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Types of gold charm bracelets

As early as ancient time, women and men wore charm bracelets to symbolize their social and marital status. There are three types of gold charm bracelets that you can wear to fit your fashion sense.

Dangling gold charm bracelets are more traditional. Their base is made from interlocking links. Besides yellow gold, dangling charm bracelets are made of white gold, silver and stainless steel.

Liberte open link bracelet with ball charm feature is a 9-carat gold plated over sterling silver rectangular linked bracelet with brushed gold ball. Liberte’s designs are to celebrate the essence of good things.

AZ collection’s Garden Line, enamel gold-plated charm bracelet can be a nice gold charm bracelet for your family. Its gold-plated feature showcases an array of enamel flower, butterflies and ladybugs with Swarovski crystals.

Rebecca Imperiale is a purple stone gold plated charm bracelet has intricate braided detailing with elongated oval links and two charms—the stunning hydrothermal purple gemstone and gold disc.

Anne Klein Gold Charm Bracelets

Anne Klein Gold Charm Bracelets

Another type of gold charm bracelets is the Italian gold charm. The charms of Italian bracelet interlock with each other to form something that resembles a watch band. Generally, Italian gold charm bracelets feature musical motifs, religious symbols, cartoon characters and other subjects.

Zoppini Italian gold charm bracelets have 18 carat gold and are handmade in Italy. Some of its famous charms include Harry Potter characters, zodiac signs, alphabets and birthstones. Gold and Steel designer is known for its starter bracelets with charms such as seasonal and holidays, hobbies and profesionsand food.

Benissimo provides elite enamel charm bracelets with 18 carat gold. Its licensed charms are Ballet slippers solid, margarita solid gold charm bracelet, red heart with arrow and dolphin. Italian charms are interchangeable, which allows you to replace the charms on the bracelets.

The third type of gold charm bracelet is European charm. European gold charm bracelet uses beads instead of flat or dangling charms. The charm beads are snapped around a bracelet which resembles a rope.

European charm bracelets can mix and match the charm beads to fit the fashion style. The beads can also be customized to bear initials, gemstones and other motifs. Pandor Biagi Chamilla is creative when it comes to its beads.

The beads are 14 carat gold plated with various designs and styles. Eve’s addiction charm bracelet features beads especially the birthstones and gemstones. Gem Avenue works in collaboration with Swarovski as some of its gold charm bracelets contain Swarovski beads.

The kind of gold charm bracelet to wear depends on your personal style and taste. It should match with your own fashion style. Having said that, gold bracelet is not just a fashion piece, but a piece of investment as well.

Gold charm bracelets can also bear the names or images of world icons. Supporters of Barrack Obama will surely be delighted with charm jewelry carrying either his face or name. Fans of Michael Jackson will always remember their idol as they wear charm pendants or charm bracelet with his photo on it.

Charm bracelet whether silver, white gold or yellow gold can be an heirloom enriched with memories and stories. Family heirlooms are considered a priceless possession. Having it in a form of charm jewelry is truly precious.

Many travelers love to keep souvenir items or memorabilia as they visit a certain place. You can call them sentimental, but if you are one of them, charm bracelets are a unique and attractive choice. Mostly, the thing that makes the place famous for is shown on the charms.

For example, Singapore is famous for its Merlion symbol. Hence, among its charms is that unique creature. When you go to Alaska, you will find that an eagle, a whale’s tail or an igloo are the famous objects of charms.

There are also “make your own design” gold charm bracelets that are created according to one’s experience, desire, hobby and creativity. There is even a charm jewelry that carries ornaments believed to have therapeutic effect once worn.

Such stones are called mineral stones are thought to contain negative ions which attract negative energy that causes several illnesses. Hence, many people wear charm jewelry with therapeutic stones to relieve them of sicknesses.

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Why do women like gold charm Bracelets?

Every now and then, you would see women with gold charm bracelets. In the ancient time, such types of bracelets were worn as symbols. Then, women who wore them are either married or were from families with high social rankings. However, these days, it is hard to tell why they remain trendy for the eyes of the ladies.

Women who wear charm bracelets these days have different reasons for wearing them. There are those who put them on for the sake of their emotional attachment. Of course, these bracelets are naturally attractive. Thus, some girls are crazy about them.

Mothers, aunts and grandmothers love to give something to their descendants. Usually, they are in the form of jewelries or accessories. Charmed bracelets, pearls and rings are some of the common pieces that are being passed on.

Girls who wear handed down jewelries would wear them because of their sentimental and historical value. Because of the history attached to gold charm bracelets, those who have been lucky to be given one would be more than happy to wear and flaunt them around.

Above all others, antique jewelry pieces are not cheap. To get one, a woman would have to save a whole lot of money first. Aside from that, they are also not easy to find. Often, they are offered by antique shops and auction houses.

Gold charm bracelets are also quite attractive to look. They are made with cute gold and stone pieces that dangle as girls move around. They can easily gather attention and make others envy those who wear them.

Gold bracelets with dangles are very versatile. They easily match various outfits that ladies love to wear. They can be paired with casual and office wears. They would also go well with party dresses.

The versatility of these bracelets is also one of the many reasons why women love to wear them. By owning a piece of charmed accessories, career women no longer have one less item to worry about them. Instead of wondering what jewelry to wear, they just have to mix and match the color of their eye shadows.

Finally, women wear charmed bracelets with gold because of the people who gave them. These bracelets are good gift ideas for couples and best friends.

Gold charm bracelets that have been given as gifts would be much valued. Like an heirloom, they will be valued for their emotional value. Unlike antique bracelets, their designs would be more pleasing to the eyes and definitely more modern. Thus, ladies who would receive them would be more than willing to wear them.

The reason for wearing gold bracelets with wonderful charms is influenced by different factors. It could be because of those who have given them. It could also be the manner of how they acquired them. Or, it could simply be because of their inherent appeal.

Regardless of the reason, gold charm bracelets are fun to wear. They are attractive, valuable and very versatile. They never get tarnished, never leave the trend and their value only goes up and not down.

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Why You Should Give Gold Charm Bracelets

During the ancient Egyptian civilization and even in earlier civilization, gold and silver amulets were worn to ward of negative and evil spirits and to attract good luck. But today most everyone wear chains, rings, or gold charm bracelets. They do this not to ward off evil but as a way to celebrate who they are and what they represent.

When you travel, you are able to buy gold charm bracelets that represent the area that you were in. Each charm bracelet tells a story of its original place of purchase. In many cases, charm bracelets are created and charms are added to the chain as new accomplishments are made. They can represent a person’s life.

Young girls are given gold charm bracelets. As they age they add charms based on their life and this severs as a reminder of what they life was about. Giving gold charm bracelets as a gift is a great choice for women who always enjoy bracelet jewelry. The charm bracelet can be a new way to excite women to collect charms that are meaning in their life.

Ideas You Can Use To Buy Beautiful Gold Charm Bracelets

In the early times, gold charm bracelets were mostly worn to attract good luck and to keep evil spirits at the bay. Then, women wear them for merely protection and not for fashion. However, though these accessories remain acceptable in the fashion, the reasons why they are worn have changed.

Women are mysterious being. Some women love to dress up like men by wearing jeans and shirts and prove that they can remain feminine despite. There are girls who love to wear skirts and dresses rather than jeans because they symbolize femininity. But, regardless of their clothes, they love to accent them with accessories.

Gold charm bracelets are among those pieces that never leave the trend. They remain classis despite the fast-paced world of fashion. Any girl who loves to look fashionable would definitely have dangling bracelets in her jewelry box. These days, women are crazy for charmed accessories for various reasons.

Most women these days do not wear gold bracelets with charm to attract positive energy or ward off bad spirits. Instead, they wear them because they can easily catch attention. Girls love to look good because they generally love to be looked at. However, no matter how good they look, people don’t pay attention to them unless there is something remarkable about them.

The dangling stones and charms of gold bracelets are great eye-catchers. Even when a person does not intend to look at them, they would automatically get attracted by the dangles that fall and make noise. In some way, it forces someone to look at the person who wears them.

Classic items are always worthy investments. Gold charm bracelets are one of them. In fact, some ladies love to wear them because they add a touch of class and sophistication to their somewhat mundane look. On the contrary, such pieces could tone down an extravagant gown. Women appreciate the balance these accessories could give to their look.

Surprisingly, some girls wear charm bracelets in gold to flaunt their origins. Most adorned bracelets have histories to tell. Some of them are even designed and stroke during the earlier centuries. Thus, even antique and auction houses offer them.

Charmed bracelets that are sold in such shops could cost a lot of money. The truth is that they are not just being sold for their inherent values. Instead, they are offered for the interesting stories engraved in them. Indeed, the older and the more historical a bracelet is- the higher it cost.

Finally, women love to wear gold charm bracelets as memento of their families’ origins. Some women are lucky enough to inherit valuable jewelry pieces from their grandparents or parents. Such heirlooms are generally passed on from one generation to another.

Ladies who have inherited such pieces do not consider them as jewelries of accessories. Instead, they look at them as souvenirs or remembrances of important people in their lives. Thus, they wear them almost every day and in almost every event that they attend to.

Women love gold charm bracelets for different reasons. It can be because of their effect to the person wearing it or perhaps the person who had given it to them. But, regardless of the reason and how they may have acquired them; these pieces would remain in the trend for as long as women love to accessories.

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