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How to Pick a Diamond Set

Choosing the right diamond set is very important for that special someone. The set you end up choosing says that you know what she likes. Furthermore, it also shows how much you care, especially since you took the time to pick out a diamond set which was specially made for her.

Diamond Set Designs

Diamond Set Designs

When you go shopping for a diamond engagement set, you may spend hours trying to find the perfect set that will say exactly how you feel and this can be quite a task. There are so many different cuts and sizes of diamonds that you may think it is impossible to choose just one. The key to finding a diamond engagement set which will best suit your loved one is to not rush. This means that you must not spend just one day looking around. It sounds overwhelming, but taking your time to find a diamond set ensures you of a perfect choice.

You might not know where to start, but keep in mind that picking a diamond set is not difficult. As you start your search, keep in mind what she likes and her personality. You know her taste and the things that she does not like, so these aspects must also be taken into consideration. If you are at a lost, you can take a peek at another diamond jewelry set that she may already have and go from there.

The strategy is to think about the type of diamond settings which she would pick out for herself. Whether it is a princess or marquise cut, look closely and see if you can see her personality in it. If you have to linger for a very long time, then you know that it’s not the right diamond set for your partner. Remember that you do not have to stick with the traditional diamond settings and you can even choose a set which has her birth or favorite precious stone as part of the design. Do not hesitate to be a little unique and design your own setting as well. When she sees it, she will know that you really made the effort and gave it your best.

Prices of these sets may vary, but do not go with the cheapest or the most expensive ones. Finding a diamond jewelry set in the middle price range is a good way to go. The ring does not have to be expensive in order for you to show her your love. As long as you choose from the heart, then she will look at it with pure bliss and consider it as the best even if it doesn’t include one of those marquise diamond engagement rings.

The Fearful Search for the Perfect Diamond Set

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they certainly are not a shopper’s best friend! Searching for the proper diamond set for you or for that special someone can be the most daunting task you can face. Diving in head first may seem like a good idea, but that’s the best way to end up with regrets.

There are many factors to consider before settling on a diamond set – especially when it comes to a wedding diamond set. How much do you want to spend? Sure, there are many rules to go by, but the most common practice is to pay roughly the equivalent of two to three months pay. I agree, that’s a lot of money, but when it comes to something as important as an engagement ring, a diamond ring is a must, so you cannot be miserly.

The next factor you must look at is the depth and cut of the diamond set. Decide on your potential bride-to-be’s style (or anyone for that matter). Take a look through her jewelry box and try to determine a recurring style. With this knowledge, head to the jewelry shop and begin your browse. But don’t let the sales clerk bully you or even dazzle you with their high end, ludicrously expensive diamond set designed with the style and grace of royalty. Blind them out, and search for what can be considered uniquely your own.

When I decided to “pop the question” to my wife, I went searching for the diamond set that would define both me as the buyer and my wife as the receiver. “What would she want?” is a much more important question than “what do I want to spend?” – A question that may plague the minds of many men. For me, I decided to follow the old adage of three months pay as a suitable value. Good; step one complete. Now to the hard part: what style of diamond set? Here, this was a little simpler because my wife hinted that she didn’t want a wedding diamond set that would get stuck in her hair. I chose a simple style (another requisite “hinted” by my wife) with a deep lying diamond set into a white gold band. It is quite elegant in style, although its inherent style is simplistic.

Whether you’re searching for the all too important engagement ring, or an anniversary present, or if you’re simply looking to spice up your own style, the diamond set you choose should reflect and embody your personality and tastes. Don’t be fooled by glitz and glamour; choose what’s right for you.

Diamond set designs

Diamond set designs with price

A Diamond Set is a Metaphor for Endless Love

Most people think of a diamond set as a diamond engagement ring set or a diamond wedding set, but a diamond set can really be so much more. While traditionally diamonds are the most popular stones in engagement rings and wedding bands they are also used in so many other pieces of jewelry. A diamond set can consist of a diamond ring, a bracelet, a diamond necklace, a pendant, a brooch, an anklet, earrings, tiaras and hairclips among other pieces or adornments. A men’s diamond set can consist of cufflinks, tie clips, watches, and rings. Good quality diamonds can be costly so it is not uncommon to start with one piece of jewelry and add pieces over time until a diamond set has been collected.

Also, there are times when an heirloom diamond has been passed down from generation to generation and the original setting needs to be repaired or replaced. You can either find an artisan to create a new piece of jewelry or take it to your local jeweler to have the diamond set in a piece they may carry in their shop. Many times men have an engagement ring crafted for their fiancés from a family heirloom. There are also times when a loose diamond either cut or uncut is purchased and later placed in a setting. If you don’t know where to have a diamond set you could either contact a local jeweler or do a search online to find artisans and craftsmen in your area. If the diamond is not of good quality the jeweler might give it a square cut often referred to as a princess diamond cut. This cut is often used for imperfect stones because the squared cut hides imperfections and blemishes in the stone.

In recent years India has become a major exporter of diamond jewelry. You can find an Indian diamond set online as well as in local jewelry retailers. India also exports Polki diamonds which are usually large. Most commonly they have subdued luster and are in need of polishing to bring them to the brilliance diamonds are noted for. Whether you are looking for a complete Indian diamond set, individual pieces or uncut diamonds, you can find sources by searching the internet.

Diamonds are often equated with endless love. There is something metaphoric about this. Diamonds are strong and are often used as precision cutting instruments. For any of you who may be old enough to remember old phonographs, a diamond needle was the epitome of phonograph needles. To say that a diamond is forever may not be far from the truth. A diamond set goes on forever and speaks in a “sharp,” precise and wordless way of undying, endless love. There is no better gift to say “I love you with an endless love” than a diamond set. The metaphor is there, now where is the diamond?

A Diamond Set: Shop Before You Pop

You have been meaning to ask her that all important question but you are scared witless. (It’s ok to say you’re scared guys – if you weren’t there would be something major wrong with you!) You have been looking for the perfect moment and the perfect setting but nothing seems quite right. That’s because you are focusing on the wrong setting! How can you ask her to marry you if you don’t have the diamond set? I mean the very least you need is the perfect engagement ring to slip on her finger when she says “YES!” (you know she will so take a deep breath) Here’s an invaluable word of advice; don’t focus so much on the “where” setting but get a handle on the “diamond” setting.

To be sure, weddings can be ultra expensive starting with the diamond engagement ring. That is why it is so important to focus on a good diamond setting. If you take a little time and plan it out with your jeweler you can add to the diamond set as time goes on. If you start with an engagement ring that is part of a diamond wedding set you can build the set as you go. Before the big day you can buy the wedding bands, either one at a time if they are costly or together. I am assuming here that you would like to have a matching men’s wedding band for yourself!

Something most men don’t think of (and why should they, they’re only men after all – jk) is that if you plan the diamond engagement set well you can add to it piece by piece over the years so that one day the diamond set will include earrings, a pendant or diamond necklace and perhaps even a diamond bracelet. It’s all in the setting really. A diamond setting is almost as important as the diamond itself. A beautiful perfect diamond is atrocious if it is in a gaudy, poorly crafted setting. I don’t care how many karats the diamond is, if the setting is unacceptable you might as well buy a cubic zirconia.

Remember, second to your actual wedding day, this is the most important day of your life. I am sure you know the answer before you ask so take your time and choose a diamond setting that will last a lifetime. This is just the beginning of your life together and you want it to be memorable always. Whenever you add to the diamond set she will look back on this day and know that you planned it to be FOREVER. So just relax, take another deep breath, pop the question, and oh, did you remember to bring the ring?

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