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Tips For Buying A Watch Online

Tips For Buying A Watch For Women Online

Things to Consider When Buying Men’s & Women’s Watches Online

Although it is advertised to be a piece of jewelery or perhaps a trendy accessory, a watch can actually tell a lot about the wearer. The watch can underline the style, look and character, but it will also give others an insight into the wearer’s priorities and background without asking too many questions. With these ideas in mind, a watch is not only a random choice, but an important decision that can make the difference in the long run. Of course, from a fashionable point of view, it does pay off to choose a watch that can match your overall style and outfits. Remember that it is meant to fit your outfit, so you should not change your entire wardrobe for it.

On a different note, it is not surprising at all to find people who wear watches only to tell the time. They need to know the time, so they can easily get along with one of those units whose price tags end with .99. These things are more than enough for their styles. To many others, time and style are irrelevant. As long as a watch looks good enough for their outfits (the right colors), nothing else matters. Believe it or not, some people wear watches that look good, even if they are terrible at telling the time. They will never be asked about the time at a formal event anyway, so why would they bother?

Any person can understand the basic concept of a watch. Most units come with the quartz movement for a good precision, so they often require batteries. There are plenty of exceptions as well. But then, a deeper understanding of these accessories will help you realize the subtle upgrade from one unit to another. Different timepieces come with different quality standards and statements. Disclosing these elements will not only allow you to pick the most appropriate unit, but it will also save you money. Now, what should you know about watches? What are the actual front runners and what makes them so popular? Check out our watch reviews here.

Choosing the Right Watch: Overview

Choosing the right watch is definitely a challenge. There are plenty of units out there – hundreds of them actually. Each of them has particular specifications that can make the difference. There are small details that are not even visible, yet they can double up the price. A little education is highly recommended to make a wise choice. Choosing randomly implies basing your decision on guesswork. Unless you are really lucky, finding the watch of your dreams can be confusing. You will end up understanding your needs later on. At that point, it will be too late. In other words, a bad choice will waste money, hence the necessity of research.

The first step implies figuring what to look for in a quality watch. Identify your expectations and necessities first. Some must-have features apply to pretty much any model. Second, you need to determine these must-have specifications, then ensure that you get them. How? Easy! Every manufacturer will promise you the world. If you only count the list of specifications, these things will confuse you even more. At this point, it is imperative to look for reviews. Reviews come from people who have seen and tested these things in person. They can tell you what each feature is about, but they also identify the minuses of specific watches. After all, no manufacturer will ever mention weaknesses and flaws, but only the pros.

When it comes to matching the specifications of a watch to your personal needs, you should consider the parts of a watch. What kind of bracelet do you want? What material do you expect? How about the dial? Are there any extra functions you might need? Have you considered the mechanism? Do you know the pros and cons of each type of mechanism? As if all these were not enough, the actual shape, style, design, colors and coatings are not to be overlooked either. Go through all these questions and figure what you might want from a watch. Only then you can finally decide. Luckily, with so many options in commerce, you should not make any sacrifices. There is something for everyone out there.

Tips For Buying A Watch Online

Tips For Buying A Watch For Men Online

Choosing the Right Watch: Considering the Mechanism

When it comes to the overall mechanism, watches are classified by multiple criteria. It is worth noting that the mechanism is practically the heart of the watch – its engine. A poor mechanism will quit on you within months, not to mention failing to keep the time accurate. Sure, every watch in the world will lose a few seconds on a monthly or yearly basis. But then, if you buy one of those things that cost less than your daily espresso, you will probably lose minutes every week.

  • Quartz Movement:
  • Relatively new – invented in the ’20s, when scientists realized that a vibrating quartz crystal can keep time quite accurately.
  • Cost efficient – more and more manufacturers can keep costs extremely low without sacrificing quality and performance.
  • Popular – between 1970 and 1983, the number of mechanical watchmakers in Switzerland dropped with over 60%.
  • Stylish – left plenty of room for innovative designs and materials, so it underlined the growth of the watchmaking industry.
  • Mechanical Movement:
  • The age of renaissance – everyone expected mechanical watches to die when quartz kicked in, but they actually gained in value because they are rare now.
  • Unique mechanism – based on a coiled mainspring, a geared barrel and many geared wheels, this watch can indicate time in an extremely accurate way.
  • Evolving – mechanical watches have gained plenty of features (known as complications), so the more complications you want, the more expensive your unit will be.
  • Highly efficient – apart from self winding mechanisms in some watches, users may benefit from calendars, moon phases, power reserve indicators, alarms and others.
  • Automatic Movement:
  • Similar to mechanical movement – most popular mechanical timepieces, as they wind themselves according to the hand movement.
  • Classic timepieces – with the first model released in 1770, these watches underline culture, tradition and style.
  • Visible mechanism – while not all watches adopt the skeleton profile, plenty of automatic watches allow the wearer to see the beautiful masterpiece behind the glass.
  • No batteries – unlike quarts watches, automatic alternatives do not require any batteries, so they are likely to resist for way longer.

Tip: The movement is certainly an important consideration, yet buyers are highly advised to pay special attention to other less official classifications. 

From this point of view, watches can be classified according to their actual purpose as well. Then, what kind of categories should you pay attention to?

  • Couple Watches:
  • Matching the same style, but different sizes and small design changes.
  • Excellent to withstand water submersion and not just rain, splashes and sweat, like most other watches on the market.
  • Large Watches:
  • Ideal for ladies who want to achieve the boyfriend effect.
  • Mostly recommended for casual occasions.
  • Military Watches:
  • Have all kinds of features related to the environment, including compasses, inclination angles and others.
  • Sports Watches:
  • Fitted with numerous features, but mostly chronograph subdials.
  • Coming with two dominant colors.
Find Great Deals on Millions of Items Storewide

Find Great Deals on Millions of Items Storewide

Different watches come in different materials. Sometimes, the entire watch might be made of one material in particular, but slight combinations are also accepted. When it comes to dials, most of them are made of stainless steel. It is polished and looks great. It is hard to scratch, but it will also face the taste of time in a successful manner. On the other hand, stainless steel can be coated as well. Coatings are meant to give it a unique appearance, as well as a specific color. However, a coating is less likely to resist forever and is prone to scratches.

Watches available in one material also imply having the bracelet in the same material. Metallic watches are excellent for casual and elegant uses. They can also be sporty. On the other hand, they do not always make the best statements during formal events. At that level, the metallic bracelet is often replaced with a leather one. Leather might look classic and traditional, but it is also a timeless material. Unlike stainless steel, leather can also be used on less formal watches, not to mention casual uses. However, it is not as durable as stainless steel.

Sports watches and even casual watches may come with rubber as well. Rubber or silicone is more popular in children’s watches, military watches, diving watches or sports watches. Why? Easy. The silicone is durable and flexible, so it is less likely to put too much stress on your wrist. It is elastic too. Just like you can probably imagine already, you should not show up with a plastic watch at a formal event. It is not the most suitable material for such a high level of elegance.

Choosing the Right Watch: Considering the Shape

Watches are available in more shapes. Most of them are round, but there are many other alternatives too.

  • Round:
  • Can be dressy or sporty. Invicta watches under $75 including dress watches, leather styles, and more.
  • Highly recommended for a good water resistance.
  • Hands are easier to read.
  • Tonneau:
  • More stylish than a rectangle watch due to the barrel shape.
  • Elongated and easy to read numerals.
  • A retro, yet elegant appearance.
  • Rectangle:
  • Considered more elegant than round watches.
  • Slightly curved to fit the wrist.
  • Mostly appropriate for formal wear.
  • Square:
  • Common in fashion watches.
  • Small squares are elegant.
  • Large squares are sporty.

Our Top 10 Watches: Where To Buy Watches Online

Here are the top 10 watches based on their popularity, sales and reputation, along with their reviews.


Going through all these things one at a time might look overwhelming, but this is what it takes to buy a good watch.

You do not want to realize that your new watch cannot match your style after you have already purchased it. Furthermore, good decisions give you the confidence that you buy something right for your style and message. Keep in mind that you should not change your style for a watch, but vice versa.

You are about to invest in yourself, but do make this statement with your needs in mind. Research each option and avoid random guesswork.

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