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One type of ring that looks decorative and has a more intricate pattern, shape, and geometric design is the art deco engagement ring. This is also popular for its bold and vibrant colors and appears elegant and classy just like the many rings you have, and has a symmetric and pretty geometric theme. In the mid 20s, art deco rings have become famous in Paris. And today, these rings still remained in style.

Here are some of the Art Deco Engagement Rings attributes:

  • The ring is set with diamonds and a contrasting stone.
  • The ring features carving and contrast.
  • It can be made from white gold or platinum.
  • It features a 3 dimensional pattern.
  • It has intricate geometric shapes and designs.

Diamonds and platinum are the main materials to create these rings and the most preferred color is white and black. It can also be a great choice to choose bold-colored jewelry which adds a little flair to the rings.

Art Deco Engagement Rings

The Modern Classic Art Deco Engagement Rings

It was in World War 2 that the art deco movement began, when some women bravely declared to be equal with men. The kind of jewelry they were wearing at that time had bold styles and harsh designs which were their way of demonstrating to men that they could also do what the opposite gender could do.

The art deco engagement ring can be an excellent item to give for the woman you love, and she can also pass this as an heirloom to your children and perhaps to your children’s kids as well. This art deco style for a ring exudes an antique look and once worn, it gives out a romantic feeling that allows your partner to remember the great memories you have and cherish. When looking for an art deco engagement ring that you can purchase, here are some of the tips that you should consider.

You should know what type of ring your partner wants. This is the first thing that you need to do. You can find it out in a way that she won’t be able to notice and make sure that she is unaware that you are planning on proposing to her anytime soon. These days, there are several engagement rings to select from, and if your future wife doesn’t mind on receiving a ring that isn’t a traditional one then you may opt for this ring.

Before buying an engagement ring, you should also know beforehand the ring size of your partner and what design of the engagement ring will best suit her. Regarding design, know whether she likes the ring with a bigger stone or a smaller one. Find a way to know these details if you are planning to surprise her with your proposal. But, you can ask her about these when you are not going to propose by surprise.

If you want the ring to be extra special, find something that isn’t very common. Buy the ring which is unique and not of a round design.

You can also prefer to have the engagement ring personalized by adding your future wife’s birthstone or the stone for the month that you will be wedded or perhaps, the stone she chooses. Look closely and find a ring with a gemstone that matches her eye color. This can be truly romantic.

Finally, you must ensure that the ring is of the best quality. To do so, you must purchase from a reputable jewelry store so that you won’t encounter any issues and problems later on.

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Art Deco Engagement Rings & Others

All women have their own ideas about what sort of engagement ring they would dearly love to have when the man of their dreams pops the question. In keeping with the theme of romance, some ladies go for a ring from a heart jewelry collection, but as I have mentioned before, my own personal choice was a diamond surrounded by dark blue sapphires while my best friend’s ring of choice was a ruby surrounded by diamonds. Engagement rings that incorporated other stones with diamonds were very fashionable during this era. Nowadays, solitaires and bridal sets seem to be the most popular choices available in engagement ring designs.

However, the fashion in engagement rings may well change following the engagement of Prince William in the UK. He has given his fiancée his mother’s (Princess Diana’s) beautiful sapphire and diamond ring. I’m not sure whether this would have been Kate’s first choice but I’m sure she will treasure this ring. It is well documented that William adored his mother and still mourns her passing, so for him to present his lady love with her ring suggests he must love and respect Kate very much.

Art Deco Engagement Rings

Antique or “used” rings are becoming ever more popular with some couples as they look for a unique ring to cement their love for each other. One of the designs they may look at is the Art Deco engagement rings that were very popular during the nineteen twenties and thirties. Art Deco is thought to have originated in Paris and is an eclectic artistic style and design that was adopted in fashion, architecture, interior design and jewelry. Vibrant colors, abstract geometric designs and a sense of opulence are indicative of this particular art period and this is displayed to perfection in the jewelry of the period.

Art Deco engagement rings have luxurious designs with an eye for detail. Black onyx, white diamonds, deep blue sapphires, emeralds and rubies are the gemstones of choice usually set in pure platinum but also featuring yellow gold. The designs are lavish with lots of filigree work incorporated into the pieces. Many of these rings feature a central old European cut diamond, bezel set in platinum with old mine cut diamonds and often other stones such as sapphires and emeralds surrounding it.

To complement the engagement ring, Art Deco wedding bands are equally as lavish and ornate as the engagement rings. They tend to be wider than many modern wedding bands, with beautiful hand crafted designs round them and encircled with diamonds.

Another antique ring you may well consider is the Edwardian engagement ring from around the nineteen hundreds. This was an era of extravagant luxury which was reflected in the clothes and jewelry of the period. The designs of engagement rings reflect this but the focus is on the more romantic traditional styles. The settings were very detailed and the more elaborate and intricate these were the higher the social status of the wearer.

If you are not fortunate enough to have an Art Deco ring as a family heirloom but you want the genuine article then you need to know where to find them. Obviously the Internet is a good place to look. There are a number of retailers of antique and estate jewelry to search on. Other sources are pawn shops, antique stores (especially those that specialize in jewelry) or estate sales. You need to make sure that you get written description of the piece including the size, age, carat, cut and clarity. Ideally you should ask if they have a certified gemologist’s report on the ring you are interested in. This will help to authenticate the ring.

Genuine Art Deco engagement rings do not come cheap, so before you splash out all that hard earned money, check the returns policy of the vendor you choose to buy from whether on the Internet or other source. Choosing a reputable jewelers or antique jewelry specialist is really the best idea as they will also be able to advise you on your purchase. If your budget will not stretch to the real thing then there are retailers that offer new rings created to look like one from the period you are looking for whether that is Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco. These are usually less expensive than the genuine piece.

Whether you choose one of the modern styles of engagement ring or one from a bygone era the most important thing is that you and your fiancée love it and that it will be a constant reminder of your undying love for each other.

Elegant, Sophisticated Art Deco Engagement Rings

Art Deco engagement rings are one of the most beautiful and stylish types of engagement rings you will ever see. Anyone who loves retro art and design will love the architectural and geometric lines on a piece of jewelry done with in this style. Art Deco is actually a design style that can be applied to many different objects like buildings, paintings and sculpture, and furniture as well as jewelry.

Art Deco originated in France during the early 1900’s. It represents a move away from previous artistic styles that featured pastel colors and curving, organic lines. Many designers and artists in the fields of fashion, interior design and the decorative arts began using the strong architectural lines and colors characteristic of Art Deco. All during the 1920’s, it was the most popular artistic style. F. Scott Fitzgerald said that “All the nervous energy stored up and expended in the War” (WWI) was what fueled the interest in this unique artistic style. One of the most famous examples of Art Deco design is the Chrysler Building in New York City, which was built between 1928 and 1930.

Art Deco has always been viewed as being elegant and glamorous as well as functional and modern. While some may view it as a ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’ look today, I believe it still gives a sophisticated, modern flair to diamond art deco engagement rings. Sunburst motifs, like one the Chrysler Building, and other symmetrical geometric patterns like chevron and fountain motifs are very typical elements used in jewelry and ring designs. Identifying those patterns is the best way to decide whether a ring is indeed of the Art Deco style.

Before purchasing antique Art Deco engagement rings, always make sure to see an appraisal certificate for the ring, just to be sure that it is indeed a vintage art deco engagement ring. Rings actually made in the 1920’s were often set in platinum and will be very costly if you can find one. Estate sales and auctions are often the best places to find true vintage jewelry.

There are many wonderful new rings being designed in with this style. While platinum was most often the metal of choice for Art Deco rings in the early 1900’s, white gold is now often substituted for platinum. Yellow gold is rarely seen in this style ring, but if you do a thorough search, you can find yellow gold Art Deco rings. I have one that my mother designed in the 1990’s when yellow gold was very popular. Diamonds as well as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are all commonly used in Art Deco engagement rings today. Depending on the gemstones used, you can expect to pay $1000 and up for a quality Art Deco-style ring. If you are on a very tight budget, look for cubic zirconia rings inspired by the Art Deco Style. They are not only beautiful, but they will be very kind to your wallet!

Any lady who wears one of these unique and beautiful rings will be seen to be stylish and elegant. If you are given one by your true love, consider yourself lucky to have been given such an artistically-inspired piece of jewelry as an Art Deco engagement ring!

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