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Everything You Have To Know About the Cartier Love Bracelet

Cartier Love Bracelets For Women – The Cartier love collection has skyrocketed lately. This interesting bracelet has just started to gain notoriety though. The funny thing is that it is not new at all. If you take a look at it, you will notice that it does not actually stand up in the crowd. It is simplistic, so you can probably find countless better-looking bracelets in commerce – for a lower price too! With all these, something is definitely way too attractive to make this unit a best seller. No matter how you feel about the Cartier love bracelet price, chances are you will fall for it too.

Cartier love bracelets 18K yellow gold bracelet

Cartier love bracelet 18K yellow gold bracelet set with 1 diamond.

Discovering the Cartier love bracelet

The unit might look relatively new. If you check the Cartier love bracelet price Amazon, you will be surprised to find out that costs have gone up lately. The Cartier love bracelet price increase feels suspicious at first. After all, the bracelet was launched in 1969. It was originally designed to underline your love toward someone. Its construction is easy. It comes in two C shaped parts, which are connected with a couple of screws. The general idea is simple – you give this bracelet to a loved one, but you keep the screwdriver. Sure, it has a special meaning, yet its popularity is also given by celebrities wearing it – from Lindsay Lohan and Pilla Middleton to Katie Holmes. Do you have what it takes to join this trend?

What makes the Cartier love bracelet so special?

Whether you get the actual product or a Cartier love bracelet replica, the appearance is what makes this unit so attractive and special. If you think about it, it brings back old memories for hundreds of years ago. Back then, knights and warriors used to “install” chastity belts on their wives. They held the keys themselves, only to make sure that they would not cheat on them. From the same point of view, this bracelet carries a similar profile. You install it on a friend’s wrist and you hold the screwdriver. Only you can take it out (of course, in a symbolical way). A few decades ago, Cartier’s bracelet was known to be the slave bracelet. Today, it has become the loved one. It is meant to be worn on a 24/7 basis.

Exploring the Cartier love bracelets – the wear

The Cartier love bangle price becomes irrelevant when this unit turns int an active part of your lifestyle. Basically, you have to take it everywhere. The weight seems perfect. At first, you will find it a bit heavy. It only takes a couple of days to overcome this feeling. Sooner or later, it will feel perfect on your wrist.

Getting used to it implies paying attention to it since you want it in the best possible shape. So, what do you do? Get your clothes on without rubbing zippers against the bracelet. Learn to type without hitting the bracelet on the laptop’s touchpad over and over again. How about your laptop case or purse? Stick your hand in without touching the zipper. Luckily, all these become part of your lifestyle.

Going to the gym often? Cleaning your home round the clock? At first, making all kinds of movements might feel weird. When it comes to cleaning, it depends on what kind of substances you use. If you use chemicals, you should get a sweatband over the bracelet. Otherwise, natural and organic solutions are safe for it. According to every Cartier love bracelet review 2018, its maintenance is not so overwhelming, despite the way it feels during the first few weeks of “connection”.

On a different note, keep in mind that wearing it round the clock will show small signs of wear and tear. It happens to anything, from clothes to jewelry. However, the bracelet maintains its integrity. Such small signs underwear the fact that they are loved and this is exactly what it is trying to point.

You might face some issues when going through security gates in airports. At first, it will feel awkward to explain the system, but it feels natural after a few attempts.

How to choose the right Cartier love bracelet

Apart from the Cartier love bracelet price, there are a few other factors that may influence the overall shopping process.

The actual sizing is never to be overlooked. Given the design and construction of Cartier love collection units, this aspect makes the difference. Cartier offers a detailed love table for this aspect. However, the respective column is not perfectly precise. Therefore, if you want the bracelet to be tight, you should add one centimeter to its diameter. If you want it a bit loose, add two centimeters.

Finding the perfect size also implies using a different bracelet. Find a bracelet that fits you perfectly first. Put it flat on a tablet. Measure its length in centimeters. When ordering a new bracelet, you need it to be as close as possible to this measurement.

Finally, the wrist makes a fairly good measurement too. Use a tape measure around your wrist. What point meets the 0? Add about one extra centimeter for more comfort. You can add or remove one centimeter according to how you like the bracelet – tight or loose.

Most appealing features of a Cartier love bracelets

The Cartier love bracelet price Amazon may vary according to various specifications, so pay special attention to this unit before deciding on something in particular. There are more types of love bracelets. Not all of them are “permanent”. Some of them have a wide opening, so they can be taken on and off whenever you feel like. Some others have a regular enclosure. Of course, none of them compares to the “lockable” model.

There are currently eight lockable moments in commerce. If you count the Cartier love bracelets replica model, the offer is even more diversified. Do you love gold? There are three different options – white, yellow and pink gold. Each of them has an ergonomic design, as well as a simplistic screwing mechanism. In any of these bracelets, the gold comes in 18k.

However, not everyone loves gold. Some people may want platinum instead. The Cartier love bangle price is different, yet the platinum construction leaves no room for mistakes – 950‰. Just like the gold alternatives, this one is easy to screw due to the ergonomic and compact screwdriver.

Every gold bracelet comes with a more sophisticated alternative, just in case you like diamonds. Since this is supposed to be a lifetime gift, no investment is too expensive. Each variety of gold can be encrusted with small diamonds for a more luxurious appearance. It is perfectly fit in. The white gold bracelet may also come with a less expensive alternative – colored stones.

Engraving the bracelet

The Cartier love bracelet price increase might be caused by the engraving capabilities too. After all, the gift of a lifetime is even better if you can customize it a little. Luckily, Cartier offers courtesy engraving within 90 days of purchase. Engraving features might be affected by slight limitations though. It depends on how large you want the characters to be, not to mention the text length. If you want one of those models, with diamonds or colored stones, you should know that engraving long sentences can affect them. Practically, the engraved letters must go between the diamonds.

Of course, you can engrave this bracelet in a third party jewelry store too. Just make sure that you reach to a store with a good reputation.

How much the Cartier love bracelet costs

It is hard to tell the correct price. Almost every Cartier love bracelet review 2018 claims on different costs. Prices are not stable. However, one thing is sure – they do go up. Over the history, these bracelets have seriously gained at price. This is one of the most common rules in the luxury industry. Luxury items tend to gain value at a faster rate than everyday stuff. It is also worth noting that the Cartier love bracelet is more cost efficient if you shop abroad. If you plan to travel soon, you better wait for a while and check other markets as well.

The popularity of these bracelets would not have skyrocketed so badly if various celebrities would not have them. Even members of royal houses have shown up with such things around their wrists.

In conclusion…

In conclusion, the Cartier love bracelet is definitely a statement. It is one of those once-in-a-lifetime investments. Plus, it does not seem so expensive if you do the math anyway. Think about its price, and then count the cost per wear. Since this bracelet is a 24/7 one, the cost per wear is amazing and goes way under cheap items that you can only wear a handful of times.

This is not the piece of jewelry to give randomly, but to a special friend, a relative or perhaps your life partner. Are you single? Fine – buy it for yourself. It does not necessarily require a special significance anyway.

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Cartier Love Bracelets For Women – Yellow gold, diamond
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