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Sapphire is a magnificent gemstone that is both captivating and astonishing; a true visual feast.  Sister stone to the ruby, the sapphire is alluring with its many colors and uses.  This gemstone is not tied down to one specific color; in fact, it comes in a variety of breath-taking colors.  It carries shades of blues varying in saturation from pale crystal to deep royals that capture the mind.  Brilliant yellows and mesmerizing oranges and even immaculate clear mimicking the faces of diamonds can also be found. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings are often encrusted with this enthralling gemstone so vivid in both color and presence.

Sapphires are often paired with diamonds.  The shimmering faces of these precious beauties brighten and compliment the overall design and layout of these monumental pieces of jewelry.

Vintage Sapphire Ring

Vintage Sapphire Ring

The price of sapphires range from purity, color, and cut.  Sapphires whose hues are in the blue and violet ranges are considered highly valuable if the blue-violet hue is not muddled with gray and green hues.  The clearer or more purely hued the sapphire, the more stunning the gemstone becomes.  Blue is the most recognized color of sapphire and the most common of the hues.  There are rarer colors that occur naturally in this gemstone family that are considered “fancy”.  These normally carry quite a higher price tag than most sapphires.  Hues pink increase in value and price the darker and purer the shade of the gemstone and also the clarity of the hue.  When pink gemstones reach upward peaks of rich salmon color, the price immediately increases as well as the value.  These sapphires normally surpass the appraisal of even the most brilliantly cut blue sapphires.  More commonly found sapphires, mainly yellows and greens, are also considered fancy but do not carry such a high demand.

Color, hue, and shade of these marvelous gemstones are not the only set of rules deemed in figuring the worth and value.  The cut, size, and region of where the sapphire was obtained also highly affects value.  The most abundant areas of sapphire deposits are found in Australia, Sri Lanka, Africa, and parts of the United States.  These are are well known and are trustworthy locations in finding large, quality, amounts of the gemstone.

Blue Sapphire Necklace

Antique Diamond & Blue Sapphire Necklace

The value of the sapphire can be greatly diminished if there is any sign of alteration to the gem or treatments in which the purest color is revealed by the extraction of impurities.  By law, it must be told to the potential customer whether or not the sapphire naturally occurred as presented, or if it was altered in any way to improve or enhance.

Sapphires are popular and found in many forms of jewelry.  Sapphire rings adorn the fingers and accent the elegance of the hand. Necklaces encrusted with sapphires bring attention to the gentle curves of the neck, while sapphire bracelets embrace the wrist and charm the eye.

With such praise being placed upon this majestic precious gemstone, sapphires are commonly given as gifts for highly momentous occasions.  Sapphires have been so rightfully named as the gift for the 45th wedding anniversary.  For such a highly momentous occasion, who could argue with the immaculately present of such exquisite beauty and undeniable presence? Receivers of this gift will become enthralled by such a display of beauty evoked by the love and bond of 45 years of dedication to one another.  It is quite beautiful to place the sapphire necklace upon the neck of your loved one, or place the glowing sapphire ring upon their finger.  A gift such as this should be displayed fervidly and proudly.  The reason behind the sapphire makes the gift that much more spectacular and astounding, reminding you of the love and devotion of the one who revealed this stunning gift.

Sapphires are simply gorgeous creations.  They are magnificent offspring that only the earth can produce.  Gemstones such as these hold within them real meaning; the symbolization of dedication, devotion, and perpetual love.  Their beauty is pure and enchants the beholder with a sense of awe at such a marvelous work of art brought forth by nature alone.  Those who receive the gift of a sapphire will never forget it.  They are truly fortuitous to have such an astounding gift bestowed upon them.

Most Common Types of Sapphire Rings

Sapphire rings are one of those jewelry items that not everyone owns, but I wish that weren’t the case. I’d like to talk about the most common types of sapphire rings and tell you a little bit about them.

Beautiful blue sapphire ring

Beautiful blue sapphire ring

  • Blue sapphire rings

As I mentioned, blue sapphires are the most common type of sapphire. Sapphires are composed of the mineral corundum. Titanium and Iron mixed with the corundum is what gives the blue sapphire its blue color. Vivid medium blue sapphires are the most desirable, and are sometimes described as being a cornflower blue. Blue sapphire rings look stunning when paired with peridot jewelry, such as a peridot ring, that is worn next to the sapphire ring. Blue sapphires are also often paired with aquamarine rings. A high quality natural sapphire ring of any size, say over 1 carat, can cost upwards of $10,000. Blue sapphire rings with natural sapphires that are considered “highly included” are more opaque, and have been heat treated (but are still beautiful

Pink Sapphire Rings

Pink Sapphire Rings

in appearance!) sell for under $1000 and are a good alternative to think about.

  • Pink Sapphire Rings

It is interesting to note that blue sapphires and rubies are very closely related. Both have corundum as their base. When chrome is present in the corundum, the result will be a ruby. So actually a pink sapphire is the middle ground between a blue sapphire and a ruby, and are sometimes even referred to as a pink ruby. A deep pink sapphire will be very valuable. Many pink sapphires are heat treated to improve their appearance. A heat treated pink sapphire should not cost a much as a natural, vivid pink color one will, so make sure to ask about that before you purchase a pink sapphire ring. Pricing for pink sapphires follows that of blue sapphires. If you are willing to purchase a heat treated stone that may have more inclusions, you can find beautiful pink sapphire rings for $1000 and under in 14K gold settings.

Yellow Sapphire Ring

Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 18k White and Yellow Gold

  • Yellow Sapphire Rings

Look for deep yellow stones with no “orange” hues when looking for yellow sapphire rings. As with most sapphires, heat treatment is common to increase clarity and color, but heat treated stones are less valuable than naturally deep yellow ones are. Untreated Ceylon Sapphires from Sri Lanka, as yellow sapphires are sometimes known as, are priceed from $100 to $400 per carat, depending on the clarity of the stone. Of course, larger ones with exceptional clarity and deep yellow color will be priced in the tens of thousands of dollars. Yellow sapphires are breathtaking when set in white gold or platinum, as the silvery color of the setting makes the yellow color of the stone “pop”. Just think how beautiful a yellow sapphire ring would look in the springtime paired

White Sapphire Ring

White Sapphire Ring in Sterling Silver

with a beautiful purple tanzanite necklace!

  • White Sapphire Rings

White sapphire rings are sometimes used as a substitute for diamond rings. White sapphires, or colorless sapphires, are very durable but don’t have quite the brilliance and fire that a diamond has, however. Some white sapphires actually have a slight blue, pink or yellow tinge to them. White sapphires are wonderful used as accents in jewelry, as they are less expensive than diamonds but will give much the same look as a diamond will. Heat treatments are common in white sapphires, also. Large white sapphires are very rare, and will be very expensive if they are also high quality, with few inclusions and are truly “colorless”. Lesser quality stones that are still beautiful to the eye are very affordable for most people. Always insist in seeing the certificate of authenticity for a white sapphire, as with any precious gemstone. It will tell you the quality rating of the gem as well as if it has been heat treated.


My advice is always to shop at quality stores when shopping for gemstone jewelry, either online or in person, and this is no exception. A salesperson who refuses to show you a gemological certificate for sapphire rings is hiding something, so you should just go elsewhere. Sapphire rings, in whatever color you like, will always be a sophisticated, spectacular addition to your jewelry collection. I highly recommend getting one (or two) for yourself…today!

Happy Shopping!


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