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Long Necklaces | Accessorizing Made Easy

For many women, accessorizing can feel like an extra chore. While it can seem overwhelming and time-consuming, it really doesn’t have to be if you have versatile pieces on hand that you can just throw on to finish an outfit. One of these pieces is a simple long necklace in either silver, gold or both. The metal color doesn’t matter as much as the look of these necklaces. Here are some points to look for in a long necklace and all the different ways they can be worn.

Long Necklaces

Long Necklaces: Accessorizing Made Easy

1. What to look for in a long necklace

When choosing a versatile long necklace that you can just pop on before running out the door, you want to look for styles that are substantial enough that they can make some sort of a statement while being understated enough to be versatile. If this sounds confusing, brands like Stella & Dot sell various styles like this.

Next, while colorful jewelry is fun, this particular piece should be in metal shades only, like silver or gold. The benefit of this will be that it won’t matter what colors are in your outfits, this necklace will work. Wear it to jazz up neutral outfits made up of colors like black, navy, grey and tan, while also using it to make bold prints and bright colors look finished.

Lastly, if you have a large chest, choose a gold long necklace that isn’t too chunky and that lay flat. You don’t want to add unnecessary bulk. There are so many styles out there to choose from, at a variety of price points. This long necklace doesn’t have to be expensive to be useful.

Here are five different ways you can wear a long necklace. Don’t limit its use to just casual or just dressy. As you will see, this versatile piece can be worn in all types of situations.

2. Jazz up a t-shirt and jeans

A white t-shirt and jeans are so easy and carefree. However, if the look feels boring or staid throwing on a long gold necklace to keep the ease of the look while adding a small pop.

3. Add to a basic work dress

If you rely heavily on basic dresses for work and want to keep these outfits simple but not boring, try tossing on your long gold necklace to give the dress a professional finish that isn’t over the top. For more professional dressing tips, click here.

4. Wear with a button down shirt

Do your button-down shirts need a little extra? Place the long necklace under the collar of the shirt and let it hang delicately. You can add long necklaces of gold to basic white shirts, but don’t stop there. The beauty of the necklace being silver or gold is that they can also work with colored shirts and even prints and patterns.

5. Add to a summer maxi

When the weather gets warm, you’ll likely not want to accessorize too heavily. However, this simple long necklace can work with any type of summer maxi you are wearing, from boldly printed ones to elegant black styles.

6. Wear with a suited look

Suits are so easy to wear. Throw a simple cami under the jacket, and you’re good to go. If you feel like your suited looks need something more, use a long necklace to finish the outfit in an understated and professional way. Looking for more tips on wearing a long necklace, here are some additional tips.

Get more with less

Having a wide range of different accessories can easily play up your basic wardrobe pieces. Remember, in addition to these colorful, fun pieces, having good basics on hand, like a long necklace; you’ll always have it on hand in a pinch while using this one simple piece to accessorize a whole range of looks while also getting more with less.

How to Find Your Perfect Necklace Length

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on using balance points to find your most flattering necklace lengths.

Necklace length overview

Perfect Necklace Lengths

Photo Credit: Vanni Bassetti/ Getty Images Europe

Have you ever noticed that when you put certain necklaces on they hang at a length that is flattering, but when you put other necklaces on they seem to hang at awkward lengths? You may not be able to put your finger on why the lengths of this necklace don’t work; you just know they don’t look right.

There is actually a reason certain necklaces work and others don’t, they’re called Balance Points, and everyone has two of them.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on using Balance Points to find your most flattering necklace lengths.

How to find your first balance point – Step 1

Necklace length

Photos: Getty Images.

Start by finding the visual length of your face. If you have bangs, the visual length of your face is much shorter than without them. If you have soft, sweepy bangs, find your length at about the middle of your bangs or where your bangs are the lightest. Measure this visual face length with your hands.

How to find your first balance point -Step 2

Balance Point

Photo: Getty Images.

Next, take the visual length measurement of your face and mirror that length from your chin to your chest. This is your first balance point and one of the two points where a necklace length will look best. Because everyone has a different visual face length, this measurement will vary. However, this point usually falls about mid-chest.

How to find your second balance point – Step 1

second balance point

Photos: Getty Images.

The second balance point is a bit trickier to find. Start by finding the widest point of your face. For most people, this is usually the cheekbones; However, as you can see in the photo on the right, this woman has a wider forehead than cheekbones making the widest point of her face much higher. Regardless of where the widest point on your face is, draw an imaginary horizontal line across your face where it is the widest on you.

Note: find the widest point of your face when you are not smiling.

How to find your second balance point- Step 2

second balance point

Photos: Getty Images.

Measure from this widest point of your face to the bottom of your chin with your hands to get the second balance point length of your face. You can probably measure this length with one hand.

How to find your second balance point – Step 3

balance point - Step 3

Photo: Getty Images.

Next, take this measurement and mirror the length from your chin to your chest. Again, because everyone has a different face shape and size this length will vary, however, you will find this second necklace balance point falls somewhere around your clavicle.

Using an extender for necklaces that are too short

extender for necklaces

Photo: Getty Images.

If you have a necklace, you love but find it is too short for your balance points; all is not lost. Try using a necklace extender to add some length and so it flatters one of your two balance points.

Shortening necklaces that are too long

Shortening necklaces

Photo: Getty Images.

If a necklace is too long for one of your balance points, shortening it can be a simple task. You can try shortening it yourself this way or if you don’t feel ask skilled in the DIY department, bring it to your local jeweler, instead. In fact, jewelry repair and maintenance is often free at the locations where you purchase your jewelry, and your jeweler may offer to shorten a necklace at little to no-charge, especially if you are a regular customer.

Balance Points can also be used for necklines

Balance Points for necklines

Photo: Getty Images.

Balance Points can also help you find your perfect neckline depths, as well. For more information about how to use Balance Points for necklace lengths, as well as neckline depths, check out my video tutorial here.

Long Necklace For Women

The long necklace is basically a long shape type of chain that worn around the neck. They usually used as a fashion ornament to enhance fashion image for women or men. They are bearing with beads, stones, pearls etc to offer different pattern, shapes, and designs. However, how many types of long necklaces from Amazon you can categorize if you are given a minute to list it down? Actually, this is impossible whereby the item is too many. Like I mentioned earlier, these necklaces are bearing with beads, jewels, stones etc. as such, if the particular necklace is accented by pearl, then we called it as a long pearl necklace. The same condition goes to long pearl necklace whereby the necklace is accented by pearls like freshwater pearls, black pearls etc. Hence if a long necklace is made of silver entirely, then it is called a silver long necklace. As a sum, the name of the ornament is determined by its materials as well as its toppings.

Long Necklace

Long Necklace Ornament for Women

Tops Vs Long Necklace

What are tops the best to pair with these necklaces? Principally, the necklace is complementing well with high collar shirts or tops like turtleneck tops or dresses. This is because of the full coverlet of the tops from neck to chest is offering a base color, which is the color of the top which is crucial to display the necklace. In this case, then long necklaces like white long pearl necklace are able to present its best if your tops are in darker colors like black and brown. In contrast, if your long necklace is in a darker color like you are getting up a black long bead necklace; then make sure you put up the bright color series of tops or blouses. Somehow, the necklace is also paired well with cultural-oriented tops or blouses like peasant blouse and bohemian dress. As far as concern the image of these tops is matched perfectly with the appearance of a long necklace, especially for a colorful series of long bead necklace. My best recommendation to you is Marie Chavez Multi Stone Long Necklace when you want to pair it with cultural-based dresses. As far as concern, this piece is a candy-bright confection which is better than any afternoon treats. They are crafted in gold metals and the piece is accented with multiple stones lend lime. Thus it is followed by caramel, blueberry and lemon flavors of stones too. As for your note, the length of this ornament is 38 inches.

Click here to see a selection of necklaces and their prices.

Adorable Long Necklace for Evening Party

If you are going for an evening event this week, then maybe you can consider for my recommendation on a few cheap long necklaces that I think is absolutely is the eye-catching piece. Firstly, I would personally recommend you to put up a Mikimoto Extra Long Akoya Pearl Station Necklace. As far as concern, these 50 inches long pearl necklace is contained of 23 Akoya pearls. Thus they are also crafted in 18k gold; nevertheless, you can always go for the white gold base. They look elegant, sophisticated and charming. To pair with this ornament, you can select all kinds of an elegant gown like strapless tube gown or dresses.

Secondly, if you are going for a casual birthday party and you need some sparks on your plain dresses, then a Lana Jewelry Long Adoring Necklace is a great option. As far as concern, the necklace is developed into several circles, in big and small which is offering unlimited style for you. You will get excited with these long necklaces cheap as they really put in the right party mood, especially when you decided to match it with a pair of rose gold hoop earrings. The necklace is available in white gold, yellow as well as rose gold as its chain.

My final recommendation to you is Argento Vivo Hammered Disc Station Long Strand Necklace which is the piece that is making delicate stations and styles. This piece is suitable for a formal type of evening event as it looks elegant and sophisticated. This long necklace is in approximately 40 inches length and they are crafted in sterling silver. Moreover, the piece is also developed with lobster clasp closure which is easier for opening and close. You can consider making this long necklace a gift for your mother, wife or girlfriend. She definitely loves it and will make it as the precious collection.

Long Necklaces: Accessorizing Made Easy
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