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Invicta Men’s 0932 Anatomic Subaqua Collection Chronograph Watch Review

Luxury, masculinity and fashion – these are the main things a man wants in a Invicta watches for men. It may sound hard to find all these, but it is certainly not impossible. A little research will open the door to a series of options.

Invicta Men’s 0932 Anatomic Subaqua Collection Chronograph Watch is one of these stylish products. It is large, bulky and luxurious, yet it comes in a cost efficient deal that most people just cannot ignore. Invicta Chronograph Watches are among the best selling men’s watches online, so it is certainly worth a shot.

invicta reserve collection watches

Invicta Men’s 0932 Anatomic Subaqua Collection Chronograph Watch


An overcrowded design is the first factor that meets you when you check this watch out. Telling the time looks hard, but you can get used to it in no time. Plus, every single thing on the dial means something in particular.

  • Swiss Quality Standards: Tired of watches that promise you the best accuracy in the world, yet they face issues keeping time? Invicta watches reserve collection is ready to nail those issues. Based on the Swiss quartz movement, you will barely lose a few seconds on a yearly basis. Swiss watches are rated to be the most accurate ones in the world. They can last forever if they are maintained by the book.
  • All the Info on One Dial: The overcrowded design of Invicta Reserve Collection Watches are given by a tachymeter on the inner bezel, as well as the transparent gray dial with gold hands and markers. Three sub-dials come with chronograph functions – 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 1/10th of a second. The date window is right in front of the 4 o’clock marker. The bezel is plated with 18k rose gold, as well as the screw down pushers.
Invicta reserve collection watches

Invicta reserve collection watches

invicta watches reserve collection

Invicta watches reserve collection

invicta watches reserve collection

Invicta watches reserve collection

invicta chronograph watch


  • Water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet)
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Plated with 18k rose gold
  • Chronograph and tachymeter
  • Date window case at 4 o’clock


  • Not suitable for professional diving, despite the water resistance
  • Plastic case, despite the stainless steel case

Invicta Reserve Watch Customer Reviews and Ratings 

I found 65 reviews for Invicta’s watch and about 77% of them come with the maximum score. This watch scores 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is a fairly high rating. Small minuses are common for every product in the world though.

Laura Sandoval: “I purchased this watch for my husband and I must say that it looks better than in pictures. The colors are outstanding. You can tell it’s qualitative by its weight. Invicta just cannot disappoint me!”

William B.: “The rose gold design drew my attention. I use this watch for everything (even diving) yet it’s not recommended. It still works. Invicta’s watches are built to last, no doubt!”

Tassio: “The chronograph functions didn’t work in my watch so I returned it the next day. I have a friend with the same watch and it works perfectly. Guess I’m just unlucky…”


In the end, Invicta Men’s 0932 Anatomic Subaqua Collection Chronograph Watch is somewhere between sports and luxury. It is an exquisite timepiece that you will just fall in love with.

Mens Watches from Invicta Watch Company

The Invicta watch company has been making quality Swiss watches for several generations. Their reserve mens steel chronograph and automatic movements are among the most sold in the world. And recently they have expanded their watch lineup to offer more and more different types and styles of watches to appeal to a broader audience. Chances are you’ve seen an Invicta watch as their watches are becoming the most popular men’s watch being sold today. The hardest part is choosing which one to wear! If you’ve considered buying a Invicta Mens watch, this overview can help you select which one is right for you.

Invicta Pro Diver Watches

The Invicta mens Pro Diver Watches are among the best selling Invicta men’s watches today. They feature many of the classic options that a luxury watch has; such as automatic movement, highly polishes stainless steel casing and bracelet and durable mineral or sapphire watch windows. But they also have a functional side with the rotating bezel, timing subdials and superior water resistance.

Invicta II Series Watches

The Invicta II series is Invicta’s multi-purpose watch. These watches blend the functionality of a sports watch with the style of a luxury watch. Each watch in this series features a Swiss movement (quartz or automatic), water resistant (100 meters or more), and durable flame-fired mineral or sapphire watch windows. All of these features make an Invicta II watch great for an active lifestyle.

Invicta Speedway Watches

The Invicta Speedway mens watch is designed to appeal to the car enthusiast who has a need for speed. These watches all have a stunning image with highly polished surgical grade stainless steel watch casings and bracelets. But they’re also packed with functional timing features such as a tachymeter (great for calculating miles per hour) and timing subdials that make this watch every bit as functional as a stopwatch.

Invicta collection: 8926OB Pro Diver Watch Review 2016

The Invicta 8926OB has been Invicta’s most popular line of watches. Whether on land or at sea, this Limited Release Automatic Pro Diver Wristwatch by Invicta is a perfect addition to your timepiece collection. Aside from the obvious and legally-obligatory cosmetic differences between this watch and the Rolex, there are subtle differences that devotees will still catch immediately. Invicta watches are generally well made and just as good as the hyper-expensive brands.

Unlike some of the expensive mechanical watches like Rolex that have extremely questionable price (to some people) to value ratios given the nice case and bracelet, but fairly pedestrian movement, the Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Coin Edge Automatic SS 89260B is a professional dive watch that is both dependable and affordable. The expensive Rolex look, Japanese Automatic movement, protective dial window and other great features make it a really crazy watch for the price.

invicta chronograph watch

View Invicta ‘s product and prices at:

Key Features Invicta 8926OB Pro Diver Watch

  1. Jet Black Dial with Luminescent Dots: The Invicta 8926OB features a classic black dial with luminescent dots applied at the hour markers, while a stainless steel link bracelet highlights polished and brushed finishes. This makes it very easy to tell the time. The lume material is Invicta’s Trinite, a proprietary substance with tremendous initial glow. However, this fades quickly then disappears within one hour. The hour and minute hands look like that of the Rolex Submariner’s Mercedes-styling, and they are also applied with Trinite. For convenience, an easy-to-read date window is set at the 3 o’clock position.
  2. Japanese Automatic Movement: Forged with stylishly classic internal workings with variations of bold movements, this workhouse will serve the wearer dependably for years to come. The Japanese automatic movement is visible through the see-through skeleton case back which makes it possible to see all the inner workings. This is fun to watch in action. The overall aesthetic quality is the major selling point of this Pro Diver Watch.
  3. Stainless Steel link Bracelet: This automatic watch from Invicta’s Pro Diver series features a round stainless steel case attached to a robust triple link steel bracelet. Stainless steel watch bracelets are very durable and they fit nicely with most attire. Unlike rubber straps that irritate when you sweat, the Invicta 8926OB will wear well in all kinds of weather. It has brushed stainless steel top with polished sides, screw-in pins, glide-lock adjustment on the clasp, and solid end-links. The silver color complements the silver stainless steel crowns and case. This subtle chain pattern gives it a more classic look.
  4. Solid Case Construction with Coin Edge Bezel: This water resistant watch by Invicta has a robust case which is capable of protecting the inner components when underwater, and through daily usage as well. Also, the round case conveniently fits and matches large wrist sizes of most men. The coin edge bezel is unidirectional and can be adjusted in 60 positions around the dial. Also, the 316L stainless steel of the Invicta 8926OB is polished to add a sophisticated look on the sides; the top is also brushed, adding an elegant contrast to the finish. Etched into the side is the word “INVICTA,” which ensures that it is not mistaken for a Rolex.
  • Unidirectional Bezel
  • Luminous Stainless Steel Band
  • Protective Mineral Crystal Dial Window
  • Magnified Date Window at 3 O’clock PositionPros

Solid Design Ensures Durability

With a masculine, sophisticated design and durable technology, the Invicta 8926OB is a good day-to-to-day knock about watch that still looks better than many quartz watches in the same price band. This watch will more than pay for itself. It is protected by a mineral crystal which is softer than most superior sapphire crystal. However, this will still remain scratch-free for a long time even after undergoing abusive regiment around the house or office.

Water Resistant

The Invicta 8926OB is very suitable for most recreational scuba diving as it is water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet) or 20 ATM. This allows the wearer to use it in deep underwater expeditions. Representing value, this pro diver watch has made watch enthusiasts worldwide think about the real cost of Rolex watches. This watch begs the question – am I paying for quality or status symbol? The value of a good Rolex watch lies in the name. So why not get yourself a good Invicta watch so that you can get the best of the both worlds.

Quality Watch with an Expensive Look and a Very Friendly Price Tag

Many people prefer expensive looking watches. But an expensive watch is not necessarily a better watch. In fact, for all the treasure and labor expended on most expensive watches, they don’t keep good time. The Invicta 8926OB is an expensive looking wristwatch with a very small price tag. It looks more like the deluxe Rolex submariner and the gorgeous stainless steel bracelet gives it the look and feel of an expensive watch.

Versatile Wristwatch – Goes with Nearly Every Outfit

Many men find that it is more practical to have different watches for different activities. The great thing about buying the Invicta 8926OB is that it can be a versatile piece of jewelry – a silver watch can dress up a pair of blue jeans and T-shirt. It can also look elegant when paired with a suit and tie or an evening dress. The 8926 pro diver watch by Invicta is arguably one of the best values in the world of wristwatches. Coupled with the very affordable price, the Invicta 8926OB is one of Invicta’s bestselling watches. This rock-solid timepiece can be worn anywhere without worrying about it wearing out fast.

Invicta one-year warranty

  • Bold, masculine design makes it perfect for any occasion.
  • Automatically powered with the movement of the wearer’s arm and does not need a battery.
  • It has a deployment clasp which includes safety features to ensure that the watch does not fall off unnoticed by the wearer.

Customer Reviews and Scores

So far, the Invicta 8926OB has a buyer satisfaction of 86% with over 750 reviews. It has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars which is great considering the amount of reviews it has received on amazon.

Lee Jay Sang says:

“this item is well priced and has good quality, I would recommend it.”

According to Kristin Gabriel:

“I have had this watch since June and while I have lost a few minutes here and there, this is a flawless wristwatch.”

Although most customers are very happy with their purchase, very few complained about the Invicta 8926OB Coin Edge Watch.

“The watch is great but it has a week band. I continuously broke the band at the pins until I quit wearing it. I am rough so if you are a sissy boy this might last for you”

says Ed – one of the reviewers on amazon.

Another Reviewer, Klaatu says

“The watch, band and packaging are beautiful.”


  • End links of the bracelet are folded – therefore they tend to get a little lose with time
  • It cannot be hacked. But you can back-hack it (if you apply little backwards pressure on the minute hand while setting the time, the second hand will stop).

Any quality watch will last for years and even be passed down to your children as an heirloom. So is the Invicta 8926OB – a perfectly blended watch that lets you rule the time that you have. You are not just buying a name when you purchase the 8926 Invicta watch. The complications, solid construction, durable nature, aesthetic quality, protective back case, etc. makes this watch a must have for anyone that is willing to make an investment that is worthwhile. The Invicta 8926OB is a stylish, expensive looking watch that comes at an affordable price, it doesn’t need batteries and you will enjoy it for years to come.

Invicta Reserve Collection – YouTube Video


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