How to Choose the Perfect Black Diamond Earrings?

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Black diamond earrings

Black diamond earrings

14k Gold Black Diamond Stud Earrings

When searching for jewelry that looks good, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as they say. They look good, give you a hint of sophisticated scent and go with anything. The downside is that they are very expensive. Beside the clear diamond, with which we’ve all accustomed ourselves, the black diamond is gaining more and more popularity these days.

Given the fact that black diamonds haven’t got a the proper attention in the past, nowadays people have started this craze, buying black diamond earrings and black diamond rings, amongst other pieces of jewelry made from this precious stone.

The formation of black diamonds is a mystery, even though they have been linked to supernovas. Because of their beauty, black diamonds are sold today at prices that could compete with those of white diamonds. Their popularity is due to the fact that some marketing campaigns have promoted jewels made from this kind of diamond.

Black diamonds look great but are very expensive. So you should keep an eye out on specific details when buying a black diamond jewel.

What to know when wanting to buy a black diamond black diamond earrings

You first have to know everything about them. They are the same as regular diamonds, crystallized carbon, and the blackness comes either from dark inclusions or from radiations at high temperatures.

Even though natural black diamonds are very rare and expensive, today’s black diamonds found on the market are treated to give them a uniform color. The features of a black diamond you should look for are a good cut, smooth surface and rich black color. When shopping for a diamond, there are the four C’s you have to keep in mind and learn about: cut, color, clarity and carat.

Black diamonds have a simple 16 facet cut with smooth surfaces and evenly distributed color. To have a good black diamond, you have to search for clarity, meaning the absence of flaws, with sparkling surface. Be careful though, because the majority of black diamonds available on the market are only treated stones or diamonds with dark brown or green shades.

When it comes to prices and authenticity

You should prepare yourself for a very large bill. When searching for best black diamond jewelry, compare the prices. Keep a keen eye out for misleading ads and search terms like untreated or GIA certified. After you’ve decided the best place to buy your black diamond, be sure to perform some checks before you call it yours. You can verify if it’s a real diamond with a fiber optic light in which a real black diamond will appear to have its edges a dark brown color.

Be sure to always check for an online shop references when buying from a website. You have to look for associations and credentials that tie them to public organizations, checking feedbacks from previous customers on their forums.

The finishing touches

After you’ve got your website picked out and your jewel to come with the black diamond, learn about its maintenance. A black diamond jewel, like a ring or some earrings, is something that may break if worn improperly. So to avoid frequent visits to the repairs, especially if you’re not the kind of person used to wearing such things, be careful when choosing your earrings or rings.


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