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It’s no exaggeration to say Alexis Bittar has arrived. After a very modest beginning, his chic designs have become favorites of celebrities as well as the most fashion-forward and trendy jewelry collectors world-wide.

His designs stem from a long time love of antique and vintage jewelry, which he cultivated during his youth while browsing the flea markets and antique shows he was taken to by his parents. It is not at all unusual to see hints of Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Lalique-esque design in his work today.

Lucite, one of the first materials he began working with as a designer, is still a mainstay of many of his current designs. He began experimenting with Lucite in 1990 and hasn’t looked back since. The glowing bracelets he creates today from the material are a mixture of fine art and craftsmanship blended with Bittar’s fascination with antiques, sculpture and architecture, and the Southwestern United States.

The innovative, bold look of Alexis Bittar jewelry is responsible for his being asked not only to design jewelry for the ladies of Sex and the City to wear onscreen, but to also work with the likes of Michael Kors and Jason Wu. He has also designed custom pieces for Lady GaGa, and a certain fashion-forward First Lady named Michelle has been photographed many times wearing Alexis Bittar earrings and other signature Bittar pieces.

Alexis Bittar Jewelry

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His pieces are also part of several museum collections, including the Museum of Modern Art and the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York , as well as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In 2004, the Accessories Council of Excellence named hin their “Rising Star of the Year”, and recently in 2010, he was named Accessory Designer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Staying true to his roots, all of his jewelry is handmade using techniques he perfected while honing his craft in the early 1990′s. His studio in New York City is one of the last studios that still produces fashion accessories in the United States, something that he is very proud of. Bittar feels that jewelry should be innovative and fun, yet not taken too seriously. One look at the videos posted on his website will confirm that statement! He loves to create jewelry that gets noticed and that also creates a sense of whimsy and fun for the wearer of the jewelry.

Signature Alexis Bittar Jewelry


Alexis Bittar Lucite bracelets are some of the most iconic pieces he produces. These bracelets are hand carved from chunks of Lucite, painted with pearlescent paint and encrusted with gemstones to create a very bold, unique look. His Lucite collection also features rings, necklaces and earrings as well as very sculptural-looking pins and rings. The bracelet pictured below, the O’Keefe Antique  Silver Small Bracelet in Lapis, was inspired by the works of artist Georgia O’Keefe.


The Elements collection fuses Baroque and Native American styles together, and the end result is a very organic-looking collection of jewelry. Cuff bracelets swirl and undulate with combined gold and silver accents. Pieces range from large and bold, such as the Gold Long Parrot Necklace, to the petite and delicate Gunmetal Small Leaf Cluster Necklace.

Miss Haversham

The avant-garde Miss Haversham collection is very sculptural, and incorporates unexpected pairings of metals and stones. Utilzing the negative spaces in the pieces, Bittar has created a collection of jewelry that surrounds the wrists and ears with sillhouettes that lead the eye to clusters of crystals and stones, such as the Crystal Encrusted Gold Linked Pearl Bracelet.

New for 2018

The Ophelia collection for spring and summer 2018 combines the best of Bittar’s quintessential design elements: hand carved clear lucite and beautiful accents of gold-tone metal and flashing crystal chatons. His Ophelia Gold Clear Calla Lily Earrings pictured below are bold and trendy at 4″ in length, yet elegant and refined.

Another gorgeous piece from the Ophelia collection is the Opehelia Gold Small Gem Encased Clear Vine Bracelet. This piece echoes the flowing, organic lines of the Calla Lily earrings and features a free-form gemstone doublet consisting of citrine which has been fused to a foundation of mother of pearl. Golden branches encrusted with clear crystal chatons encircle the citrine doublet, creating the perfect  glowing frame for the organically-shaped gemstone. To ensure easy wearability, the bracelet is hinged.

Also new for 2018 is the stunning Ophelia Gold Clear Hummingbird Pin. Art Nouveau inspired, it is hand carved and is accented with gold tone metal work, crystal chatons, and a faceted citrine-over-mother of pearl doublet. Measuring 4.25″  in length, this piece is one of the most breathtaking works of art in Bittar’s collection.

It is no secret that an Alexis Bittar bracelet, necklace, or pin is an incredibly glamorous and couture piece of jewelry. His pieces are not just pieces of jewelry; each one is a handcrafted piece of art. Bittar has truly created a wonderful, moderately priced collection of costume jewelry for any woman who wants to add a bit of elegant sparkle and glow to her life, as well as a little fun and whimsy.

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