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Looking for a way to spice up your body image? Perhaps you’re looking to make a statement or catch someone’s attention? Body jewelry is an excellent way to beautify your body and show people your flare for fashion.

Body Jewelry

Body jewelry is available in a number of different forms, including belly button jewelry, earrings, nose rings and much more. The fun part is that you can get jewelry virtually anywhere on your body you’d like—the choices are almost limitless. You can choose to have one placed for the entire world to see or you may choose get your jewelry where only you or an intimate partner will see it. That’s part of the joy of this type of jewelry, it’s completely up to you, and it provides a spiritual and aesthetic outlet for you. It’s a rare chance to be bold and to express who you are as a person.

There are countless styles and designs available for your next piercing. You can choose from hoops, studs, small rings, plugs, spacers—you name it! Plus, you’ll be able to find every color of the rainbow and beyond, so you can choose your favorite color or find pieces and colors that will beautifully accent any type of clothing you wear; one for every one of your favorite outfits! You’ll be able to look online and click through plenty of jewelry options. And even if you don’t find the type, style or color you’re looking for and truly desire, you might be able to find a jewelry source that will customize pieces for you, helping you express who you really are.

And some people are reticent about getting body jewelry just because they’re afraid of the piercing process and the potential pain involved. However, body piercing has been around for quite some time and piercing technicians have perfected their techniques, helping to provide piercings with minimal to no pain at all. Besides, isn’t pain beauty? And at the most, you’ll only have to deal with just a few seconds of light discomfort. It will be completely worth it.

There are constant, exciting additions to the types of jewelry available for you body. Make your body a stunning work of art through creative designs and express your unique inspiration. This is your chance to share just how wonderful you truly are. So check often for new types of jewelry and stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Body Piercings

Are you looking for a way to present your body in a whole new way? Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to add a little extra color or glitter into your daily life. Well, we’ve got just the right thing for you—body piercings! Even if you already have some fine body jewelry, you can always have more. Besides, there’s a good chance you’re getting a little tired of having that same body jewelry in the same spot for so many years. Body piercings are super quick and easy. The process usually only take a few minutes! You can look online to find a number of body jewelry and body piercing resources that will be able to take you in the same day. All you have to do is contact them and tell them exactly what you are looking for and they’ll be able to hook you up with no problem at all. Plus, you’ll be able to pick from dozens of body jewelry items for flexible piercing options.

Although some people experience mild allergic reactions and some mild pain, body piercings tend to be quick and harmless, getting you in and out in a matter of minutes. Plus, body piercings are extremely affordable. In fact, if you look around online for a few minutes, chances are you’ll be able to find a place that offers a free piercing session with the purchase of one of their body jewelry items, providing incredibly great value for something you wanted anyway.

Belly Button Jewelry

How cute are you going to look with your new belly button jewelry? This type of jewelry is one of the best ways to accent your gorgeous curves, and make your friends jealous. The glimmer, shine and shape of your new belly button jewelry has the amazing ability to accentuate your features without taking too much attention away from the rest of your body. It acts as a little reminder to people, catching their eye and drawing it to your perfectly cute naval area. You see, your body is like a piece of art, and body jewelry has the ability to create motion, pulling one’s eyes in a certain direction. And some people have absolutely no interest in expressing this artistic flare for others, but would rather beautify their bodies for themselves and no one else-great, making yourself look and feel beautiful is one of the absolute best ways to improve your self-esteem and boost your positive mood.

Belly Button Jewelry

And if you think you’ve already seen all the types of belly button jewelry available, think again! There are countless new styles of belly jewelry that you can choose from, including jewelry from around the world, featuring the latest and greatest in different designs. You’ll be able to find belly button jewelry from featured artists and name brands alike. This way, you’re sure to find the exact style that you’re looking for. No matter how picky you are with the items you wear, you’re sure to find something you’re going to love.

Belly Button Rings

Want to show off that tight tummy of yours? Then try looking into your options for belly button rings. Or perhaps you’ve got some gorgeous, vivacious curves, this type of jewelry is sure to accent your body lines perfectly. You think belly rings are a thing of the past? Not a chance! This type of jewelry has picked up some significant steam in the fashion world, coming back with clout! How many ways can you think of to so easily beautify your body for such an affordable price? That’s right, getting pierced for belly button rings takes just a few minutes and is super affordable. You’ll only have to look around for just a few minutes and you’ll be able to find a piece of belly button jewelry at any price you require for happiness. No matter what your budget looks like, you will definitely be able to find belly button rings well within your range. And looking online for this type of jewelry has never been easier.

Belly Button Rings

You simply need to take just a few minutes of shopping online and you’ll soon be drooling over countless types of rings. All you have to do is think of your favorite colors and graphic effects and chances are you’ll be able to find belly button rings that match those parameters. Whether you tend to like pieces of jewelry that are a little more subdued and reserved or you prefer pieces that shout out for attention through loud colors, you’re going to love your next belly ring.

Find a Belly Button Ring

I get a little tired of seeing the same old belly button ring styles every time I go shopping. So I spent some time looking around the Internet to see if I could find rings that go beyond the everyday ho-hum. I think the search paid off and I hope you find a ring or two to add to your jewelry box.

  1. Gecko Belly Ring in 14K Gold Set with Cubic Zirconias: This little guy is made from polished 14K gold, with cubic zirconias adding a touch of sparkle along his back. The gecko has a gracefully curved body, and its legs and feet look like they could take him scrambling at any minute.
  2. Bioplast Yin Yang Belly Button Ring with Swarovski Crystals: This 14 gauge barbell is made from flexible Bioplast and set with blue and clear Swarovski crystals to duplicate the Yin Yang motif.
  3. 14K White Gold Butterfly Belly Ring with Cubic Zirconias: The wings of this cute butterfly are fashioned from sparkling cubic zirconias, with two chains dangling beneath its body. Everything is set in 14K white gold that makes the stones glitter even more.
  4. Twin Hearts Chain Drop Belly Ring: Two hearts, one nestled within the other, drop from a chain attached to the bottom of the stainless steel belly ring. Two black and three clear stones are set between the hearts. The belly ring is 14 gauge with a 5 mm ball.
  5. 14K White Gold Snake Belly Ring: The 14K white gold snake’s head goes through your piercing and its tail curves below your belly button. The 1-inch long snake is set with cubic zirconias that add a little glitz. The belly ring is about 1/2″ wide overall and its barbell is 14 gauge.
  6. 14K White Gold Circle of Life Belly Ring: The circle of life dangling below the 14K gold barbell offers a little bit of a dressier look than some of the whimsical belly rings in this collection. The ring is set with cubic zirconias all the way around its circumference.

Belly Rings

You may think you already know about all the best fashion accessories and ways to accent your lovely body, but what about getting a new belly ring? Okay, so perhaps these types of body jewelry aren’t necessarily the newest items to hit the fashion market, but there are countless new designs and styles hitting the fashion market every day, so you’d do well to take a look online. You’re going to love the latest and greatest bell rings that are available through top-notch jewelers and online jewelry stores. They feature a fun, wide range of types, including classy, zany, funny, glittery and much more. And if none of those strike your fancy, you can always try and have them customized to meet your specific needs and tastes.

Belly Rings

Belly rings are an excellent way to put some energy back into your step as these items prove to make people feel a little more youthful time and again. With just a little bit of color, you can dazzle those around you. And even if you tend to keep your belly covered, these belly rings are excellent for pleasing your significant other’s eyes or simply pleasing yourself—it’s always nice to be pleased with your own body image.

Belly rings are extremely easy to put in, making them friendly choices for your fashion item collection as you will be able to use them to accent your favorite outfits and complement your current mood. Take a quick look at all the fun and dazzling designs—you’re going to love what you see.

Piercing Jewelry

If you are looking to make a unique statement with your body, and set other people’s senses on fire, then consider today’s hottest piercing jewelry as an excellent choice to do exactly that. By looking online, you’ll be able to find all types of piercing jewelry that will certainly help you get your message across. Or perhaps you don’t have a message you want to express through your body, but are more concerned with your own personal body image. There are few better ways to improve your mood and the way you think of yourself than by being pleased with the way you look. This type of jewelry can help you do that by providing an avenue for accenting the favorite parts of your body.

You’ll be able to find the perfect accents because today’s jewelers and body jewelry specialists feature incredibly stunning designs and jewelry fashions, so you now have an incredibly diverse field of piercing jewelry from which to choose from. For example, you can find nipple rings, belly button rings, traditional hoop earrings, nose studs, ear lobe spacers, and much more. One of the best ways to decide what will look best on you is by looking through online image galleries for ideas. And you can also ask your friends what types they like the best as well. The important part is that you’re happy with the way you look, so don’t settle until you’ve found the ideal piece of piercing jewelry. It will be something you’ll probably wear every day, so make sure you’re happy with it!

Piercing Jewelry

Body Piercing Jewelry

One of the best things you can do for your self-esteem is to find simple ways to help beautify your body. You can do this in an inexpensive manner through body piercing jewelry. This will actually allow you to show off your body’s natural curves in an extremely flattering manner. All you have to do is spend a few minutes and look for a particular shape and design that best suits your personality and you’ll be able to boost your self-esteem with no problem at all—it’s really that simple.

Picking out the ideal body piercing jewelry is made even easier because there are countless styles available to peruse through online. You can find stunning designs that will help decorate your body through fun and fashionable features such as glittering semi-precious stones, stainless steel curly-cues and much, much more. But if you’re having trouble choosing from all of the amazing options out there, then try asking a friend and checking out how their body piercing jewelry looks on them. This will help you get a good idea of what type of design you think will look best with your body type and personality. There really are countless styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that will make you smile. As part of that variety, you will find a wide range of prices, ensuring that you find something in your price range. Pick out your favorite body piercing jewelry today and boost your beautiful body image with ease.

Naval Jewelry

Are you looking to impress your friends? Or perhaps you’re not the type to care about what the crowd thinks and you simply want to add some interesting accents to your already gorgeous features. Well, naval jewelry will help you do that with the greatest of ease. You can find dozens of models and types of naval accessories that will add an exceptional degree of beauty to your body. You can look online for today’s most unique and interesting types of naval jewelry.

What’s your favorite type of material? Regardless of what it is, you’ll be able to find it online. With just a few clicks, you can find hybrid naval pieces, surgical steel items, and even gold naval accessories. Not only that, but for even more fun you can look through all of the options for precious and semi-precious stones for your birthstone. There’s nothing quite like being able to personalize something that you will wear on your body every day. In addition, you can further personalize your naval jewelry by ordering customized pieces. And if you don’t quite feel like customizing, you will still be able to find naval pieces that feature your name or even your significant other’s name for added fun and character.

You will have an entire range of designs and shapes available to you, including hoops, rings, studs and more. Just choose the style you think looks the best or will be the most comfortable to wear on a daily basis. You’re sure to be please with whatever you find.

Naval Jewelry

Naval Rings

Naval rings provide one of the best ways to dress up and improve your body image. They are comfortable to wear all day long and grant amazing accenting regardless of what body type you are. They provide just enough color and glamour to call attention to your stomach without taking all of the attention of your pretty face. You’ll be able to wear your naval rings with pride as they are sure to help you perceive your own beauty and boost your self-esteem.

The good news is that there are countless styles of naval rings available to you today. You most certainly won’t have to look long to be able to find a few naval jewelry items that will impress you, and your significant other as well! This is true because naval rings are known for their ability to bring out the natural tone of your skin, helping you to appear more vibrant and beautiful. So when you look at it that way, getting yourself a naval ring is one of the absolute most affordable ways to improve your looks. Plus, they are extremely easy to take in and out, so you can change up your model of belly jewelry at any time you wish.

You should also consider checking out the latest gripper rings. These personal looking pieces appear as though they were custom designed, giving you even better value for your money. They are simply stunning to look at and you’ll most likely find yourself staring at your beautiful belly decoration all day long.

Where to Buy Body Jewelry

Body piercing and body jewelry are extremely fun activities and items to look into. They are available in all types of designs, styles, colors and shapes. You will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. But sometimes knowing where to look is the difficult part. But trust us, you won’t have to look very hard to find exactly what you’re looking for.

First, you know you can always ask your friends about their body piercing and body jewelry experiences. Take a good look at what your friends and family are wearing and you’ll be able to see if you especially like the jewelry items they have for themselves. They will be able to tell you what prices they were able to get their jewelry for and how convenient their shopping experience was. Plus, you know that they won’t be offering biased opinions; just helpful feedback that will allow you to decide where the best place to buy your next fabulous piece of jewelry from.

Another technique for finding out where the best places to buy body jewelry from are online reviews. These are posts and articles written by customers regarding their body jewelry buying experiences. They will be able to provide you with exact information regarding the pieces they have bought, including the price they got them for, how the pieces of jewelry feel on their body, the quality of the jewelry craftsmanship and what exactly they thought of their customer service experience. Oftentimes, these online reviews will also be able to provide you with side by side comparisons of different pieces of jewelry. These are where a customer explains the advantages and disadvantages of the jewelry items they’ve bought, giving you a better idea of what would work best for you and which types and designs you might prefer.

Looking online is probably your best bet for finding the perfect pieces of body jewelry. You will be able to look through countless styles until you find the designs you like the most. And if you are having trouble finding the exact type of jewelry you want, you will probably be able to find a website that will customize pieces for you. Online jewelry resources will also be able to tell you vital information about jewelry, including the inherent risks involved with body piercing.

But if you decide that you don’t want to purchase online, and decide to go with a traditional store, just be sure to look for the store that appears to be clean so you can avoid infections.

Click here to see a selection of body jewelry customer reviews and their prices.

Risks of Body Piercing

Body piercings are super fun to get, allowing you to decorate your body with amazing jewelry and accentuate your body lines with complementary designs, shapes and colors. Body piercings are one of the easiest ways to lively up your daily life. Plus, they tend to be extremely affordable and the process itself doesn’t take long at all. However, there are a couple of risks regarding body piercing that you might want to consider before you hop in the piercing chair and get started.

First, it will most likely be negligible, but you will feel some discomfort during the piercing process. This, of course, largely depends on what part of your body you get pierced. The more sensitive the part of the body, the more the piercing will obviously hurt. Believe it or not, some people actually choose to pierce their genitalia, and this can be extremely painful, as well as dangerous.

Another common risk of body piercing is the chance of getting an infection. Remember, when you get your body pierced, you’re essentially opening your body up to outside germs, causing you to become more susceptible to infections. Plus, if the body technician’s tools are unsanitary, then you run the risk of getting an infection from those as well.

And because not all of your bodies are the same, you may even experience an allergic reaction. Therefore, it would be a good idea to check with your doctor first to see if you have any known allergies before you get any body piercings. And in some rarer situations, certain individuals may even experience excessive bleeding. This can usually be taken care of by applying light pressure to the area of the new piercing and then wrapping gauze on it, but you should still be aware of the possibility so you don’t get too alarmed if it happens.

And you may not have considered this, but you depending on where you get your body pierced and the type of jewelry you have, you can actually run the risk of getting your jewelry caught on various surfaces or on your clothing. This can create painful pulling and tearing, causing great discomfort and even scarring in more sever cases.

And then, of course, there’s always the risk that your parents are going to like what you’ve done to your body. But hey, isn’t that part of the fun? So go ahead and treat yourself to a new piercing—just make sure you stay safe.

Body Jewelry – Popular Among Youngsters

Body piercing has been about for many years but it has come to be very well known in the past few years. Men and women utilized to go for ear piercing or nose piercing but these days much more from the body parts are being pierced and this trend is very preferred especially amongst teenagers and youngsters. They like to acquire their physique components pierced and they use unique articles of physique jewelry to add attraction to their physique parts. Now you could come across attractive jewelry pieces for any physique aspect. Essentially the most prevalent body piercing incorporates; ear piercing, nose piercing, tongue piercing, eyebrow piercing, belly button piercing and nostrils piercing.

Expressing yourself by means of physique art and physique piercing has grow to be a fashion lately. People really like to adorn their body with gorgeous and exquisite jewelry. Hair can also be a vital and visible part of the physique and hair plays a essential part inside your general appearance and can make you look wonderful or ugly depending upon the way you carry it. Wearing hair jewelry has been an old style and also right now folks really like to wear clips, pony tails, hair band and also other articles to add charm to their hair. Hair jewelry like clips also tends to make your hair neat and tidy. Moms adore to adorn their small girls with beautiful hair jewelry which makes them much more adorable.

Body piercing isn’t as quick because it looks. It is a very tough issue to acquire your body pierced; it may be painful also. People are so crazy about fashion that they do not care how painful or risky it may be. So for piercing your body, usually visit a safe and reputable shop that utilizes hygienic needles for piercing. By no means visit a shop that uses a gun for piercing. Also check that your immunizations are as much as date. After piercing you could feel pain, swelling or possibly a slight infection. This is standard but you need to take suitable care to ensure that it will not get worse.

Nose piercing is quite popular among the girls finding married. Asian brides normally wear a massive nose ring on their weddings. For nose and nostrils mostly rings are utilized. Rings are often created up of silver, gold, titanium as well as other metals. Titanium becoming hypoallergenic and less costly is definitely the preferred metal for body jewelry. Nose rings of platinum and gold are largely utilized with beautiful stones like diamonds as well as other gemstones studded in them. The stones utilized within the rings add beauty to the rings and make them much more appealing. Women adore to have diamond or zircon nose pins and they appear pretty elegant.

Today’s young generation loves to have belly button piercing and they think that it looks pretty trendy and cool. The rings used for the belly button are often produced of silver or titanium. Titanium rings are pretty reasonably priced and so they are mostly employed. Rings can be easy or they are able to have unique styles like you’ll be able to also add charms of various shapes within the ring. The body jewelry used to decorate diverse sensitive parts with the body should be of top quality and hypoallergenic in an effort to steer clear of any infections.

Heart Belly Rings – Find Belly Rings with a Heart Theme

If you love hearts, you’re sure to find at least one terrific piece of heart themed belly button jewelry in this selection. Some are more affordable than others–but they all make great gifts, so forward on the links to your significant other then get ready to show off that belly button piercing. (Sterling silver isn’t recommended for new body piercings, so choose 14K gold or surgical stainless if yours isn’t healed.)

1. Gold Heart Belly Rings

Follow the link to compare prices of a wide variety of heart themed belly rings, all fashioned from white or yellow gold. Some are set with heart-shaped gemstones, but in others gold is manipulated to create the hearts. You’ll find gold plated and gold filled belly rings, plus rings in solid gold.

2. Huge Assortment of Heart Belly Rings

You’ll find a huge assortment of heart-themed belly rings in this collection, with the tools you need to sort by price. The ring illustrated is fashioned from blue cubic zirconia set into stainless steel.

3. Strawberry Shortcake Belly Ring

Strawberry Shortcake looks like she’s ready to skate right off the bottom edge of this bright red heart — we always knew she was hyperactive. This is a cute addition to any Strawberry Shortcake fan’s jewelry collection.

Readers Respond: When did you take out your belly button ring in pregnancy?

Belly buttons rings are very popular. In pregnancy they can become an issue. Some women choose to remove the belly button ring before pregnancy, others leave it in. Many moms choose to take out the belly button ring, even though they may worry that it will close over. Share Your Experience

belly ring

I took all of my piercings out my first pregnancy and I refused this time around. I have a preggo ring in and I like it. Its comfortable and I’m glad I decided against removing my piercing.

—Guest Devin’s_mommy

I took mine out

I have nothing against women keeping theirs in but I have taken mine out as I think belly piercings look wrong and weird in a preggy bellybutton. Just my honest opinion. It’s a women’s choice wether or not to keep it

—Guest Roxy

Belly button looks kind of yellow

Has anyone experience it my belly button looks yellow in color ! I’m now 23 weeks pregnant


When I took mine out

I removed my belly bar as soon as my belly button went from an inner to an outer as it grew very uncomfortable. Funnily my belly bar piercing was the only part on my tummy that received a stretch mark from each of my two pregnancies. Wonder if I won’t be as lucky with this pregnancy!!

—Guest Roxie

Belly button ring

I took mine out soon after I found out I was pregnant. One I didn’t want it stretching and looking gross plus I think it looks really trashy when your about to become a mother I just feel like there are more important things to worry about than how your belly ring looks.

—Guest Jessica

belly ring

I wore a plastic bendy one in the last 2 months but didn’t have to take it out, belly button stayed an innie and it didnt hurt. 🙂 I think it just depends on how comfortable it is to you.

—Guest morgan

Belly Ring

I had mine for 10+ years when I got pregnant. I took it out at 35 weeks, I think. I didn’t want it to be in my maternity pictures. I tried using one of the spaces, but it came loose and washed down the drain in the shower. I couldn’t bend over to pick it up before it was gone.

—Guest Fun Mama – Deanna

I didn’t take it out…

I had a really flexible ring and just left it in. My doctor asked me about it early on and told me to just watch it.