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Impress your fiancé with a stunning pave engagement ring. Its name is derived from pavement and the stones are arranged in fashion to make them look like cobblestones. This engagement ring is spectacularly made up of diamonds or other precious gemstones. The pave engagement ring is entirely covered with sparkling stones showing very little metal.

The pave engagement ring is suitable for a woman who highly appreciates sparkles and glitters. Women with personalities who like to be the center of attention and those having a flashy appeal are the perfect recipient for this type of engagement ring. However, buying an engagement ring with this kind of setting needs extra care because of the way the stones or diamonds are arranged.

Pave Engagement Ring

Pave Engagement Ring: A Splendid Must-Have

The pave engagement ring appears as if it is entirely covered with precious sparkling diamonds. The surface of the band is filled with diamonds either halfway or in full, and a large stone is placed at the center for an elegant appeal. The metal is barely noticeable and tiny prongs are used to arrange the diamonds on the ring’s surface and hold these tiny objects in place.

The pave setting usually places a central diamond to add to the stunning look of this engagement ring. The central diamond is usually cut in princess or round to complement with the surrounding diamond accents. The stone placed at the center may also be a different precious stone aside from a diamond, this will add to the spectacular beauty of the ring. You can choose from the different gemstones available and make the perfect ring for your fiancé. The decision relies on you, whether you want it flashy or just simple and elegant.

With all the numerous diamonds attached to the pave setting, this engagement ring can be expensive. But you can modify its price depending on the gemstones and quality of diamonds you use. With a recessed setting, any flaws of the smaller diamonds will be barely noticeable so probably you can use diamonds that are not perfect. Also, choosing the right metal, platinum or white gold, can improve the appearance and color of the diamonds.

Using cubic zirconium to replace the real small diamonds can be cost effective as well. People will see the imitation diamonds appearing real since they are cut in small sizes and set on the sides of the band. Another good option to mark down a pave engagement ring is to use small diamonds on the entire band instead of having a big central stone.

Using other colored gemstone is also a brilliant way to create a less expensive pave engagement ring. Since budget is a basic concern, you can be creative in making the engagement ring by replacing certain details of the ring with a more affordable choice to meet your budget.

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