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14K Gold Japanese Akoya White Cultured Pearl Necklace – AAA Quality Review

Since the olden times, pearls have continued to adorn the jewelry box of women. However, the type of pearls in use tends to differ from one woman to another. While many love freshwater and simulated pearls, a significant number shall prefer saltwater pearls. As a rule of thumb, pearls are eternal charms that hardly die and always reflect elegance and beauty. However, the choice of pearl type shall vary as per the occasion.

Japanese Akoya White Cultured Pearl Necklace

14K Gold Japanese Akoya White Cultured Pearl Necklace

So, are you looking for a pearl necklace with high luster, natural build, and perfect size suitable for your young daughter who is in her 20’s? Do you wish to present a necklace having natural pearls having an even size and matchless luster to your wife this anniversary? In both the situations, the 14k gold Japanese Akoya white pearl necklace can be an ideal choice.

With the AAA quality, the necklace has pearls that have their unique presence, glisten, and add more sophistication to a classy and modern woman. The pearls look as if they are fully flawless, while the necklace is nicely strung. The glowing, silver-toned, evenly sized pearls droop straight without any crooked or stiff sections.


This white gold necklace from the Pearl Source has almost 30 clean and round pearls on the strand that is 18 inches long to loop. It has single strand fishhook clasp as well. You can choose the pearl size that ranges from 6 to 10 mm.

The beauty of this necklace lies in its Akoya Pearls that come from the Japan’s saltwater pearl farms directly. These finest pearls are handpicked to ensure maximum luster, color, quality, and cleanliness. They are lustrous and beautiful enough to match with no other pearl quality in the world. In the necklace, all of them are perfectly round and strung with double knots and silk thread in between. The round shape increases the overall value, while the clean appearance indicates hardly any blemishes inside.

white akoya cultured pearl necklace

White Akoya cultured pearl necklace

Akoya pearls are also famous for their white color and deep luster due to light reflecting off layers of small calcium carbonate crystals on the nacre surface. This means that these pearls have thicker nacre, which makes them more valuable.

The Akoya White Cultured Pearl Necklace also has a pretty 14K gold (58% gold) clasp, with the option of yellow or white gold. In case of white gold, some amount of platinum might be added to give the color.

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  • Nice presentation box
  • Real pearls
  • Well matching
  • Great quality
  • Priceless luster
  • Perfect texture, length, and size
  • Uniform and elegant look
  • Good color


  • Hardly any, except for a few blemishes
  • Expensive but worthy for its real pearls

Customer Reviews and Ratings

At the time of writing, I found only 34 customer reviews about white Akoya cultured pearl necklace but they together formed an average of 4.9 stars out of 5, which is highly commendable. Almost, 95% reviews have given 5 stars to this real pearl necklace. Here is what the customers are saying:

Nazgul104: Received it right in time for the Valentine’s Day. Wife loved it. As for the pearls, the luster was good and they had a rose tinge to them. We compared it with a freshwater pearl necklace keeping them side by side and were able to see the difference. Thanks Pearl source!

Beverly A Kadoshima: Pearl Source did it right! The pearls are exquisite, luminous and lovely. They have proper certification and the price was good. I am very pleased and would definitely refer any of my friends and family to them.

BlueMountain: The length is good, so is the luster. However, there are too many blemishes than I expected. 


The 14K gold Japanese Akoya white cultured pearl necklace is ideal for impressing your wives, daughters, and mothers who love pearls.

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