gold letters and symbols set with cubic zirconium or diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, or purchase one of their stainless steel bracelets.

Disney Charms

Fun for everyone, especially children. Specialized designs include licensed characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, a dangling Tinkerbell, and many more. These make excellent gifts and are perfect for those people in your life that just don’t want to grow up. Great for teachers, or other adults who work with children on a daily basis. Parents- wear these charms and your kids will think you are the coolest cats around! You can also find Disney charms in holiday themes, such as a Mickey Mouse and Santa. You know your kids will just love them.

These charm bracelets are an inexpensive and fun way to collect your favorite characters. Create theme bracelets for holidays or as a memory keepsake. Another great idea-these charms are so much fun for young children to trade among friends!

Italian Charm Bracelets

Italian charm bracelets are becoming extremely popular in the US because they offer something that’s fun for everyone to wear. The unique interlocking design enables you to attach loose links together to create personalized jewelry that conveys a meaningful message or special theme, allowing the personality of the wearer to shine through.

Desire flexibility in your jewelry? With italian charm bracelets, you may purchase a new one and add it to your starter bracelet or watch. In addition, your bracelet can be altered to fit any occasion. Want to wear it at a family picnic? No problem, there are thousands of playful Italian charms to choose from. Going out for a romantic evening? Simply add a few charms from the diverse collection of quality sterling silver and gold charms and make your night unforgettable. What are you waiting for? Check below for some common questions.

Are Italian charm bracelets easy to build?

You will not need any tools to attach each link to a base bracelet or existing bracelet links. Each link has a spring loaded clasp mechanism inside. Simply hook the two links together. The springs inside each link come together into a closed position, locking them together. If you are having trouble, keys are available to help make assembly easier. Genuine Italian bracelets come in starter bracelets of 14 plain links. These links have either a shiny or matte finish, depending on which you desire. All links are interchangeable.

How does it work?

First, you buy a base bracelet formed from a strip of 14 stainless steel links. Typically, women need a total of 18 links and men need 20 links to form a bracelet. In addition to your starter bracelet, you will need to purchase between 5 and 7 additional links to compose your bracelet. Choose from thousands of links bearing different motifs and create your personalized bracelet. Most Italian charms are interchangeable and can be purchased from several companies including; Nomination charms, Zoppini Italian charms, AA Italy, and more.

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