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Necklace Buying Guide: How to Buy Necklace For Women Online

Necklace Buying Guide: How to Buy Necklace For Women Online

How to Choose the Right Necklace

Necklaces are magnificent fashion accessories that when matched with the outfit augments a woman’s personality significantly. They are commonly as well as easily accessible jewelry pieces. Usually, necklaces are not only meant to be the finishing touch to apparel but also believed to carry a sentimental significance for the wearer. Usually, necklaces are often the first jewelry piece given to a child. While typically considered for women, necklaces are available for any age.

Right from a simple silver chain necklace to a strand of pearls wrapped around the neckline, cross necklaces, and best friend necklaces that teens love, there is a necklace design suitable for each one of us. Indeed, several necklaces for women are available with distinct designs and looks, which can suit to different women right from a homemaker to a professional.

Apart from that, the choice of necklace also depends on the occasion or purpose for which it needs to be bought. Because necklaces are brought for different occasions and purposes, a well-appointed collection of jewelry tend to include a variety of necklaces, such as pendant, fashion, diamond necklaces, pearl, gold, rhinestone, designer, and chain designs. However, this diverse collection is the result of right selection of necklaces.

Choosing the Right Necklace: Overview 

Getting the right neckline piece as per the wearer’s preference, neckline, apparel, and occasion is essential if the aim is of a stylish appearance. Only such a match can enhance the overall look of the wearer. The right necklace accents the neckline of the preferred attire and round off the appearance precisely. Further, the necklace and neckline must not compete with each other.

One must consider a variety of factors while choosing an impressive necklace to match the attire’s neckline. These factors include the necklace type, the chain type, and necklace length. While those chunky and statement necklaces reveal different effects for a variety of social occasions including parties, cross necklaces have a religious or spiritual feel. Similarly, different necklace lengths are available right from short chokers to long operas.

Likewise, the style is also important, along with how where and how it is positioned on the neck. For example, necklines such as polo and crew can have any necklace of any style or length, provided the pattern or color is not lost or does not clash with the attire’s color. Other necklines need a little more thought and are choosier when it is the matter of selecting the right necklace.

Here are the buying factors described in detail so that you can choose the right necklace in no time.

Choosing the Right Necklace: Identifying the Right Necklace Type

The necklace type varies as per the length or adornment. By length, women’s necklaces are often classified into the following types.

  • Collar Necklace (for Babies and Young Girls):
    • 5 – 35 cm (12 – 13 in) long
    • Stays tight and closest to the neck
    • Usually multi-strand
    • Ideal for a slender, V-shaped, and boat necks as well as on off shoulder tops and blouses
  • Choker or Bib Necklace (for Young and Teen Girls):
    • 35 – 41 cm (14 – 16 in) long
    • Sitting high on the neck
    • Single or multi-strand
    • Ideal for the neck of petite women
  • Princess Necklace (For Teens and Adults):
    • 45 – 50 cm (18 – 20 in) long
    • Very popular
    • Ideal for various necklines but better to wear it higher or lower than the neckline
    • Common with a pendant or charm hanging just beneath the collar bone
  • Matinee Necklace (For Adults):
    • 56 – 58 cm (22 – 23 in) long
    • Usually a single strand lying atop the cleavage
    • Ideal for workplace and with collared shirts, V-neck shirts, and blouses (business and casual wear)
  • Opera Necklace (For Adults):
    • 75 – 90 cm (30 – 35 in) long
    • Rests at the breastbone
    • Ideal with elegant gowns and formal blouses
  • Rope Necklace (For Adults):
    • 35 – 45 in long
    • Worn in different ways to make knots in front or several loops around the neck
    • Ideal for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries
  • Lariat Necklace (For Adults):
    • Usually a very long rope variation, without a clasp and often draped several times around the neck
    • Ends might be looped, crossed over, or knotted in different ways

Tip: Before purchasing a necklace, it is wise to measure the length by applying a measuring tape to the neck and holding the ends together at the place where the necklace needs to sit.

However, the tip is also dependent on how the material or adornment falls. For example, a pendant on the chain might hang in a heart shape or a V shape, while wired beads never dangle at all. Necklaces are made up of different materials such as pearl beads, wood, silver, gold, platinum, sterling silver, gemstones, and other precious stones or metals. Many of them can hold a blend of metals and semi-precious stones, synthetic accents, and polished shells. Considering these materials in mind, women’s necklaces are often classified into the following types.

How to Buy Necklace for women

How to Buy Necklace for women Online

  • Pendant:
    • Available in different sizes, materials, and designs such as chunky
  • Chain:
    • Has chain
    • Available in different materials, lengths, and styles such as twist, box, cable, herringbone, and rope
  • Graduated Strand:
    • Available with beads, pearls, or other materials for increasing the size slowly until the focal point is reached
    • Available with single or multiple strands
  • Multiple Strand:
    • Available with more than one strand
    • Strands in symmetrical manner or entwined
    • Available in different lengths, sizes, and colors
  • Chunky:
    • Features jumbo beads in metal, glass, or wood
  • Statement:
    • Bold and funky
    • Increased flair to dress
    • Designed to make a statement
  • Adjustable:
    • Special clips for adjusting the length
    • Most versatile

By adornment, you can have several types: Cross necklaces (with cross as pendant), charm necklaces, diamond necklaces, pearl necklaces, name necklaces, monogram necklaces, gold necklaces, sterling silver necklaces, and prayer bead necklaces (wide lasso and religious symbol).

The materials used for necklaces as well as pendants differ greatly. As per the type, design, and style of the pendant and necklace, the metal can be anything from base metal and silver to platinum and brass. If on budget, white gold necklaces are more expensive than costume jewelry designed to look as fine pieces but made of brass, copper, and nickel and often have gold or silver plating or filling. The filling is longer lasting than plating, and does not carry the risk of tarnishing although the color loses eventually. In case of plating, the underlying metal mixes with gold to make it lose its color or tarnish.

Similarly, even the metals for necklaces and pendants tend to vary. In case of fine jewelry, the metal is usually gold, sterling silver, or platinum. While a casual look is more adorned with costume jewelry, fine jewelry is better for formal occasions. For silver necklaces, consider a ‘925’ hallmark that indicates maximum amount of pure silver. Because silver is soft, it is mixed with other metals to avert tarnishing and ensure strengthening.

In case of gold, you will come across various colors and carats (purity level). While 24-carat is the purest form, 18-carat indicates 75% purity and 10-carats depicts 41.7% pure gold. The color can be rose, yellow, or white and is always blended with other metals.

If you choose platinum, keep in mind that this rare metal is quite costly across the globe. The hallmarks for this metal are 999, 950, 900, and 850, of which 999 is the best with 99.9% purity.

Choosing the Right Necklace: Identifying the Right Chain Type

If you are choosing from gold or silver chain necklaces that are very common, you are mostly likely to come across different types of chains. This is irrespective of whether the piece is gold-filled, plated, or silver-plated.

  • Box: Features square links to form a smooth bond; thinner versions with pendants popular for women’s jewelry
  • Snake: Features tightly connected rings forming a rounded, heavy but bendable build and giving the look of a flexible tube with the snakeskin texture; narrow and delicate; ideal for pendants.
  • Rolo: Features round links in classic look
  • Wheat: Features a blend of oval and twisted oval links
  • Rope: Features strands of intertwined gold resembling a real rope; delicate versions for pendant necklaces and heavier ones with the chain being the major appealing part; tighter braid means more metal and more value

Choosing the Right Necklace: With the Possessed Neckline

  • Turtle Neck: Longer necklaces
  • Crew Neck: Short lengths such as Bib necklaces and Choker necklaces
  • Scoop Neck: Multiple strands of beads or pendants with larger scale, any length but not those resting on the neckline or having hanging pendants; pearl or chunky necklaces; fine chains
  • Polo: Bold and chunky necklaces, long string of beads
  • Strapless: Chokers or short pendants; round shaped necklaces; single strand necklaces
  • Square Neck: Pendants with angular finish
  • Asymmetric Neckline: Symmetrical necklaces or necklaces with a long string of beads of different sizes and shapes
  • Halter Neck (Narrow V Neck): Narrow pendant with an end that is sharp; single or multiple strands lying above the cleavage
  • Round Neckline: Short necklace or choker for low neckline, long necklace with strand of beads for a high neckline
  • V Neck: Necklace matching the shape, princess necklace with pendant
  • Collared Shirt (Button Down): Choker necklaces for long neck
  • Boat Neck: One or two long string of beads, statement necklaces, matinee necklaces
  • Cowl Neck: Short and dainty necklaces with pendants
  • Sweetheart: Curled necklaces, chunky necklaces, pendant with chain style

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After going through the aforementioned factors including the neckline type, we hope that you now have gained more confidence in selecting the right necklace. In fact, we think that you have already come across the necklace of your choice, isn’t it?

If not, click here for reviews of other necklaces to make an instant choice now!

Every time you look for necklaces, consider it as a new opportunity to look for a new style!

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