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Diamond rings are often seen as the highest in quality, style, and design. This is due, in large part, to the amazing and exceptional nature of diamonds themselves. For now, please look into the specialized styles of diamond rings found below.

Styles of Diamond Rings

Styles of Diamond Rings

Styles of Diamond Rings

Blue diamond rings have been specially treated to attain the brilliance, beauty, and luscious icy colors. True blue diamonds are incredibly rare expressions of beauty. Even synthetic blue diamonds do well to capture the essence of unbreakable blue skies.

Diamond cluster rings are best for refracting light in as many directions as possible. If one diamond is good, a cluster can be incredible. By focusing on a plurality of smaller stones, diamond cluster rings achieve true beauty without the great expense normally associated with this precious gemstone.

Diamond eternity rings symbolize timeless and eternal love and devotion. With a string of glittering diamonds around the band, these rings are unmatched in luxury. In addition to full eternity bands, half eternity rings with diamonds along only the upper half of the band are also available.

Diamond solitaire rings are a specific niche within the larger category that are most commonly associated with engagement rings. These rings feature a single dazzling gemstone. By cutting out extras and accents, the focus on the ring falls naturally on the dazzling allure of the diamond itself.

Men’s diamond rings are perfect for weddings, anniversaries, or simply just because. These tend not to focus on a single diamond, and often have wider bands. Diamonds are the strongest and toughest of all gemstones, and as such fully embrace masculinity in a fashionable way.

Antique diamond rings look as beautiful today as the day they were crafted. Many in this category are actual antiques, while others have been designed in antique styles. Celebrating the past is a fine way to embrace future happiness.

Pink diamond rings use special gems that have gained a vibrant pink hue. These look especially good when matched with white gold or sterling silver bands. Pink diamonds are sure to turn the heads of any who see them, especially since they are so rare and unique.

Diamond Rings

It used to be that many wedding ring sets had a certain sameness about them. A woman’s engagement ring had a solitaire diamond and the unique diamond center stone could be found in various shapes, such as round, marquise, princess cut, oval, or emerald cut diamonds. The wedding band was either plain or had small diamond highlights, but there was nothing truly different about many of these designs other than the shape of the center stone and the size.

However, modern jewelry designs have changed. With it has brought forth a new wave of unique diamond rings that have a lot of options to offer the fashionable jewelry connoisseur. People no longer want to wear a ring like everyone else’s. The desire for innovation and creativity is now in demand, meaning more jewelry designers that are emerging more than ever before.

Unique Diamond Rings of today offer much more than those heirloom relics like Grandma used to wear. There is still a great market for vintage diamond rings, although more people who choose them now prefer a unique vintage diamond ring as opposed to an authentic antique diamond ring. Nowadays, ladies who want a diamond ring that is not like anyone else’s are asking for unique diamond rings, such as those of unique diamond ring designers and diamond craftsmen.

Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings For Women

Examples of styles that will make this unique diamond rings distinctively different include colored diamonds. Whether genuine or color treated – in the last decade – the popularity of yellow, pink, champagne colored and brown or black diamonds has become more and more prevalent. Celebrities started this new trend, and more often now you can find gorgeous colored diamond rings that are truly unique. The colored diamonds offer jewelry customers more options than ever because for the longest time the tradition was always for the lowest color and highest clarity as the most desired. Stones falling in the yellow to champagne (brownish) range were thought of as less desirable and often overlooked. Someone very clever in the jewelry business must have realized how beautiful these colored diamonds are when creating a unique diamond ring as opposed to one that is common.

With the evolution of technology and the internet, the jewelry business has thrived. Rather than trying to scout around town to find a unique diamond ring setting – in a place where abundant choices are limited – customers are now able to find their favorite designers for unique diamond rings with matching pendants, earrings, and bracelets if they wish. The limits of finding unique diamond bands within a local community have been lifted, making the opportunity for awesome diamond jewelry designers to showcase their work to more people from all over the world.

This makes it feasible for women and men to select unique diamond rings to be worn as wedding sets, unique engagement rings or anniversary bands that are unlike anyone else’s. For many diamond ring wearers, having that distinction is of great importance. Brides, in particular, have a desire to wear a unique diamond ring that is not just like her friends’ engagement ring. They want a ring that when people look at it, they say – “Wow! That is a unique diamond engagement ring, where did you get it?”

Everyone likes to stand out and separate themselves from the rest of the pack. With gorgeous designer diamond rings that you can find online these days, your chances of finding the diamond ring design of your dreams are not only possible, it is highly probable!

Two of the bestselling Unique Diamond Rings from Amazon.com’s elegant line of diamond rings.

Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

What factors should you consider in getting engagement rings? You must consider two different sets of factors simultaneously. The first is the functional aspect and the second is the aspect of appearance.

Many people attach great importance to the appearance of engagement rings and their wedding bands. However, ignoring the feature aspect does make it difficult for your wife to cope with the ring. Remember, people love the idea of wearing the engagement ring on their finger for the rest of their life.

However, the customization of diamond engagement rings can be quite a pain. People always find it difficult to control for a long period of time. If you want to avoid such complications, you must choose the right ring among the diamond engagement ring available in many markets.

Regarding the appearance, the size obviously makes a huge impact on the psyche of women. Of course, many people prefer the simple and quiet approach. The sight of a large number of diamonds and a diamond ring as a whole is very impressive. Therefore, you should try to balance the budget so that you can get the biggest ring possible. Of course, if you know your spouse does not like canary yellow diamond engagement rings, you should avoid buying them at all. You see, the basic idea is to make your wife happy.

Second, you must pay special attention to the quality of the precious metal that is used in the ring. For someone who is not satisfied with the brightness of the diamond, platinum or titanium can be an excellent alternative. This is perfect for those who know that their future wife likes to stand out from the crowd and likes to look different.

On the other hand, those who prefer elegance can go for gold or white gold for that added touch of class. It’s a common misconception that the diamond is the largest of all engagement rings. The truth is that the configuration and the metal that is used for the ring is also important. A large and elegantly designed diamond is obviously going to attract more praise from someone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Consider all these factors and be sure to give equal weight to the personal tastes and preferences of your spouse when choosing cheap engagement rings.

Diamond Shape

When buying diamonds, many are often struck by the wide variety of diamond shapes available, from the classic round cut to the romantic heart, and the striking princess cut. As opposed to the actual cut of a diamond, which is responsible for its fire and brilliance, the shape of a diamond refers to the outline of the stone’s overall form. It is an important consideration to make in conjunction with the length and width of the finger you are going to wear it on, or the position of the necklace which will display it. Different diamond shapes will flatter different constitutions and are even considered representative of different meanings by some.

Diamond Shape

If you are looking to dress a thicker finger, for example, you would do well to avoid narrow diamond shapes, such as the Marquise; instead choose a bolder design, such as the Asscher or Princess, or a diamond set with accent stones to widen the display. Conversely, narrower fingers can be overpowered by chunky diamond shapes, and favor more elongated pieces.

The fate of each diamond’s final shape is often decided by the initial shape of the raw diamond, and how best to remove its flaws and enhance its beauty; so, when choosing your stone, take into consideration not only how best the diamond shape will flatter you, but how the shape affects the display of the stone itself.

Asscher: A square with deeply trimmed edges, the Asscher has an almost octagonal appearance and is more difficult to come across, its mesmerizing depth making it a very sought after shape.

Cushion: Reminiscent of more antique designs, this gently rounded diamond shape is often used to create a striking solitaire.

Emerald: A rectangular shape with trimmed corners, this particular design features fewer light-reflecting facets; this means flaws in the stone are more difficult to hide making its clarity of critical importance.

Heart: This can be a difficult shape to cut, and is more of a novelty than a traditional design. A great piece to denote a romantic gesture, the heart-shaped diamond is often used in earrings and pendants.

Marquise: A slim and elongated oval which tapers to a point at each end, this is an elegant diamond shape, often set in rings parallel to the length of the finger.

Oval: A graceful way to decorate thinner fingers, the oval diamond is often used to create rings within a more detailed setting.

Pear: Also referred to as ‘teardrop’, this shape is frequently used when creating stones for earrings or pendants, as it lends itself well to hanging vertically. The unsymmetrical shape means a pear-cut diamond often stands alone, as opposed to being set with accent stones like the straight-edged emerald or princess-cut stones often are.

Princess: A completely square stone, the corners of this shape remain untrimmed, making color an important consideration (as the corners can make the lower quality color more visible). This diamond shape is often more affordable than others due to it being easier to cut and is frequently used in engagement rings.

Radiant: A much rarer diamond shape to come across, this is essentially a square version of the emerald shape (with trimmed corners) which features a blend of facets usually found in round diamonds.

Round: An incredibly versatile diamond shape favored by many, the round-cut diamond looks stunning in a solitaire setting and is used across the entire jewelry spectrum.

Trilliant: Most frequently found as accent stones due to their triangular shape, brilliant pieces fit perfectly against other straight-edged stones, or make unique centerpieces in their own right.

Diamond Rings Under $100

If you want to buy the diamond rings under $100, then you need to find the rings with low carat, clarity, and quantity. Many people think that it is impossible to buy a diamond ring for $100 or lesser. But you can get one, actually.

Most of the diamond rings selling in the market are made up of 14K gold rings with high carat and clarity diamonds that increase their prices. In order to cut the price of diamond rings, you need to cut the price of your ring and the diamond piece. There are 2 options for rings if you want to buy cheap diamond rings. The first option is to use the sterling silver metal for the ring instead of a gold ring. You can also choose the gold plated sterling silver ring for this purpose that will give you the look and feel of gold. Another option is to choose the ring that is made by the lowest karat of gold.

In order to cut the price of the diamond piece you need to focus on its clarity, carat, cut and size. For instance, you can use the diamond of clarity I2-I3 with the total weight of like 0.1 carat. So if you want to buy a diamond engagement ring under $100 or a wedding ring under $100 in diamond, then you can do it.

Check out and buy Diamond Ring Under $100:

Diamond Rings Under $200

Here are the best selling diamond rings under $200. Use these elegant yet cheap diamond rings as diamond engagement rings or wedding rings. Also a great option for Valentine’s day gift. The price of these diamond rings is controlled by the weight and carat of diamond stones. The quality and karat of gold ring is also a price deciding factor but less than the diamond price.

The diamond rings under $200 shown below have great customer reviews with a high rating and you will be really satisfied with the quality, cut, shape and style of these diamond rings.

Cheap Diamond Wedding Rings

Like engagement rings, wedding rings are also special and convey a special meaning to the world and to the couples especially. Engagement rings are usually solitaire rings, while wedding rings are traditionally the simple and plain bands of gold or platinum. Some people get them intricate and embellished with diamonds to match their engagement rings. It is not always easy to find a cheaper diamond wedding ring that has the quality and implication it should reflect.

Diamond and band options for cheap diamond wedding rings:

Small sized and fewer carat, colorless diamonds are always cheaper than bigger and more carat colored diamonds. Don’t ignore the quality of the stone; instead, reduce its size and number. Gold and platinum are the popular bands for wedding rings but are expensive too. Go untraditional and buy titanium and tungsten ring bands which are a lot cheaper.

Buying cheap wedding diamond rings online:

Online websites are the perfect places to shop for a cheaper wedding ring. You can find different authentic and honest online wedding ring dealers that sell cheap wedding rings without their diamonds being affected by lower quality or fakeness. The reason for their lower prices is no overhead cost that is usually present when you have a shop at a rental place, and you need to hire employees too.

Other cheaper buying options for cheap diamond wedding rings:

Vintage diamond rings can be a unique idea for a wedding ring. They are different and possess a heritage which modern rings lack in. These can be bought from auctions online and offline. Another option is to buy ring sets for your engagement, wedding and sometimes to be given on a child’s birth. Buying in bulk can result in a discount. Some jewelers present sales offer when emptying their stock, or on days like Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year eve. These are the best days to buy a cheap wedding ring or to buy cheap diamond rings of any kind beautified with diamond.

Platinum and diamond wedding rings

Wedding it is. What another occasion could be so momentous and meaningful than having your love into your life forever. She has waited for you faithfully and is now going to have her name associated with you. Isn’t it great? To commemorate this auspicious occasion, the wedding ring plays an important role. After all, it has to say what you won’t say it. So, opt for a ring that is expressive in all ways.

Diamonds for the wedding rings

Traditional wedding rings were just the simple and plain wedding bands. Today, wedding rings are adorned with diamonds, a love stone which is brilliant. Some people get confused between an engagement and wedding ring. A wedding ring is essentially an engagement ring but much bolder and eloquent. A bigger diamond is usually for wedding rings and smaller for engagement rings. There are several settings and designs from which you can choose one ring of your choice. Each time you buy a diamond ring; closely look at its clarity, cut, carat and color. These four factors, if chosen at their bests, increase a diamond’s worth tremendously.

The platinum band for diamond wedding rings

Diamond is expensive. It needs extra care while mounting onto a ring and afterward too when you wear the ring. Most of the rings get scratched over the time and put your diamond at risk of losing. Platinum is a hard metal and resilient to damage and scratches. It can make the life of your wedding ring prolonged and gives it an everlasting shine. The white color is pure and can adorn all types of stones, including all colored and colorless diamonds too. Your wedding ring has to last for long. Pick its metal and stone that stays forever. Platinum and diamonds are two such things that make an eternal combination of wedding rings.

Champagne Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a promise to stay together forever and to stand by each other’s side in every upheaval of life. It is to reflect your love and commitment to your other half. It says your support will always be there for your life partner. The message wedding and engagement rings deliver is the same almost with the slight difference where the latter says you are about to be married while the former says you are already married.

Diamond wedding rings are classy and traditional:

Diamonds are traditional stones to show your love to someone, and when it comes to engagement or wedding, which other stone can stand by you so well than diamonds. Wedding rings were originally the simple ring bands worn on left hand’s ring finger. They are now studded with one or more diamonds. Essentially a diamond wedding ring is similar to the diamond engagement ring except it is much bolder and bigger relatively. Otherwise, the special expression it holds for outlaying your love is the same.

Champagne diamonds make versatile wedding rings:

Champagne diamonds have a rich and lustrous brown color that is dainty and graceful. The color is very subtle and matches every skin tone. That is why champagne diamonds make great wedding diamond rings for men and women both. It appears rich and luxurious and defines an elite class of society as they are really expensive too. Moreover, the color is good enough for all metal types from rich yellow gold to the white elegant platinum. But, the diamonds are much accentuated with platinum and white gold.

Diamond Scottish wedding rings

What are the Scottish rings?

Scottish rings are famous for their thistle design. A thistle is Scottish emblem and is a representation of one. Therefore, a ring with a thistle is known as a Scottish ring. Scottish rings were originally confined to Scotland, but have gained popularity worldwide eventually. They are usually made up of gold. 18k, 14k and 10k gold are being used. Sometimes Scottish rings are found in platinum, silver, and other cheaper metals too.

Scottish rings as a wedding band:

Wedding rings are usually plain ring bands without any ornaments. Their bands are relatively thicker than the bands of other rings, like those of engagement rings. Scottish rings also have a wider band and are a perfect choice for wedding rings. They are unique and catch the attention easily. Moreover, if you want to go matchlessly traditional, Scottish thistle rings are for you to be put on as your wedding ring. They have been crafted in yellow gold. But modern day jewelers have come up with white gold, platinum, titanium, and tungsten Scottish ring bands as well making them even more unique, yet affordable.

Scottish wedding rings with diamonds:

With the world being modernized, wedding cheap diamond rings have been given another look. The simple and plain bands are still in use, but sometimes they are adorned with precious stones like diamonds. Diamond Scottish wedding bands have a single or more diamond stone on the thistle of the band. Couples can choose the size of the diamond according to their choice. Choosing a diamond requires all those C’s look up again, i.e. cut, clarity, and carat.

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