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925 Sterling Silver Princess Crown Ring Review – Drawing Compliments

Matching the right ring to your outfit might look easy, mostly because this accessory looks too small to pay too much attention to. The truth is that it can make the difference. Get the right unit and you will draw compliments like a magnet.


Princess Crown Ring ReviewJewelsObsession 925 Sterling Silver Princess Crown Ring might be the ideal choice. Sterling silver and a crown design make this ring excellent for that special lady who wants to feel like a princess – or perhaps a queen. This unit resembles the lady who wears it, so, what should you expect from it?


JewelsObsession is known for its sparkling pieces of jewelry and this one makes no exception. It is available in several sizes and varieties – mostly regarding the finishing. Other varieties are sold as different products though.

Rhodium and Sterling Silver Everywhere. The unit is plated with rhodium for a flawless shininess. In terms of finishing, it comes in yellow, rose and white. As for the actual material, it is made of 0.925 sterling silver – 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The copper is added for extra durability, yet it does not affect the silver brightness. It comes in 7 sizing standards – from 4 to 10. Moreover, it measures 14 millimeters in width.

Cubic Zirconia for Impression. Cubic zirconia may not be a solid diamond, but it is as close as possible to it. Unless you show this ring to a jeweler, no one can tell the difference. There are 17 stones used for the design of this ring. They are round and synthetic, so they are made in a laboratory. Once again, this aspect is not relevant. As for the total gem weight, you got 4.5 grams of cubic zirconia, making this ring a cost efficient investment.


  • Does not make the finger green for wearing it over long periods of time
  • Excellent for both young and older “princesses”
  • More sparkling than in pictures
  • Cost efficient


  • Getting a large size will cause the two first stones on either side to rub against the adjacent fingers.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

I found over 270 reviews for sterling silver princess crown ring, which means it is one of the top selling units over the Internet. Around 94% of all users have given it four and five stars. Overall, it is rated at 4.7 out of 5 stars – outstanding!

Mathilda: “Got this princess crown ring for my daughter. The pictures are dishonest because this thing looks brilliant when you look at it!”

Kathy: “Perfect size! And it sparkles way more than in the pictures. Good buy for this kind of money.”

Jane: “It’s great, but it has one flaw. Side stones where they meet the band will rub against the fingers. It’s uncomfortable, so get the smallest size that can match your finger.”


In conclusion, JewelsObsession 925 Sterling Silver Princess Crown Ring is a statement. If you love drawing attention without spending a fortune, this model underlines a high level of luxury at a cost efficient rate.

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