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Silver earrings for women are quite popular with today’s stylish, sophisticated trend setters. Rather than going for the more clichéd styles favored by fashionistas of the older days, such as gold or gem-studded earrings, today’s hip crowd reject those styles (particularly gold earrings) as being too showy and openly flashy. Such styles reek of attention-seeking, they say. Instead, today’s youth choose to opt for the subtle elegance of the timeless metal that clad the ears of Roman nobility – silver. Jewellery and  fashion does seem to evolve in a circular manner, it seems, and we are approaching the beginning of the cycle once again. Who are we, then, to argue?

silver earrings for womenFashion aside, silver earrings do offer some fantastic advantages. Silver offers a unique sheen and luster that is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain; as a material, it is not as prone to deformation as gold, and so offers crafting possibilities that cannot be attained with gold, due to its softness.

The most desired form of silver jewellery is an alloy called sterling silver, or 925 sterling silver. It is called this because it is 92.5% silver by purity, with the other 7.5% being a different metal – usually copper. The copper mix adds a lot of strength and durability to the metal, allowing it to be used for jewelry designs where 100% pure silver would be too soft. The sterling silver earring design offers a lot of versatility, because sterling silver is both light enough and strong enough to allow for some very interesting designs, such as dangle sterling silver earrings, a design in which a large and ornate silver shape is hung from the ear by a tiny silver chain. Such a design would be very hard to reproduce with, say, a pair of gemstone-centric earrings, because the weight of the gemstone would severely limit the size of the dangling part of the design. Gemstone dangle earrings are known for their soft nature, and are easy to break; silver, has no such weakness, while still managing to retain its delicate appearance.

Another design that is very in vogue are sterling silver hoop earrings. These can be found in varying diameters to suit the taste of the wearer – the right size provides an elegant backdrop that frames the face of the wearer. The design, of course, is minimalist and timeless, representing  jewelry designers’ fascination with circles, and the cycles of the world.

For those who eschew the showy nature of the above designs, sterling silver stud earrings provide a great alternative. These can be found in very many different visual aesthetics, ranging from a flower to a fleur-de-lis. They are rather like men’s cuff links in that they are almost infinitely customizable, and many can be worn to provide an array of different choices for a wide variety of occasions.

For those who want to go against the grain, sterling silver drop earrings are a much more rare design. They provide an alternative to the other kinds of earrings, and are sort of a hybrid between the stud and the dangle designs. These are short enough that they can even be paired with other materials – a perennial classic is the drop earring ornamented with a single pearl, providing a fantastic elegance that cannot be explained in mere words. For more informal occasions, there are many designs that incorporate light semi-precious stones, such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts or garnets – a range of regal colors to accompany any outfit.

Clearly, then, the versatility provided by silver sterling earrings for women cannot be overstated. The designs are timeless, the metal is iconic, and the dressiness of each piece can be worn up or down to suit the formality of the event, and the level of elegance the wearer wishes to convey. So then finding the the ideal set of silver earrings for women for a special occasion or for  everyday wear can be as simple as having the correct knowledge of construction and history of design.

Sterling Silver Earrings For WomenSilver Earrings That Give You the Best Look

Want to find some sterling silver earrings for women that will make you look good? How about finding ones that will transform you from an ordinary looking woman to a stunning looking woman? Earrings have the power to change the way a woman looks and to change the way she feels about herself. If you are a woman who wants to look her best at all times, then it is important to know how to choose the best pair of earrings to wear. Here are a few tips that you can use the next time that you are shopping for the jewelry that you are going to put in your ears.

925 Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings for women

  • Finding the right size silver earrings for women is something that you will want to make sure to do. You will be able to find options for large earrings, medium sized ones, and small ones that you can wear depending on a few things. One thing that you can use to determine which size will look the best on you is your facial features. If you have a small face, then you will want to choose a pair of small earrings in order to make everything blend well. You also want to think about how much you want your earrings to stand out. If you want people to really focus on them, then you will want to choose a large pair no matter what size your face is.
  • Looking for the perfect design for the silver earrings that you are going to wear is something else that is important. There are unlimited designs available for you to choose from, so you should have no problem finding a design that fits with your personality. You will want to choose ones that will make you feel good from the moment you put them on. Also, you want to make sure that the ones you choose have a design that will fit with your makeup, clothing, and other jewelry to create a great overall appearance.

By keeping these tips in mind when you are shopping for sterling silver earrings to wear, you will be able to choose ones that will give you the best look. If you want to transform the way you look and feel about yourself, then make sure that you take the time to consider the size and design of the earrings that you are shopping for. You will be able to have a great look and change the way people think when they glance your way.

The Various Designs used for Creating Sterling Silver Earrings For Women

These days, there are many unique and classic styles of jewelry available for women to choose from. Among the various styles you will find the classic design of sterling silver earrings for women. These items are available in both pierced and clip on styles so it is easy to find a pair that works for your earring preference. The pierced styles include the small silver posts and can be worn by themselves or in combination with other larger earrings if you have multiple piercings. The small beads are usually polished to a high glossy shine so they are very noticeable when worn.

A variation on the basic bead post is the drop bead style. This also has a post, but has the round silver bead as a dangling item from one or two small chain links. Another small style that uses posts is the small hoop design. The type that is very small will be large enough to circle the bottom section of your earlobe and nothing more. These are very dainty in appearance and work well when worn with casual or dressy outfits. The hoop is also available in many different sizes including the extremely long shoulder length style.

In the line of sterling silver products there are also the wire styles. These usually have some type of decorative hanging earring piece that may include beads and gemstones. Turquoise is a popular material to use in combination with silver for creating earrings. This combination can be found in both the clip and pierced designs. Clip-on styles will usually have the turquoise set in a background of silver to create a ornate and elegant design. These are available in various shapes including round, rectangular and oval. The same design setting can be used for other gemstones as well.

You may want to purchase some accessory items to store and look after your earrings. These may be cleaners, stands or cases. You will find many interesting and original designs for cases by visiting Amazon online store. There are a lot of decorative styles created from hand cut glass as well as traditional wood designs. Using a case will provide protection for your treasured jewelry items and will help them resist tarnishing. Wearing jewelry can be a way to enhance a particular outfit or make a personal fashion statement. Many of the styles available today come as sets that may include matching earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Learn Everything About Silver Earrings

If  you love earrings and silver is your thing, you’re in good company because this undervalued precious metal is a popular material as far as fashionable, functional and affordable jewelry is concerned.

Hoops Earrings For WomenWhen it comes to earrings, there are different kinds of silver available such as 800, 925  or sterling silver, which matches the majority of skin tone types; which is in excess of 90% pure silver (actually 92.5%) and is strengthened with alloys; pure silver, which is more solid than gold, has a white metallic sheen and requires additional alloys in order to make jewelry; and oxidized silver, which lacks white silver’s metallic sheen and is therefore more versatile.


Earrings made of silver not only come in different types, but also in different styles for men, women and children. Earrings for men tend to be designed, engineered and produced to exude a sense of masculinity. Whether made solely of silver or made with a combination of silver and other materials, you can secure splendid earrings made for men. Earrings for women can range from casual to elegant to contemporary. And children’s earrings tend to incorporate fun styles with youthful designs.

Earrings constructed from silver or AG (mineral symbol) come in different shapes, sizes and styles. Silver hoop earrings for women, silver dangle earrings, sterling silver earrings for women, silver drop earrings, silver stud earrings for women and silver chandelier earrings are just a handful of the options available to you. Other designs that may interest you include silver three-drop earrings, silver textured circle drop earrings, sterling silver moonstone earrings and silver twist earrings.

Once you’ve decided to buy earrings made of silver, you need to consider where you can get them. Fortunately, they’re widely available around the world. United States, Canada, India, Mexico and Peru are just a small handful of the countries around the world that sell them.  Not everyone is a die hard silver fan, if you prefer gold jewellery have a look here.

Where to Buy

When it comes to buying silver jewellery, you can turn to the following sources:

  • Jewelry Stores: This is probably the most obvious place to buy jewelry. You can find out where these types of stores are located by consulting a business directory, searching via the Internet or even by getting word-of-mouth recommendation. Once you visit a jewelry store, take a look around, ask whatever questions you have and buy something you like.
  • Online Stores: The World Wide Web is great at leveling the playing field. Using the Internet, you can shop from jewelers from all around the world. You’ll be able to view their inventories online, pick what you want and place your order.
  • Online Auction Sites: If you’re familiar with the ins and outs of online auction sites, then you might feel comfortable buying jewelry online. Depending on your needs and how much you’re willing to pay, you can buy new or used earrings made of silver. For your protection, deal with reputable online auction sites such as Amazon

Keep it Safe, Keep it Clean

You can protect your earrings made of silver by keeping your earrings away from humid environments if at all possible. If you live in such an environment, then just be sure to keep your jewelry clean. There are lots of things you can do to clean your earrings made of silver. One way is to use a solution consisting of water, salt, baking soda and dish washing liquid. You can also try using a jewelry cleaning cloth.

Purchasing earrings, whether they are silver, platinum or gold is a great choice and following the aforementioned advice can help you choose the right pair(s) for you or for someone else you care about. Remember not everyone can wear gold due to skin irritation so silver or platinum are an excellent alternative.

Sterling Silver Earrings For Women

Fashion is an ever evolving idea, it changes with every season, every year, and every generation. But while some would have you believe that sterling silver earrings are trendy right now, have not looked very well, because they never go out of style.

Trends are often started by celebrities who can well afford any metal they want, yet they choose to wear sterling silver. It has been reported that sterling silver hoop earrings and a more vintage quality are one of the hottest trend of 2015. My take on this is slightly different on this. I contend that sterling silver hoop earrings should be part of every woman jewelry collection, because they invariably come back on the trendy list no matter what happens.

Sterling Silver Round Tube Hoop EarringsThe other reason a woman should have a variety of hoop earrings in a range of sizes is that they are so versatile. But the fascination for sterling silver earrings should not stop at hoops. There are many other styles like sterling silver chandelier earrings, or sterling silver earrings with stones, some with stones can be dangles or they can be studs, you can also find silver stud earrings without any type of adornment, simple little balls that are very effective. The design are so numerous that I would just be running a litany if I were to list them all here.

I think it is sufficient to say that because of affordability, and because of the beauty of the material silver earrings for women are here to stay and to remain in favor.

Let’s then look at why the label “925 sterling silver earrings” is important. Having the jewelry you buy stamped with a mark that gives quick reliable information is important. It tells you that you can trust this item. Silver product are often stamped with 925, this means that 925 parts per thousand are pure silver.

This is to separate it clearly, for consumers, from the silver plated jewelry. Silver plate is a thin layer of silver bonded to another metal. The law (at least in the US) requires that quality be marked on silver jewelry including earrings. So if you are buying sterling silver look for the marks either 925 or 92.5 either is acceptable, and it does guarantee a quality piece.

Quality is sometimes, oftentimes, linked to the price. When it come to sterling silver earrings for women when you pay higher prices it is not because the quality of the silver is better, you are given a certitude of quality inherent to the metal. Higher prices are due to better workmanship, more intricate design, or the name and reputation of the designer.

There are many good quality sterling silver earrings for women at very low prices, and there are just as many in a middle price range regardless of the style you prefer. If you like Western style, I mean sterling silver turquoise earrings, you will likely find some in every price range as they can be very intricate, and the quality of the stones used can also affect the price. Look at some of the earrings we have to offer and you can be assured that all selections on this page are 925 sterling silver.


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