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Size Princess Solitaire Engagement Matching Rings has a wide range of solitaire diamond rings that are high quality and reasonably priced for almost any budget. The company has a sterling reputation for customer service, so when choosing Amazon as the store to buy your solitaire you can be sure any problems will be promptly resolved. When purchasing a ring through a third party from Amazon you can be certain they will give any problems the same level of attention and care.

Solitaire Diamond Rings Prices

The price range of solitaire diamond rings available at Amazon can be seen when choosing the “Beauty” category for solitaires. Three rings are listed, with the lowest price at $6.77 and the highest at $5499. Selecting the more commonly chosen “Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry” category gives you the option to buy rings priced just over $100,000.

Price is a major consideration, but what about the quality of the diamond, the most important factor in making a purchasing decision? Amazon has its own “Amazon Curated Collection” of solitaire rings so you can choose from their own private collection.

All diamonds in the Amazon Collection are either GIA certified (Gemological Institute of America) or IGI (International Gemological Institute) certified. Many of the best solitaires have specific values for the “4Cs” of diamonds – cut, clarity, color, and carats weight – included in the description. For example, one ring description says “

14k Gold Classic 4-Prong Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring (0.25 cttw, H-I Color, I1-I2 Clarity).” This is a feature that takes the guesswork out of what you are buying, and what the real value of the diamond is worth. To further help yo understand what the different ratings mean, they provide a summary of each diamond characteristic in a concise table.

Amazon states that all of their diamond suppliers state their compliance with the Kimberley Process, ensuring the diamonds in their Curated Collection are conflict free.

Beyond the Amazon Curated Collection selection, there are other brands available including Myia Passiello, Kobelli, and Reeds. There is a Discount option towards the bottom of the left column that allow you to search through their selection of discounted rings, with a savings of between 10 and 70 percent

White Gold Bridal Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire Engagement Rings

When it comes to

solitaire engagement rings, Amazon has a nice selection to choose from. The definition of a solitaire engagement ring is the ring has one diamond, without side stones or accent stones. Obviously you are going to get the lower quality diamonds and gold that is more filler than pure gold for the lower priced rings but there is still a selection of beautiful choices. (Anything less than 10k gold cannot be sold as jewelry.)

Beware of the cubic zirconia rings that Amazon does not advertise as diamond rings but come up in the search result anyway. When you view the results of your search be aware of your sort criteria. A number of Amazon Collections are displayed based on your criteria – not all rings are displayed in a single window.

As far as band materials go, there are the expected choices of white gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver. Most of the band composition is the standard 14k yellow gold variety.

Amazon’s collection of solitaire engagement rings is select but adequate for many people. It is an excellent place to do either your original shopping or your final purchase. Browsing the various types of rings will give you a good idea of what to look for in style, and unless you are looking for a unique type of solitaire you are likely to find what you need available in Amazon’s store.

Solitaire Diamond Ring Designs

Most of the band designs are quite simple, though it seems Kobelli offers the greatest variation in band style and design. The primary diamond shapes available are round, emerald, oval, marquise and pear. There are some elegant Princess shapes in the collection, but when it comes to stones on the band itself they will be harder to find. There is definitely a larger selection of diamond shapes, extending into the heart and pear shapes as well as some Asscher and Radiant types.

There is a selection of black diamonds for those who prefer to make their own fashion statement. The general consensus is that their quality is just as high as the traditional white diamonds. In either case, Amazon states whether the solitaire is domestic or imported, an important factor for some people.

Settings for the diamond are basically the 4 pronged and 6 pronged varieties, with several custom fit and twisted shank styles available.


Regardless of whether your choice is a solitaire engagement ring or a quality piece of jewelry, Amazon can meet your basic needs – as long as you aren’t looking for a one-of-a-kind situation. The ring sizes can be fitted in most cases for sizes 5 – 9. This summarizes Amazon’s approach to solitaires – provide a good selection of quality rings that will appeal to and met the needs of most Amazon shoppers. You always have the option of taking advantage of third party sellers on Amazon to find a more customized solitaire.

Amazon offers a 30-day period to return any ring purchased, regardless of the reason for dissatisfaction. They will give you a full refund and you can return it for free if you live in the United States.


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