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Making jewelry pieces using pure silver is not feasible, because pure silver is not hard and sturdy enough. Therefore, to make silver jewelry, a small quantity of copper is mixed with silver. The silver so produced is called sterling silver. In technical terms, sterling silver has 92.5% silver and the rest 7.5% copper. All kinds of jewelry items like bracelets, rings, and necklaces are made using sterling silver, but a sterling silver heart necklace requires a special mention because of its irresistible appeal.

Why choose a sterling silver heart necklace? There are many reasons why one should choose a sterling silver heart necklace over other options in necklaces. To begin with, these necklaces are less expensive than other necklaces such as those made from gold. The heart shaped pendant is ideal to be given to one’s beloved since women have been found to fall in love at first sight with a sterling silver heart pendant necklace. If maintained properly, sterling silver retains its charm and beauty for years. In addition, even if the silver is tarnished after years of wear, one can easily get it polished and make it appear as new as it was in the beginning.

There are many designs available within these heart necklaces. For example, there are double heart pendant designs in which two intertwined hearts, symbolizing the love between two souls, are asymmetrically interconnected. Now, with a sterling silver heart charm necklace, one can also personalize the pendant by getting one’s own and one’s beloved’s name engraved on each of the hearts along with birthstones. Another beautiful design is the one where a solid heart dangles through a hollow heart. With this pendant, one can easily adjust how deep the solid heart drops on one’s neck.

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

A Guide To Buying A Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

In addition to these popular designs, one can also find a number of sterling silver necklaces of different lengths with a pendant decorated with different stones. Though depending on the stone used, these necklace pendants will cost you more; they are worth considering because of their sheer timeless beauty.

Whom would these necklaces suit? Heart sterling silver necklaces are meant for both adult women and teenage girls. Since sterling silver has an elegant white shine, these necklaces would suit females of all skin colors, whether white, dusky or dark. These necklaces are perfect for not only big parties and events, they can even be worn to casual dates and parties and even to office as well. These pendant necklaces go well with all kinds of dresses as well, be it an expensive evening gown or a casual party dress.

If you are a male and are looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry to give to any woman in your life, be it your mother, wife, girlfriend or daughter, then you need not look further than this sophisticated heart shaped silver necklaces and pendants. Not only will the woman you give the necklace to be pleasantly surprised and genuinely grateful for your gift, even you would feel a sense of satisfaction seeing the heart-shaped mark of your love and affection adorning her beautiful neck and bringing a smile to her face.

Where should you buy these necklaces? You can easily buy a beautiful heart pendant and sterling silver necklace as well as other types of heart jewelry from a jewelry store. However, a better place to look for it is the web, because it will allow you to check out the available products at different sites and compare prices. Many companies will offer you a 30-day money back guarantee on your purchase, so it is also safe to buy a pendant necklace online. Buying online will also avoid you moving away from the comfort of your own home, as the necklace would be delivered at your doorstep in a couple of days.

So take a look at the sterling silver heart necklace choices you have the next time you decide to buy and do yourself a favor!

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Heart Key Necklace And Other Heart Jewelry

When I started this website I was aware that jewelry was a popular choice of gift for ladies of all ages from birth to Great Grandmas. I also knew that heart jewelry, in particular, was a favorite for those wishing to express the love they feel for the ones they hold close to their heart. But I soon realized that it is not only lovers who buy this kind of jewelry. Teenage girls and women are buying heart jewelry to accessorize their outfits and as gifts for their female relatives and friends.

Walking around the mall recently, looking for birthday presents and Christmas gifts, I soon realized that there is a huge selection of heart jewelry in a variety of designs, metals and price range. Every department store jewelry counter has a tremendous choice of any piece you can think of. For example, one particular piece that caught my eye in Macy’s was a heart key necklace. It was 14K gold with diamonds inset into it. Without having to search very far I was able to find other heart key necklaces in white gold and sterling silver in different designs. In some, the heart formed part of the key and was either an open heart or a solid heart. Some were simple and understated and others, like the diamond encrusted one, was more elaborate and of course more expensive.

In all the department stores I visited I saw lots of different heart key necklaces but I also noticed lots of other pieces of heart jewelry to choose from. In JC Penney I found a silver heart charm necklace with a number of different hearts hung around the chain that I thought was quite unusual and there was a matching charm bracelet to go with it. On the more fun side of things, they had a necklace made up of different colored hearts with flowers painted on it. This would make a great gift for a pre-teen girl. Then there is any number of heart lockets specifically for Mom or Grandma or the many different types of pendants that are available.

Other pieces that I caught my eye were heart bracelets. I have already mentioned the silver heart charm bracelet with lots of different heart charms attached to it but I also like those bracelets with just a single heart charm. Some of the others that I found particularly appealing are those bracelets consisting of hearts joined together to form the actual bangle. These can be gold, silver, white gold or tri-colored gold and can consist of open or solid hearts. These bracelets are suitable for those women who prefer the bangle style rather than one with charms dangling from them.

Heart Key Necklace

Heart Key Necklace And Other Heart Jewelry

These are just a small selection of the many pieces of heart jewelry I saw during my shopping trip. I didn’t have enough time to check out the heart earrings and rings. Every jewelry counter or jewelry store I passed seemed to have more heart jewelry than I have noticed before. From cheap and cheerful costume jewelry to ultra expensive diamond and precious metal pieces the choice is immense.

I know more and more people now shop online because it is more convenient, time-saving and usually there is a greater choice of goods and price ranges. However, if you are thinking of buying a heart key necklace or any other piece of jewelry, it might be better to see it in the store before shopping around online to get the best price deal. At least then you have more of an idea of what it looks like, the thickness of the chain and the actual size of the piece you are interested in. There’s nothing worse than buying something online only to find that it doesn’t live up to expectations when it arrives. Especially if you have left it to the last minute and don’t have time to get a replacement before it is time to give the gift.

Caring For Your Heart Locket Necklace

Are you having trouble deciding on the best way to store your heart locket necklace (and other pieces of jewelry!) to ensure that they remain in sparkling condition for the next time you wear them? You could choose to keep them in the box they originally came in but then you are left not knowing what is in each box unless you only have a small number of items. Alternatively, you could choose one of the many jewelry boxes, jewelry armoires, jewelry organizers or creative jewelry stands that are on the market.

Before deciding which jewelry storage system to buy, you need to consider all the items in your jewelry collection. Do you have more pairs of earrings than rings? Does your collection consist of mostly necklaces? Is it mostly gold or silver with precious gemstones or does the majority of pieces that you have consisted of fashion jewelry? Thinking about these things will help you choose the right size and kind that will best take care of your pieces.

If you mostly collect gold, silver or pieces made from other precious metals and with gemstones set into them then you will need to ensure you pick the right sort of container for them. To prevent pieces from getting scratched or dented each piece should be stored alone. Necklaces will become tangled if stored together and the ideal way to store them is in the original box they came in or hung from a hook in a special compartment of a jewelry box. Rings with stones in them should be stored with the stone uppermost, not only will this help in identifying which ring is which but it will also protect the stones from damage.

The traditional jewelry box, made of wood or metal with velvet lined interior compartments, has been what most women would choose to keep their jewelry in when they are not wearing it. They may have drawers sectioned off to hold bracelets and necklaces, there may be a section in which you can slot rings and an earring section for stud earrings. Depending on the price you want to pay and the size you need, some of these can be a beautiful ornament as well as a useful container. Along similar lines are the jewelry armoires which can be plain or ornately carved, modern or antique to fit in with most decors.

When it comes to choosing the right container for your more valuable and sentimental pieces of jewelry, be it the heart locket your children bought you for Mother’s Day or the heart bracelet your husband bought you on your anniversary or indeed any type of heart jewelry, it is worth considering choosing a jewelry box that doesn’t necessarily resemble one. For instance, there are ones that look like a mirror but they have a locked jewelry compartment behind the glass. There are others that look like picture frames which again have a secret compartment at the back. If these don’t appeal, consider storing your jewelry box somewhere other than the bedroom as that is the first place a thief will look for valuables if, God forbid, your home gets broken into.

A fun way to display your fashion jewelry is to buy one of the many artistic display stands that are now readily available from a wide range of suppliers. These are especially good for your less valuable pieces and they can display them to their best advantage. A porcelain hand makes an ideal ring holder or a harp-shaped earring holder will make a colorful display. From classy to rustic there is bound to be a stand to suit your taste and items of jewelry.

Heart Pendant Necklace

Heart Pendant Necklace

When traveling, always carry your jewelry in your carry on bags to ensure it stays with you. Soft fabric pouches are ideal to protect your heart earrings, bracelets and pendants. If you plan on taking lots of jewelry with you, a canvas organizing pouch with multiple compartments would be the best solution as it is less bulky and heavy than a travel jewelry case.

These are just some tips on how best to care for and store your heart jewelry (including your heart locket necklace) to keep it in tip-top condition and retain its value.

The Favorite: A Heart Pendant Necklace

I recently asked my female relatives and friends what piece of heart jewelry they would like to receive if they could only have one item. At the same time, I asked their husbands, boyfriends, and sons, which piece of heart jewelry they would buy, who they would buy it for and why – and this article is about the answers that the men gave.

I was fascinated and a little surprised that overwhelmingly I got the same answer from all but one of those I posed the question to. They all said that they would choose a heart pendant necklace if they were going to buy heart jewelry as a present for someone. It’s definitely not the result I expected before I started questioning them, because I had imagined that the range of ages an social backgrounds would produce answers that were far more varied.

The first one I asked was my husband as he is very good at choosing and buying jewelry that he knows I will like and that will suit me (he has already bought me some heart shaped earrings and a necklace). He said his choice of heart necklace would be one of the Jayne Seymour collections with an open heart design. Another stipulation he made was that it should not be “big and flash and vulgar” but rather it should be “refined and pretty”. As to whom he thought it would be appropriate to buy it for, he said that he would only think of buying heart jewelry for “someone he had positive feelings for, someone he loved or respected like a wife, mother, daughter or close friend – certainly not a stranger”.

As I asked more people about heart jewelry, I found that all of the guys were consistent in their view that they would only buy heart pendants for the women in their life who they wanted to tell how much they meant to them. For instance, my son said he would buy one for his girlfriend to show his feelings for her. Like his Dad, he would choose something delicate but perhaps with a diamond set into it. On the other hand, the youngest guy to answer my questions was my friend’s young teenage son who said he would buy a silver heart-shaped necklace for his Mum as “she would look nice in it and she doesn’t wear earrings”.

When asked, my son-in-law said that a necklace or a pendant were the first items to spring to mind. He thought that earrings could be too clunky and he would never think of buying a bracelet but he suggested that “a heart pendant necklace looks attractive and smart”.

One of our very dear friends said that he would “buy a silver heart necklace for his wife because she wanted it”. He also said he would let her pick it out for herself so that she got the one she wanted. The reason he gave for choosing a heart pendant necklace (and I suspect the other men feel the same way but maybe wouldn’t admit to it!) is “because it hangs around the area to which his eyes are drawn first”. At least he was being honest!

Only one of the guys would not choose to buy jewelry for someone special. He told me he was not into jewelry at all as he doesn’t see the point of it. The only precious metal jewelry he thinks is okay is engagement rings and wedding bands for women. All other jewelry is a waste of money unless it is cheap fashion jewelry. I asked how he felt about buying jewelry as an asset especially as the price of gold and silver has soared recently. His answer was that he “would buy precious metals and gemstones as an asset but not as jewelry because you need to take away the sentimental value that people associate with jewelry”.

All the men I interviewed gave me very honest answers to the questions I asked and I thank them for that and appreciate their participation. Why not ask your man what piece of heart jewelry he would buy you and why? I wonder if his choice will turn out to be a heart pendant necklace?

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Sterling Silver Heart Necklace And Other Gift Ideas

With every year that passes I am finding it increasingly difficult to think of suitable gifts for our daughter for Christmas and her birthday. I suppose I could take the easy way out and give her money or a gift card, at least then she could choose something that she really needs. But for me that seems a little impersonal and also I know how much she enjoys opening gifts to discover the surprise that lies inside the wrapping paper. So this year I am really trying to come up with something I know she would really like but not expect to get.

When we were talking over the summer about jewelry in general and heart jewelry in particular, she did mention that she would like a heart necklace because she didn’t have one. This got me thinking that maybe this was something we could buy for her to show her that although she is now grown up, married with a child and a successful businesswoman she is still our “little girl” and still has a place in our hearts.

There are so many heart necklaces on the market that the only question is which one to choose. One of my first thoughts was a double heart necklace as this would symbolize the fact that she has a place in both her Mom and Dad’s heart. Even within this category, I was faced with a huge selection of designs. Should I choose something with two interlocking hearts or maybe one with a solid heart (this could be engraved with a personal message like “you are always in our hearts”) and an open diamond heart on a chain? Or maybe it would be better to choose one of the open heart pendants in the Jane Seymour collection as our daughter is a very compassionate person with an open heart.

But then I got to thinking about other gifts she might like and I know one thing that she would really like is some “me” time. She runs her own business so is working full time and then some and so she treasures every moment she can spend with her young son – but that leaves her little or no time for herself. We all need some downtime and so instead of jewelry, perhaps a weekend away at a spa resort with a friend would offer her the chance for a bit of pampering and relaxation, with perhaps some form of massage and beauty therapy and above all the chance to sleep later in the morning.

Heart Necklace And Other Gift Ideas

Heart Necklace And Other Gift Ideas

When she was a teenager she loved going to concerts to see her favorite group perform and I know it is something she hasn’t been able to do for a long time because of the cost and also being able to spare the time. A weekend away in a hotel with tickets to see one of her favorite artists is another idea that came to mind. This time she could either go with her husband (not sure they share the same musical tastes) or again she could go with a friend for a “girlie” weekend.

Another thing that I know she really enjoys is Formula One car racing (she lives in the UK) and one of her ambitions is to go to the Monaco Grand Prix race. This may prove to be a bit more than we could afford for one present but I’m sure if all the family members clubbed together we may be able to get tickets for this event.

We haven’t yet finalized what we will give her as a gift for Christmas, it may be a double heart necklace which she could wear when at work or play, or maybe one of the other ideas mentioned – or who knows some other idea may occur to me that seems more appropriate at the time. Whichever one we choose we still have the others in reserve for future birthdays and Christmases!

If you are having trouble coming up with fresh gift ideas for a special lady in your life one of the things I have mentioned may be just the right gift for her.

Why choose a sterling silver heart necklace?
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Why choose a sterling silver heart necklace?
Why choose a sterling silver heart necklace? There are many reasons why one should choose a sterling silver heart necklace over other options in necklaces.
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