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Dear visitor, in this page you’ll find links which will take you to other website where you can gain knowledge about jewelries and even buy them! All our designs are available in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.

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Peridot Gemstone: We get inspired by Peridot Gemstone and as far as you are here we are not alone! At Peridot Gemstone Jewelry you’ll discover everything about this gem.

Opal gemstone: We have created this blog to meet all the questions that you may have about this precious stone. We love to share as much information as we can about opal gemstone. It can be fun and exciting to have a deeper knowledge about the opal jewelry you are wearing.

Citrine Gemstone: We love to share that history with our customers and visitors to our website. Visit our site to learn some interesting facts about citrine as well as many other gemstones!

Garnet Gemstone: We aim to educate on how to take care of your garnet jewelry, share with you interesting facts and information about the garnet gemstone, suggest wonderful gifts for that special woman in your life, history and lore of garnet and even suggest events to wear your stunning garnet jewelry.

Amethyst Gemstone: We strongly believe that a knowledge and understanding of gemstones gives the wearer a much deeper appreciation for the jewelry they buy. Everyone can see that amethyst jewelry is beautiful. However, knowing a little bit about the gems history and where it may have come from creates an even more satisfying experience for its owner.

Aquamarine Gemstone: You already know that aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone. You may even already own a few pieces of aquamarine gemstone jewelry. However, you may not know where aquamarine gemstones are mined or what kind of history they have. Many gemstones, including aquamarine, have been linked to magical or mythical healing powers and other superstitions. These are the types of things we hope to share with the visitors to our aquamarine gemstone jewelry blog.

Diamond Gemstone: Visit our diamond gemstone jewelry blog to learn where diamonds come from, how they form deep beneath the earth’s surface, or what their role has been in the jewelry industry throughout history.

Emerald Gemstone: We have created our emerald gemstone jewelry blog to offer our visitors the opportunity to learn a bit more about this wonderful gemstone. We believe that gaining a little bit of knowledge about your emerald gemstone jewelry can greatly increase your enjoyment in wearing that jewelry.

Pearl Gemstone: Pearls are some of the most mysterious and misunderstood gemstones in the jewelry world today. Many people do not know or understand the difference between freshwater, saltwater, cultured, or natural pearls. This is the reason we created our pearl gemstone jewelry blog.

Ruby Gemstone: We have created our ruby gemstone jewelry blog to help our customers learn a little bit more about this lovely precious gemstone. We believe that the more a person learns about the gemstones they purchase, the greater the appreciation they will have for that stone and the jewelry containing it.